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Buying and selling cryptocurrencies automatically, by means of special software called bots, becomes more and more popular with traders, beginners and professionals alike. There are some good reasons for it. When you use a trading bot on Bittrex or any other exchange, you don’t have to place orders manually each time. Just set up your Bittrex trade bot once, and you can rest assured that all the actions you pre-set will be done accurately and in time.

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In a nutshell, the basic advantages of automated trading are the following:

  • It saves plenty of your time

  • It guarantees amazingly accurate timing, which you’ll never achieve manually

  • It relieves you from making decisions yourself every time the order is placed

  • It works round the clock: transactions will be made even when you are sleeping, if you wish

What is Bittrex?

Bittrex is based in Seattle, Washington; it came into existence in 2014.

This cryptocurrency exchange is often mentioned as the most secure in the market. No wonder: Its team can boast of professionals in the areas of security and development, who previously worked in such tech giants as Microsoft, Qualys, Amazon, and Blackberry.

From 80 to 90% of all Bittrex currency is kept in cold storage i.e. offline. Thanks to this practice, Bittrex has neither been hacked nor lost any of its users' money.

In addition to numerous tokens, Bittrex supports some fiat currencies, such as US Dollar and Euro. But it wasn't always so.

Bittrex used to be a crypto-to-crypto trading exchange, i.e., you could trade only cryptocurrencies there. Until recently, you weren’t able to buy crypto with fiat money on Bittrex. Now you are.

Like a lot of other exchanges, like Poloniex or Gemini, Bittrex has a stablecoin of its own, called TrueUSD, which is fully backed by the US Dollar.

The main advantages of Bittrex are:

  • This exchange is extremely secure – some experts name it the safest one

  • The same flat fee is charged on every transaction, namely, 0.25%. It isn’t the lowest on the market, but it is much easier to calculate how much you’ve spent.

  • A great variety of crypto and fiat currencies are available; new ones are constantly added.

  • Transactions are processed really fast, thanks to elastic computing applied when building the platform.

As to the drawbacks, getting started there may be somewhat difficult if you are an absolute beginner. But you do have an easy way out: just open an account on WunderTrading and use a trading bot for Bittrex.

WunderTrading: A Resource Extremely Suitable for Automated Trading

WunderTrading is an online resource that acts as an intermediary between multiple exchanges and people who buy and sell there, providing its users with a range of efficient tools. One of these tools is a trading bot. Bittrex, as it was already mentioned, may seem rather complicated if you have no previous experience. But using a Bittrex auto trading bot from your account at WunderTrading is as easy as ABC.

You can also utilize your Bittrex bot for copy-trading by subscribing to trading signals from experts called signalers. These people are seasoned professionals, whose records are publicly available, so you see how successful each of them is. After subscribing and setting up the software, the signalers’ transactions you choose will be mirrored on your account instantly.

Also, you can set up a Bittrex arbitrage bot. As you know, ‘arbitrage’ means purchasing and selling the same asset on different exchanges. A slight difference in price gives you a certain profit.

Save time and effort – take advantage of a cryptocurrency trading bot on Bittrex or any other of the thirteen exchanges accessible from the single account!

TradingView Alerts to Bittrex

To send TradingView alerts to a Bittrex, you'll need to use WunderTrading to bridge the gap between TradingView's alert system and the exchange's API (Application Programming Interface). This can be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Create API Keys: In your Bittrex account settings, find the API section and create API keys. API keys are essential for connecting external services like TradingView to your Bittrex account. Make sure to set appropriate permissions for the API keys, typically limited to trading and perhaps account information access.

2. Add you API Keys to WunderTrading: This will establish the connection between the Bittrex and the bots that you will create.

3. Configure Alerts in TradingView: Open your TradingView chart. Click on the ‘Alert’ button. Configure the alert conditions (e.g., price level, indicator crossover). For the ’Webhook URL’ or similar option, enter the URL provided by WunderTrading.

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