Bitcoin Copy Trading

Copy-trading is a special type of tool that involves copying all deals made by a professional trader. This type of investing is perfect for beginners who do not yet understand how the market works and do not have their own strategy. Some more experienced traders can also give preference to copy trading if they wish to save time for in-depth market analysis.

copy trading

Copy trading BTC is interesting not only for newbies, a professional trader creates a good reputation for himself if his deals are copied by many other traders. In the future, you can become a financial consultant - investors can entrust their assets to such a trader. This is quite a serious professional growth, which is a dream for many people.

How to copy-trade Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, which means it is traded on almost any exchange. However, before you start bitcoin copy trade, you should choose a platform through which you will do it. And this is a very important step because quite a lot depends on it:

  • The safety of your invested funds.

  • Options for trading.

  • Amount of fees.

This is not a complete list, in fact, you can add a lot more items, but these three are enough to understand how important it is to choose the right platform. Therefore, when choosing an exchange, you should spend some time and pay attention to the following features of each platform you are considering:

  • Price. Not all trading platforms allow you to use their features for free, so pay attention to the amount of fees.

  • Security. How secure your funds are is the most important factor when choosing a platform. Agree, that losing everything as a result of hacking is a very unpleasant prospect.

  • Usability. The interface of some platforms is so overloaded with extra tools or obscure fonts that beginner traders sometimes find it difficult to understand where to click to start trading. Therefore, give preference to those platforms whose interface is understandable and user-friendly.

  • Functionality. Rarely does a user come to a platform just for a copy-trading strategy, so the availability of advanced functionality is also very important. For example, many people want to automate trading with trading bots or use other popular tools. So the wider the functionality, the more useful the platform will be to you.

Why do we recommend WunderTrading?

Our platform meets all of the above requirements. Firstly, you can use all our features for free. Secondly, security is a priority for us, so you can be sure that your funds are reliably protected. Thirdly, usability and functionality are the things we put a lot of effort into and are especially proud of. The simple and intuitive interface allows you to start bitcoin copy-trading right away without wasting time learning the platform, while the advanced functionality allows you to do a lot of things - from copy-trading to using trading bots.

In addition, WunderTrading supports various types of trading pairs if you are an experienced trader and want to make your own deals. The convenience of the platform has already been appreciated by more than 40000 thousand users, which confirms its convenience, reliability, and safety.

To start copy trading bitcoin, you need to connect your account of the selected exchange to your profile on WunderTrading via API, then select a trader, whose deals you are going to copy, and click Follow. This completes the setup process, and you can watch this trader's trades in your profile and make the same profit as he does.

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