Smart Terminal

Strategy automation through the smart trade terminal on your exchange.

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Crypto Trading Bot

WunderTrading is a platform with a vast number of tools for trading that will allow you to automate any Tradingview script into a powerful bot. With our cloud-based platform you will be able to create and adjust your automated crypto strategy in a matter of seconds.

How to use WunderTrading?

To create a crypto trading bot, you will need to use TradingView. This tool allows you to create your strategies, backtest them and easily apply them to any cryptocurrency pair and timeframe. After that you can create alerts each time your strategy suggests to buy or sell. When you receive the alert we will convert this into the execution command and will send it directly to the exchange of your choice to enter or exit the trade.

Using best tradingview scripts together with WunderTrading crypto trading tools you can create an unlimited number of crypto trading bots and grow your crypto portfolio seamlessly.

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GRID bot

Grid bot trading is an automated strategy that will place the several buy and sell orders at the same time, creating a grid of orders in the certain price range. This feature is extremely useful in volatile markets such as crypto. At the same time, grid bot allows you to carefully manage your risks.

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Grow your crypto portfolio alongside professional traders.

With our easy to use automated software, copy-traders can select the best cryptocurrency trading signals and automatically copy their actions through WunderTrading.

When the signal provider will enter the trade, either manually or through the bot, a copy trader will mimic the same action and will also open the order on the exchange. As a copy-trader, the user will be able to set the amount and leverage that he would like to allocate for this strategy. WunderTrading marketplace, provides the detailed statistics of each account and individual bots, which allow copy-trader to analyse the signal providers and make an accurate decision whom to follow.

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DCA bot

DCA is one of the classical investment strategies in which the trader purchases a certain portion of the asset after the determined price fluctuation. Using the DCA method in the trading system may assist traders in several ways. First of all, you can reduce the risk in volatile markets by entering the position with a smaller portion of funds. Secondly, you can overcome the market downturns, during which you will purchase the assets at lower cost. Finally, such an approach will smooth out the average entry price reducing the risk of bad timing.

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dca trading

Pairs Trading

Spread trading (Pairs Trading) terminal is a unique feature of our platform. It allows you to create a spread between different assets on the same exchange. Select which assets you would like to use for creating a spread and our smart trade terminal will simultaneously buy one of the selected assets and sell the other. To switch the view of the Smart trade terminal simply change the type of your strategy from Classic to Spread. These buttons are located below the exchange selection field.

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Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Easy, safe and precise cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool. With the assistance of our online trading tools you will always have a clear picture of your portfolio distribution not only across the assets but also across different exchanges.

Multiple Account Management

WunderTrading provides unique cryptocurrency trading tools for portfolio management across several exchanges. The trader will be able to add several APIs to his account and trade on all of them at the same time with a single click. You just need to select the APIs that you would like to use in the trade and the trade will occur on all of the selected APIs simultaneously.

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Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading strategy is a method of trading in which the trader will simultaneously buy and sell the same asset across different exchanges to captcher the price difference as a profit. The classical triangular arbitrage example will be if the trader will spot the price difference of the same asset across two different exchanges, and will buy the asset at the lower price on one exchange, transfer the purchased asset to the second exchange and sell it. With WunderTrading you can automate your arbitrage strategy through buying and selling the assets across different exchanges simultaneously.

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Paper Trading

Gain a comprehensive insight into the mechanics of paper trading within the cryptocurrency market and its synergies with Crypto Trading bots for profit optimization. Continue reading to learn how to initiate paper trading today and elevate your cryptocurrency trading skills to the next level.

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