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Introducing our advanced crypto AI trading bot for pairs trading! Our bot, which was created to improve your trading experience, uses artificial intelligence to find profitable chances in the crypto market. It examines numerous cryptocurrency pairs using sophisticated algorithms to look for instances of price convergence and divergence.

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What is an AI Crypto Trading Bot?

WunderTrading AI cryptocurrency trading bot scans and analyses large amounts of historical and real-time market data to identify correlations, patterns, and trends among different crypto assets. By utilizing statistical methodologies like cointegration, regression, and stationarity, the bot effectively identifies pairs or clusters of assets that are expected to demonstrate similar price movements in the future to utilise statistical arbitrage opportunities. These statistical techniques enable the bot to uncover hidden relationships and dependencies within the market, empowering traders with valuable insights for strategic decision-making. By leveraging the power of data analysis, the WunderTrading AI bot provides traders with a competitive edge, helping them stay ahead of market trends and potential opportunities.

How Does This AI Crypto Bot Works?

The core principle behind the WunderTrading AI bot is centered around the notion that the prices of two comparable assets, known as the spread, have a tendency to return to their average value over time, following a deviation from it. Primarily, the bot focuses on establishing the cointegration between the two assets, a critical step in identifying pairs that exhibit similar price movements. Subsequently, the algorithmic crypto trading bot proceeds to assess the statistical stationarity of the spread price, effectively filtering out assets that are subject to trending behaviour, thus enhancing the underlying mean-reversion concept. Furthermore, the bot automatically normalizes the spread price, generating standardized values that adhere to a normal distribution. Consequently, should the spread price surpass predefined thresholds, it triggers entry signals for both long and short positions, facilitating potential trading opportunities.

Based on the analysis the AI crypto signals will open a spread trading strategy purchasing one asset and simultaneously selling the other asset. This approach will help to limit the market volatility and to mitigate the large losses.

In order to optimize the overall strategy, the AI bot leverages multiple pre-existing features within the WunderTrading terminal. Firstly, the bot incorporates Take Profit and Stop Loss targets, enabling it to efficiently maximize profits and minimize potential substantial losses. These predefined levels serve as crucial tools for securing gains and limiting downside risks, ensuring a disciplined approach to trading. Moreover, the bot employs the Trailing Stop Feature, which becomes activated once the bot attains a specific level of profitability. By doing so, it empowers the bot to maintain an open trade with reduced risk, as the trailing stop automatically adjusts to lock in profits while allowing for potential further gains. This dynamic feature safeguards against potential reversals, while simultaneously enabling traders to capitalize on favourable market conditions. With these integrated features, the AI bot is equipped to optimize trading outcomes, balancing risk and reward for enhanced performance.

Under the hood - Statistical Arbitrage

Currently, the AI bot actively searches for fresh, perhaps profitable pairs trading opportunities using a machine learning classifier. Through the study of large amounts of historical pairs trading data, this classifier learns to recognise patterns, trends, and important factors that have historically contributed to favourable outcomes. With this skill, the AI bot may identify and classify new statistical arbitrage (also known as Stat Arb) possibilities, giving traders insightful information about possible courses of action. By using a machine learning classifier, the Stat Arb based AI bot is able to adapt to changes in the market, continuously improve its knowledge, and generate data-driven forecasts, which helps to find and take advantage of profitable trading opportunities.

How to Create AI Bot on WunderTrading

To set up the ai trading bot for crypto trading you need to follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Signup to create an account. Add the Exchange API and you will activate your 7-day free trial subscription.

  2. Go to the AI bots section and press 'Create Bot'.

  3. Select the amount that you would like to use per trade and the maximum amount of open positions and press create.

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