OKХ (OKЕх) Copy-trading

In order to profitably buy and sell tokens and coins on crypto exchanges, it is necessary to study the market and carefully analyze, as well as time for this. Copy-trading is a way of trading assets that do not require the analysis of various charts and statistics, it is enough just to repeat the operation of an experienced trader.

copy trading

Conventionally, two types of copy trading can be distinguished: automatic and manual. The first is widespread among novice traders. You just need to choose a platform that provides such a service, register, pay a tariff and select one or more of the proposed strategies. Copying transactions will be carried out automatically and displayed in your personal account.

The choice of a trader, as well as the choice of a platform for work, must be taken with all responsibility. This is the key point in this strategy. It is necessary to give preference to more experienced investors, whose transactions in most cases are profitable. You should carefully analyze as many metrics as possible to choose the best trader.

What is WunderTrading?

WunderTrading is a platform that gives you the full spectrum of instruments to be able to start trading cryptocurrency seamlessly. You can not only trade manually on a dozen of different crypto exchanges, by connecting them via API, but can also create fully automatic crypto bot trading algorithms, or copy-trade other more experienced traders.

On WunderTrading you will be able to start copy-trading smoothly and successfully. After connecting your exchange account via API, you will be able to set up a copy-trading connection with one of the best cryptocurrency traders in just a few clicks. For that, you just need to visit our Marketplace, look through the fully transparent and detailed trading history and statistics.

Many of our users prefer starting to copy-trade OKX bots and traders. This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. It is chosen by millions of traders thanks to its deep liquidity, relatively low transaction fees, a big number of trading pairs, and intuitive interface. OKX provides both spot and futures markets and you can use both of these on WunderTrading.

How to connect your OKX account to WunderTrading?

To start copy-trading OKX bots and traders, you first need to connect your OKX account to WunderTrading via API. For that, you have to create an API key on your exchange account, come up with a password and then specify these credentials on WunderTrading in the 'My exchanges' tab. Now you are ready to start copy-trading.

Then you can go to the Marketplace and search for bots or traders that trade on OKX. You can visit their profiles, analyze their trading statistics and choose those that suit your most. To start crypto copy trading OKX pairs, you will simply need to press the following button and specify the type of the copy-trading connection and the number of funds you are willing to use.

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