Trading Terminal

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Smart Terminal

WunderTrading has an advanced crypto trading terminal which will assist traders to place orders on multiple exchanges from a single place. With the help of the WunderTrading platform, users can create complex trading strategies using the simple and intuitive advanced trading tools.

Limit entries

Multiple entries

Multiple Take Profits

Trailing Stop

Stop Loss

Order size in % or fixed amount ($)

Swing Trading

DCA Trading

Any signal from any Source

TradingView Alerts

Automated move to breakeven

Multiple pairs

Trading Automation

The terminal allows traders to automate their trading strategies using all available tools simultaneously. You can create a strategy that will have the Take-profit and Stop-loss levels, add the trailing stop to the position and make sure that the strategy would close at the break-even point if the markets will drop sharply, or you can combine your position with the DCA to automatically add funds to your position while the price is going to the direction opposite to your trade. Such strategy could also be transformed into the trading script, and you can automate it through WunderTrading.

Charting tools

While you create your strategy in the crypto trading terminal, you can always use the chart of the asset for the technical analysis together with the top market indicators. This tool is particularly useful if you are using spread trading. The detailed graph will construct the synthetic spread of any two assets that you will select for the trade and will assist you with the technical analysis of the spread to determine the entry and exit points.

Management of Multiple Accounts

One of the core trading features that is available for users is to manage several API accounts at the same time. Traders can select the list of accounts on which they would like to execute a trade, through WunderTrading’s cryptocurrency trading terminal and with a single click trade on all accounts simultaneously. For convenience the volume of the trade can be determined as a percentage of the portfolio of each individual account or traders may select the fixed amount of funds that will be applied to the trade for all APIs. Trading bot crypto trading can also utilize multiple accounts at the same time.

Become an ultimate trader

Our dynamic trading terminal will assist you to become more efficient in your position management, risk management and trading automation will make sure that you will not miss the single entry or exit in your trading strategy. Become the ultimate trader and increase your profits by sharing your strategies with other traders through crypto copy trading.

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