What's the Best Crypto to Buy Right Now



Picking the right cryptocurrency to work with in 2024 is a challenging task even for veterans. Mainstream tokens seem to be the safest bet in the long run, but you can certainly find a plethora of interesting DeFi projects with a huge potential for growth. The volatile nature of the blockchain ecosystem makes it hard to make predictions with hundreds of tokens rapidly climbing up the price chart and falling off a cliff the next day.

The uncertainty creates anxiety in many retail traders frantically looking for the next big thing. We advise against such practices. Using tools like a safe DCA trading bot to either accumulate assets on the spot market or make small consistent profits is a much better method of interacting with the chaotic crypto market.

You can make any crypto trading strategy work with the right setup, but some tokens are better targets for both manual and automated trading systems. 2024 promises to be huge for many cryptocurrencies. Let’s have a closer look at some crypto to invest in now.

Which crypto has the most potential?

Many tokens have all the necessary qualities to shoot for the stars. However, some coins seem like a better choice if you are interested in investments with an explosive potential. When trying to identify the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024, we have to look at the current pool of altcoins that are doing very well and can be purchased in bulk by people who want to take a huge risk for the promise of a huge payout.

MOON — a token from the biggest online forum

The vast majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts knows about Reddit or actively uses it. Recently, the website launched its own token $MOON. It can be earned by engaging with the website’s content or generating new content and receiving karma. When the token hit the market, it immediately caught attention of redditors yet remains a cheap coin that does not show any signs of going up. At least, that is what technical analysis experts will tell you.

The social sentiment is quite positive with the buzz surrounding the token heard loud and clear across the world. Right now, $MOON hovers above the $0.3 support line. With over 219,000 holders and a massive 7 million subscribers to the relevant sub, it is only a matter of time when the public interest and the army of redditors will push the asset up.

Don’t expect it to reach $10 price by the end of the year, but be ready to buy when the market sentiment establishes a new bullish trend. Many people believe that MOON is the next big thing and will make a dent in the Bitcoin dominance chart sometime during 2024.

TACOSWAP — the potential is here

If you want to be among early adopters of a token with undeniable utility, take a closer look at $TACO, one of the best altcoins to buy right now. The price per token is less than $0.00007 USDT at the time of writing and seems to be stabilizing at this mark. The public awareness is slowly growing with more and more people using the TacoSwap service regularly.

This simple DEX platform is a governed by a DAO and aims at creating a community-driven exchange service that solves many issues with liquidity without causing any major disruptions to the process of swapping one token for another. The innovative idea of using the KYC policy as the part of the consensus protocol makes it something unique and, potentially, safe to use for all parties involved in a transaction between different networks.

The TACO community is growing slowly, but users express their interest and satisfaction with this DeFi project. Investors interested in supporting a community-driven platform and becoming early adopters of a promising token should keep an eye on this DEX service. It is the cryptocurrency with the most potential to explode in popularity.

wBAN — a simple crypto wrapper

Wrapped Banana is a DeFi project that allows you to swap any cryptocurrency for the wBAN token and earn $wBAN by participating in the ecosystem and engaging with the service. The project has some educational value and offers its users to learn how decentralized finance works in general. Right now, the token is available on many networks including Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum, and others.

wBAN promises a faster and more convenient way of swapping assets without overpaying for transactions and calculating various feels. Just like many other DeFi platforms before it, Wrapped Banana promises high throughput, excellent UX/UI, and more, but… Eventually.

The community of the wBAN project is small and tight. It flies under the radar making it a perfect target for any investment strategy that relies of finding hidden gems full of wonderful potential. With the wBan’s price hovering just above $0.0085 USDT, you can easily acquire a huge chunk and hold it without exposing your portfolio to excess risks.

Which crypto to buy today for long-term?

When it comes to potential, it can materialize into something significant or be wasted completely. You cannot use these tokens as a meaningful investment that has a high chance of actually paying off in the long term. The best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024 is the one that will continue climbing up the price chart and be valuable decades into the future.

Such assets should be accumulated slowly. Use a DCA crypto bot that will buy tokens as opportune moments and avoid selling even if the price reaches a point of “good enough”. Our picks did not change much since last year for obvious reasons. These are true “long-term kings” of the crypto ecosystem.

Bitcoin — no better option out there

$BTC is getting close to the next ATH with many experts talking about it reaching $150K and more in 2025. Forecasts for 2024 are just as bold. Some analysts predict that the token will hit the $100K mark by the end of the year or faster.

The recent SEC’s decision to allow institutions to use Bitcoin ETFs as offerings for retail traders significantly increased the inflow of funds into the Bitcoin ecosystem. At first, new buyers did not sway the market too much. However, just a couple of weeks later, we are seeing a massive bull run with more institutions jumping on the hype train and putting more fiat into crypto ETFs.

Some believe that Ethereum ETFs will be next. All other talking points are mute. Critics say that ETFs will make the idea of decentralized finance obsolete. Proponents consider them necessary evil that must be embraced for $BTC to reach its true potential and move closer to global adoption as a financial asset.

Buying Bitcoin right now is not cheap. Prices keep going up. However, it is the safest cryptocurrency for investors interested in reliable long-term growth. Historically, $BTC has been on an upward trajectory since its inception with just a couple of notable setbacks to remember. There is still an, elusive chance for small-time investors of becoming a “coiner” if you start buying now!

Ethereum — the second best pick

$ETH is doing just as well as a couple of years ago. It still has a long way to go before it catches up to its ATH, but the current price loos quite promising. The merge went smoothly opening many investment opportunities for people who are interested in staking and other ways of making money passively. Layer-2 projects are rolling out steadily making the whole blockchain ecosystem more diverse and exciting.

Many DeFi enthusiasts keep their faith in this network burning as bright as possible. Ethereum is still the main destination for all blockchain developers and offers a premiere environment and massive opportunities for seamless integrations of new products. If you believe in crypto, you should have at least some of your funds invested in $ETH.

Ethereum like many other tokens follow Bitcoin closely in terms of price dynamics. When $BTC goes down, $ETH goes down. The opposite scenario occasionally occurs, but such deviations are rare. Right now, fates of Bitcoin and Ethereum are tightly tied together. If you are looking for the best long-term crypto investments in 2024, $ETH should be among your priorities.

Cardano (ADA) — the token that is still around

$ADA is doing surprisingly well despite the disillusionment of the community. Cardano will not become the Ethereum killer. It is just another blockchain network that focuses on improving its PoS mechanism and tries to come up with something that would put it on the map close to its main rival $ETH. Nevertheless, it is still doing what it can and the development process is ongoing.

Cardano may not become the go-to development environment for DeFi enthusiasts, but it is still the best alternative. The community has many diehard fans and believers. It is possible that the coin will reach a new ATH in the future.

The main point is that the token is not the messiah of the DeFi world, but it is not the worst of the bunch either. You can safely keep some $ADA in your portfolio. Considering the price history, you would be among those who buy low with a hope to sell high in the future.

POLKADOT — another Ethereum competitor

$DOT is on the rise. After reaching an impressive ATH in the beginning of 2022, Polkadot slowly lost much of its value. Just like Cardano, the Polkadot project struggles to get going and deliver something spectacular to turn the eyes of the general public in their direction. It may never happen for many networks, but Polkadot promises to be quite different from the crowd of Ethereum competitors.

Many consider this network a superior development space. DeFi projects deployed on the DOT chain usually perform well and have utility. If you are looking for a token to hold in the long-term, $DOT is a good choice considering the current price which is much lower than the previously achieved ATH.

Investing too much in this coin is not a wise decision, but using it as a way to diversify the portfolio of assets you plan to hold indefinitely can be quite effective.

Which crypto to buy today for short-term gains?

Picking good tokens for day trading and scalping is challenging even for experienced retail traders. Attempts at predicting which coins will take off before the end of year usually yield poor results. The crypto ecosystem is too volatile and uncertain to make reliable forecasts for short-term strategies. Nevertheless, some tokens are good choices for people who are interested in running an investment bot utilizing day trading or scalping techniques.

DOGE — one of the best altcoins to invest in 2024

DOGE has over 6.9 million holders and impressive daily trading volumes. Despite being conceived as a practical joke, it became an important financial instrument for many crypto enthusiasts. One of the biggest draws of the token for many retail traders is the quality and volume of liquidity allowing all market participants to quickly acquire and liquidate $DOGE without any delays.

If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency to invest in 2024, DOGE is a solid choice considering its popularity and attention from active users. Among all obscure altcoins, this one has been among top performers for a long time. Developers did not abandon the project and continue working on it to provide better utility and integration in the ecosystem.

BRICK — among the best altcoins to buy

Investors interested in short-term gainers should take a closer look at $BRICK, a token from a novel crypto investment community project that offers a chance to purchase partial ownership of real estate through smart contracts issued on the Binance network. It is a popular token within certain niche groups on various social media platforms.

Liquidity is still an issue. Many users have to spend some time adjusting to a very slow market with prices gradually going up. While you should not put all your eggs in the BRICK’s basket, buying some hoping to receive sizeable profits by the end of the year can be a good idea. One cannot say that it is the best crypto coin to buy now, but one that deserves consideration.

At the time of writing, the $BRICK token is traded at $0.675 USDT on Binance. We do not suggest investing in it without doing extensive research and paying extra attention to the real estate part of the equation.

XRP — focus on the big picture

Among undervalued cryptocurrencies, Ripple is the king. The project has been under fire from the SEC and other regulators, but it managed to power through. $XRP is not going anywhere. Many investors are starting realizing this idea only now, after a series of battles that Ripple had to win. Despite losing some of its value in 2022, the coin rallied and went back to median prices recorded in the middle of the last year.

The potential for growth is here. Many experts consider it one of the best crypto investments in 2024 and advice their audiences to diversify their portfolios by purchasing some XRP. Since this project continues thriving against all odds, it is a solid choice for those who want to add some flexibility and earning potential to their assets.

Note that the token is not as susceptible to cryptocurrency market trends as many other coins out there. It is a good thing if you are interested in creating a balanced portfolio that can offset losses generated by tokens that correlate stronger with mainstream assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to pick the right target for investments?

Individual retail traders often do not have the same amount of money to work with when it comes to investing. Running complex systems like statistical arbitrage is possible thanks to products like the AI crypto trading bot from WunderTrading. This automated trading system uses many rules of statistical arbitrage to automatically adjust the composition of a portfolio to reduce risks and optimize profitability.

The core issue is that using advanced trading techniques and useful tools goes as far as your capital allows it. Spreading resources too thin makes it harder to earn money and achieving profitability goals. It means that the vast majority of contemporary retail traders will be better off choosing several tokens to work with and focusing all their attention on trying to extract value from their limited investments.

Looking for the best cryptocurrencies to buy can be quite challenging considering the sheer size and diversity of the crypto market. Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens along are represented by thousands of different DeFi projects each advertising itself as the next Bitcoin. Finding true gems is hard and requires a lot of research.

Here are some factors to contemplate when selecting assets to target:

  • Popularity among enthusiasts. Coins must have a dedicated audience to have any hopes for a brighter future. You don’t have to invest only in mainstream tokens bathing in public attention, but you should look for cryptocurrencies that have strong communities interested in propping them up. For example, users of Wrapped Banana are a very vocal minority that can create buzz when opportunities present themselves. Investing in tokens with silent social media and online presence is not a good idea.
  • Do not chase the golden goose. Instead, you should be trying to build a bird made of precious metals without blindly buying cheap memecoins. Focus on creating a balanced portfolio that will have the necessary robustness and flexibility to power through various adversities. The best crypto to buy is not the one that offers you a dream but the one that fits nicely in your investment strategy and has a strong potential of producing profits or reducing overall risks.
  • Availability on CEX platforms. We mentioned $BRICK as one of the most lucrative short-term investments in 2024. However, you should approach this coin with caution as it is not listed on many exchanges making it a dangerous investment for active retail traders interested in holding liquid assets. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in now, do not limit yourself by purchasing tokens listed on just a couple of CEX websites.
  • Utility is still very important. The crypto market is very speculative with many assets moving up and down in price despite not having any tangible reasons to do so. Social media buzz and the mood of billionaire influencers can affect the price dramatically. However, some tokens appear to be stable thanks to their inherent value generated by their utility. Coins issued by popular DeFi services and useful apps should be on your radar.
  • Consider your trading style. Conservative investors often try diversifying as much as possible while individual retail traders pick certain tokens that work best with their strategy. If you want to use automated trading systems and bots, use appropriate target assets. DCA bots from WunderTrading are excellent at slowly purchasing assets and adding them to your portfolio (use them to acquire more Bitcoin or Ethereum). Other systems will work better with different types of coins.

The complexity and diversity of the crypto market is a tall barrier for entry, but it is also its biggest advantage since various investors can find something that suits their preferences in terms of profitability and risk style.

You can look for the best new crypto to buy each month and find a variety of solid options. Monitoring the market diligently and updating the composition of your portfolio according to the latest flavor of the month is a good idea for active retail traders. Buying and holding select assets to play the long game is a perfect approach for conservative individuals.

Use advanced tools to acquire coins

It is important to utilize contemporary instruments when interacting with the crypto market. We suggest using modern trading bots to achieve your investment goals and maximize the efficiency of your trading operations. Use tools like automated DCA buying if you are interested in amassing coins that you believe will appreciate in the future. Minimize risks and stay active by using GRID bots or AI-assisted statistical arbitrage.

Such tools are offered by providers like WunderTrading. You will be able to create advanced automated trading systems without any technical knowhow and previous experience with financial markets.


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