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WunderTrading is an automated bitcoin trading platform that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency seamlessly.
Copy trade the best crypto traders with transparent track record, trade yourself using the advanced trading terminal or create fully automated trading bot using TradingView.

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Manage all crypto exchange accounts from one place

Trade all accounts simultaneously (applies to any single exchange per trade).

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Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

WunderTrading will help you to automate any TradingView scripts into the fully functioning automated crypto trading bot. With our easy-to-use automated crypto trading software, you can construct and adjust any crypto bot in a matter of seconds.

Crypto bots can be set on any of the best exchanges and any trading pair connected to WunderTrading. Automate Bitcoin trading robot, Ethereum trading bot or any of your own.

Copy Trading

With our advanced automated cryptocurrency trading software, copy-traders can select the best crypto trading signals (from traders or crypto bots) and automatically follow them through WunderTrading.

As soon as the signal provider generates a signal either manually or through a trading crypto robot, your account will copy the trade with the same settings in real-time. All providers of crypto signals are available in the Marketplace of WunderTrading, in which you can easily select the automatic bitcoin trader that you would like to follow.

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WunderTrading is a professional cloud-based platform with a vast number of crypto trading tools for automated trading on top crypto exchanges.

Smart Trading

Smart Trading

Flexible way of creating orders for smart trading: adding and editing Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing stops to any order. Operate as many crypto trading accounts as you want at the same time with an automated trade execution. Crypto automation allows you to increase profitability of trading.

Futures Spread Trading

Futures Spread Trading

Futures Spread trading terminal allows you to select which assets you would like to use for creating a spread. To change the terminal view from Classic Trading to Spread Trading simply change the strategy type. You can find it right after the exchange selection dropdown. Trading a Spread reduces the volatility significantly using our crypto auto trading bot.


DCA bot

DCA is an investment method in which your bitcoin robot software buys a certain portion of the asset after the determined price deviation. This strategy allows you to lower the market volatility and improve your overall position entry price. Automated cryptocurrency trading makes it easy to use DCA bot on autopilot.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Easy, safe and precise cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool. Connect your exchange API and track the balances automatically.

Multiple Account Management

Multiple Account Management

Traders can easily manage multiple crypto exchange accounts, either manually through the trading terminal or automatically through bots. For example, when creating a trading strategy, you can choose several API accounts from the same exchange and trade on all of them simultaneously.

Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage Trading

Arbitrage trading is a bitcoin automated trading system that takes advantage of price differences across different markets. Triangular arbitrage example: price of Bitcoin on Exchange A is 5% higher than on an Exchange B, thus, a trader would buy Bitcoin on exchange B at a lower price, transfer it to the Exchange A and sell Bitcoin. If a trader has funds over several exchanges, such an arbitrage strategy can be automated.

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