Ethereum Arbitrage Bot

Arbitrage trade is the type of trade which appeared more or less simultaneously with the financial markets themselves. This is a possibility to raise money without any risk at all while making the right deals at the right time. An investor who exercises arbitrage trade flows into various markets and exchanges for opportunities to buy at a lower price and to sell simultaneously at a higher price. Thus his risk is near zero, so this type of trade is luring especially for beginners. But it is actually a hard and time-consuming business.

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What is arbitrage bot for Ethereum?

Arbitrage Ethereum bot is a robot which monitors the market and makes deals in the pairs, which includes Ethereum as one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies. How does it work?

For instance, the bot has found price discrepancies in pairs of Dogecoin/ETH, TRON/Dogecoin and ETH/TRON. An investor has 1 ETH on his account on Binance. Arbitrage bot Ethereum buys Dogecoins with Ethereum and gets 4,3 coins, then sells them for TRON and gets 0,80 coins, then sells 0,80 TRON and gets 1,1 Ethereum. Sometimes one needs to transfer money from one exchange to another, but it is not obligatory. Seconds pass - and your assets have increased.

As far as all three (or maybe more) actions are carried out on three exchanges simultaneously, the risk is nearly zero. Of course, these opportunities vanish very quickly as far as too many people want to raise money this way. That is where bots are useful: quick actions, no hesitation, and precise calculations taking into consideration the commissions of the exchanges.

What is the arbitrage bot for Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is an "old-school" cryptocurrency which is based on the traditional blockchain Proof-of-Work mechanism and is likely to continue traditional mining. Ethereum (ETH) which appeared in 2016 is based on a new proof-of-stake mechanism. The latter is considered to be more popular and more interesting for investors.

Does it mean that it is a better instrument of trade? Not at all. Ethereum classic was released in 2015 and it remains on the market for 6 years - a pretty long time for a relatively young market. It features smart contracts - and thus is still in demand. As far as an investor is not seeking Buy & Hold opportunities, the Ethereum classic is a good instrument to gain money as far as it is traded on most crypto exchanges. Ethereum classic arbitrage bot can be of great help both for new and experienced investors.

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