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The WunderTrading Kraken trading bot provides users with advanced trading instruments that will allow everyone, from novice investors to professional traders, to create a fully automated crypto trading robot that will operate 24/7 and earn passive crypto income. Our bots are based on TradingView strategies and thus enable you to implement different technical indicators and algorithms with ease.

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Benefit from a Kraken Crypto Trading Bot on WunderTrading

If you regularly use a crypto trading bot, Kraken is an excellent place for this kind of activity. You can well place orders manually if you wish, but if you choose to take advantage of a trade bot, Kraken is equally suitable for both traditional and automated trading. Beginners and seasoned professionals alike feel comfortable here.

This platform came into existence in 2011, which makes it one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world. It is also said to be among the most secure ones as well. As many as 95 cryptocurrencies are bought and sold here so far, not to mention exchanging for fiat money.

Kraken’s sound reputation is proven by the fact that this exchange supplies price information to Bloomberg Terminal - a well-known computer system that provides reliable real-time financial data and news feeds to investors all over the globe.

Based in the United States, Kraken is available to users living in 176 countries, as well as in 48 states of the USA.

Here are just a few qualities that make Kraken a popular online resource:

• intuitive interface with multiple handy features

• pretty low fees

• extremely strict security standards

• accessible from anywhere: handy mobile apps are available from App Store and Google Play

• everyone is welcome: if you have $10, you may get started.

WunderTrading’s Tools Pave Your Path to Success

As you know, the crypto market is extremely volatile and works round-the-clock, so proper timing becomes crucial. When you are placing orders manually, it could be difficult to do it just at the right moment. If you are short of time or find it difficult to make decisions quickly, but wish to trade on kraken, crypto bots will come in useful. Besides, they will work on your behalf when you are sleeping or busy with anything else.

On WunderTrading, you can easily create and exploit a trading bot on kraken and a dozen more exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, FTX US, Bitpanda Pro, KUCOIN, to name a few.

You will be able to manage your transactions at all of them from a single account at WunderTrading. What is more, this resource makes crypto trading easy as a pie.

You may set up a kraken bot in a couple of minutes and use it, say, for copy trading. After subscribing to signals generated by a particular professional, you are able to mirror their activities, instantly making the same transactions. Following an expert could bring you a fraction of their success – and definitely will give you a good example. If you are new to this market, this opportunity is meant for you.

One more activity that might spark your interest is arbitrage, i.e. buying and selling the same cryptocurrency at the same time. Tiny price differences throughout the market give you an opportunity to gain profit on various platforms, including Kraken. An arbitrage bot is easy to create and configure. It will work 24/7 (if you want it to), spotting favorable options much more effectively than you could do using only your eyes and brain – just because software reacts quicker.

WunderTrading gives you everything you need to succeed!

TradingView Alerts to Kraken

To send TradingView alerts to a Kraken, you'll need to use WunderTrading to bridge the gap between TradingView's alert system and the exchange's API (Application Programming Interface). This can be done in 3 simple steps.

1. Create API Keys: In your Kraken account settings, find the API section and create API keys. API keys are essential for connecting external services like TradingView to your Kraken account. Make sure to set appropriate permissions for the API keys, typically limited to trading and perhaps account information access.

2. Add you API Keys to WunderTrading: This will establish the connection between the Kraken and the bots that you will create.

3. Configure Alerts in TradingView: Open your TradingView chart. Click on the ‘Alert’ button. Configure the alert conditions (e.g., price level, indicator crossover). For the ’Webhook URL’ or similar option, enter the URL provided by WunderTrading.

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