Manage Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchange Accounts

Most crypto trading platforms provide comparable services to its customers, such as the ability to fully automate your trading strategy, manage your portfolio, and buy and sell crypto assets utilizing your crypto exchange API through an advanced trading terminal. But what if you're in charge of many API accounts on a cryptocurrency exchange? Most of the time, you'll have to trade on each API account you control independently.
This is where WunderTrading stands out from the rest of the crypto trading platforms. With our Multiple account management features, you can automate your trading for several APIs and execute trades on all of them with a single click. Our multiple crypto exchange account management systems are beneficial for crypto fund managers with the easy to use interface or for the traders who have to trade on multiple crypto exchanges.

Automated Portfolio

At the same time, users can create fully automated bots and link several APIs to the same bot to make sure that the trade will occur on all sub-accounts simultaneously. Together with the advanced trading features of WunderTrading, users may create automated trading portfolios and manage crypto wallet multiple currencies in a single platform. Each automated portfolio will have its own transparent statistics that can be shared with other traders in the marketplace.

Cross exchange asset management

With WunderTrading, you can connect several APIs from different exchanges thus creating a portfolio for each exchange. With the transparent dashboard statistics, you can clearly see how your portfolio baskets are performing across the exchanges and manage multiple crypto wallets efficiently. At the same time, managing the portfolio using multiple crypto exchanges through WunderTrading will provide you with arbitrage strategies that you can easily execute across different APIs on different exchanges.
Join WunderTrading now for free and enhance your portfolio profitability with the help of advanced trading tools.