Make maximum profit with Crypto Investment Bot



Bitcoin is one of the most popular investment vehicles. Based on this, most beginners and experienced traders try to make money on it. But they often make mistakes by making emotional transactions, thereby departing from their own strategy.

The solution to this problem is automated investing. Creating an automated system allows you to completely move away from emotions and, with a properly created trading strategy, receive profit automatically by regularly shifting your investment portfolio.

An example of such a trading strategy is the Automated Bitcoin (BTC) Investment Strategy created by Wunderbit Team.

Bitcoin Investment bot is a regular bitcoin investment strategy based on the intersection of a triple exponential moving average and a least squares moving average.

The main idea of ​​this strategy is that it allows you to increase the profit ratio of long-term investment. Which allows you to store bitcoin like everyone else, but at the same time get 2 times more profit.

Since the strategy works exclusively on the spot market, therefore, entries are made only when moving into the green zone when moving averages cross. Exits are carried out either upon receipt of a reverse signal, that is, a trend reversal, or when a stop loss/trailing stop is triggered.

This strategy is suitable for lovers of medium and long-term investment. Since the BTC Investment strategy allows you to determine the trend in time, this gives you an advantage in the market over those who do not use this strategy. A trailing stop based on the ATR indicator is also implemented in the strategy settings. This allows, when determining a downtrend, to exit the market before the appearance of a bullish trend.

The strategy is designed to create an automated investment system using a webhook on Wunderbit Trading. Automation allows you not to think about the state of your portfolio and exclude emotions.

To create a crypto investment bot for this strategy, you need:

1. Create alerts and link the URL to the webhook.

2. Connect the TradingView strategy with WunderTrading.



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