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In our crypto signals trading bot Marketplace, you can search for the best crypto traders, analyze their trading history and connect to the ones you like most. WunderTrading allows you to start earning passive crypto income with full transparency and control.


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In the Marketplace you will find not only Bitcoin robots but essentially bots for every other major crypto asset and exchange. When you enter the Marketplace, you will see that traders have their own boxes containing the main information about their account. and trading history.

The marketplace is divided into two tabs. The first one is the trader’s API accounts. You can see all the traders in the marketplace, see their overall statistics for their accounts and select if you would like to follow any traders. You can also apply filters: select the base currency that you have in your account, a minimum number of trades, and press the filter button, your table will change accordingly.

You can then browse through the transparent trade records of each trader you are interested in by pressing the show button on the right-hand side of each traders stats row. In the traders profile, you will be able to see the detailed statistics, every trade this trader made, analyze and decide if this trader is a fit for you.

How to connect to a Trader?

If you would like to start following one of the traders, or in other words make a copy-trading connection, press the Follow button. The pop-up window will appear in which you will need to select the API account with which you will copy the trader's positions. You can also see the terms of the trader, whether it is free to follow them or you need to make the payment to the trader first and the period for which you will be subscribed as a follower. After that, you need to choose if you would like to copy all the actions or only the entry and exit signals.

You'll start receiving crypto trading signals to enter and exit positions from the trader's account after you've finished. Thanks to our innovative crypto automation trading program, these signals will be implemented automatically on your account. Every trader's trade will be copied to your account and shown in the Positions tab. In the Copy-trading page, you can also manage your subscriptions for copy trading. This page will provide you extensive information about the traders and bots you've chosen to follow.

Why choose WunderTrading?

WunderTrading is a powerful platform that provides various solutions to boost your cryptocurrency income. You can trade manually via our advanced Trading Terminal, follow some of the best crypto traders and bots, or create your own robot that will operate 24/7.

Our state-of-the-art system will ensure that orders are executed on time and you never lose profit opportunities. We will also equip you with detailed statistics on your trading history and the trading history of other traders in the Marketplace so that you can effectively manage your portfolio. Join marketplace crypto bot trading for free now.

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