Smart Trading

Smart trade crypto software is a whole set of features that assist traders in their trading execution, strategy management, risk management and money management. The smart trading terminal will allow you to place the Take Profit and Stop Loss levels simultaneously on any coin, edit them while you are in the position and improve the trading results.

To keep the profit while the market is moving in your direction, you can set the trailing stop, which will allow you to move your dynamic stop loss level as the price increases. This feature is very handy in highly volatile markets like crypto. It will assist you to keep the profit even if the market crashes and you are not online.

At the same time, smart trading will allow you to manage several exchange accounts simultaneously. As a trader, you can either diversify your portfolio across several exchanges and a smart trading terminal will assist in their management, or you can have several sub-accounts on the same exchange and execute the trade on them simultaneously with a single click.

How to start trading smart

To start with smart trading execution your first need to design a comprehensive trading algorithm which may include at least a trend strategy, Shock strategy, News-driven strategy, Hedging quantitative modeling, and etc. At the same time it needs to reconcile the switching between strategies based on the trend of the market, volatility and the volume of trades.

After that you can create the trading script for your algorithm and run the life test to collect the statistics. After the life tests, some adjustments of the strategy may be required. This is a continuous process to achieve a successful trading bot crypto strategy.

The advantages of Smart trading strategies:

The biggest advantage of Smart trading algorithms is it's unemotional execution. These algorithms are trading scripts, therefore there will be no emotions affecting their performance. Another smart way of trading is crypto copy trading platform, which can also operate on behalf of traders. Such combination free-ups traders’ trading time, reducing the fatigue of traders and will assist crypto traders and investors to complete all planned trades.