Deribit Trading Bot

Deribit is a trading platform that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum (deposits and all transactions are in BTC, while withdrawals could be in ETH as well). However, its main focus lies on options and derivatives. If you are interested in futures trading, Deribit is the right resource for it as well.

Founded in 2016 by John Jansen, an Amsterdam-born financial professional, Deribit at present is a well-recognized cryptocurrency derivative exchange because:

Bot settings

DCA Trading

Limit entries

Multiple entries

Partial Take Profit

Trailing Stop

Order size in % or fixed amount ($)

  • Its fees are rather modest;

  • Options and futures trading are offered;

  • High leverage is available;

  • There are no commissions on deposit and withdrawal.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that the USA residents aren’t permitted to use it.

Trade on Deribit round-the-clock

Auto-trading is understandably popular on crypto markets. A bot is actually a piece of software, based on specific algorithms and often on artificial intelligence, which spots favorable opportunities and places orders - even 24/7, if you wish.

Deribit’s bot has an intuitive, sleek-looking interface with multiple built-in tools. On WunderTrading you can use not only deribit trading bot - the platform offers automated tools for multiple exchanges. Besides, you could take advantage of many other possibilities, such as copy trading of crypto currencies.

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