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We strive to create the most profitable and easy to use trading bot on the market. At the same time we prioritize security and execution speed.

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WunderTrading is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform that gives every cryptocurrency trading beginner the opportunity to easily start trading cryptocurrencies. When trading, users of the platform without deep knowledge of cryptocurrency markets and currency trading as such can copy the trading strategies of world-known and best cryptocurrency traders. Users can also create their own trading strategies and trade themselves using the advanced trading terminal or a fully automated trading robot (or “bot”) that provides easy integration with TradingView. Considering that cryptocurrency markets never stop and trading takes place 24/7, WunderTrading has adapted its platform for non-stop use.

The WunderTrading platform allows the user to maintain portfolios from several cryptocurrency exchanges at the same time and perform all desired trading transactions in a single WunderTrading app, which means ease of use for users, as they do not need to navigate each online cryptocurrency exchange platform separately.

WunderTrading's innovation lies in the fact that this platform aggregates classic trading tools into one app, which significantly improves the user experience and convenience, as well as increases the efficiency and possible frequency of the trading process. In addition, the WunderTrading team has integrated several unique trading functionalities that cannot be seen anywhere else at the moment, such as the spread trading terminal.


The existing product was developed by the Wunderbit team in 2017 - the path to today's version of the product was not easy, several pilots (so-called MVPs, "minimum viable product") were tested on the market, heavy IT and programming work was invested in the product. The product received a high rating in 2019, when Team won the startup pitch competition in Estonia during the CryptoFin conference.

• Trading bots based on TradingView alerts
• Multiple API management and trading
• Integration with Binance

• Integrations with Bybit, Kucoin, FTX, Bitpanda Pro, HitBTC
• Copy-trading
• Futures spread trading

• DCA bot
• Integrations with Kraken, OKX, BitMEX, Deribit, Bittrex

• Android app launched on Google Play Market
• Infrastructure rebuilt to be scalable
• Rebranded from Wunderbit Trading to WunderTrading
• Integrations with Bitget, Huobi, Bitfinex
• Arbitrage Trading
Binance meetup in Riga together with WunderTrading

• AI Bot
• Spot and Futures Grid bot
• Paper trading
• Multiple pairs bot
• Integrations with MEXC, Kraken Futures, Woo X, Gate.io, Coinbase, BingX

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