Signal Bot

Automated signal bot for crypto allow you to enter positions triggered by TradingView alerts or similar services, providing a way to profit from price movements with minimal or zero manual intervention. Simply set up your entry and exit preferences, and let the bot handle the process for you.

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crypto signal bot

Signal trading bot sources

Send and automate signals from:

Make your crypto work


We provide the ultimate solution for seamless integration between TradingView indicators or strategies and your crypto exchange.

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Make your crypto work

User-friendly method to access a no-code tool for creating diversified automated trading strategies in the cryptocurrency markets.

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Make your crypto work

API (your own server)

If you possess a personal cryptocurrency trading strategy hosted on your server and need an efficient execution mechanism, WunderTrading is the ideal platform.

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What are crypto signal bots?

Trading signal bot allows you to automate signals from multiple sources, including: TradingView, custom server, and many other sources coming soon.

For example, by integrating with the WunderTrading platform, a TradingView bot alerts can be automated, generating Binance signal bot that will send the order to the exchange, making TradingView bot trading an effective method for transforming trading ideas into automated bots.

Following the creation, backtesting, and refinement of the TradingView signals bot, the trader can establish chart alerts to notify them when the specified conditions are met, indicating whether to enter or exit a position. These alerts can then be transformed into crypto commands for the trading bot, directly sent to the exchange. Such notifications assist in order execution and, when adhering to the predefined trading strategy, have the potential to improve overall trading results.

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