DCA Bot vs Grid Bot: What's the difference?



Discover the key differences between DCA Bot and Grid Bot in cryptocurrency trading. Learn which bot suits your trading style and maximize your profits.

Grid trading strategies

Crypto-grid trading is one of the most commonly used strategies in the cryptocurrency market.

It represents a number of pending orders placed on either side of the current price with a certain step. 

The following parameters characterize the grid:

  • Grid width - the area covering all the set orders.
  • Step of the grid - the distance between orders. 
  • Take profit - pending order, by means of which the trader fixes the profit.
  • Stop loss - pending order with which trader controls losses.

Placed above and below the price orders resemble a grid - hence the name. Now let's assume that the price of your chosen cryptocurrency begins to move up or down and falls within the range of your set orders. As soon as the grid line is crossed, a trade is automatically executed. 

Let's take a look at what is grid trading with one particular example.

Let the current Bitcoin price be $10,000. The trader chooses a price range for Bitcoin, for example, from $10,000 to $11,000.

He sets the grid step to $100, which means that each line of the grid will be $100 away from the next one. Thus, he will place buy orders at $9900, $9800, $9700, etc., and sell orders at $10100, $10200, $10300, etc. This will give the trader a grid of 20 orders (10 from below and 10 from above).

Now let's assume that the Bitcoin price rises and reaches $10100. In this case, a sell order at $10100 will be executed automatically and the trader will sell the Bitcoin at $10100. If the Bitcoin price continues to rise and reaches $10200, the trader will again make a trade, selling the Bitcoin at $10200, and so on.

If the price falls below $10000 and is $9900, a buy order will be executed.

To improve the efficiency of his grid trading, the trader can make some changes to his strategy. For example, he can change the size of the grid step to increase the number of trades, or he can change the size of orders to reduce risks. Also, the trader can use various technical analysis indicators to determine the market trend and improve the accuracy of his deals.

Grid trading allows the trader to work automatically, regardless of the trend direction. This is one of the main advantages of this strategy. Instead of following the market by yourself, you can set up the grid trading system, and it will execute trades depending on the parameters you set. Thus, grid trading provides more systematic and automated trading. 

DCA strategy

Dollar cost averaging is a popular strategy in which an investor buys cryptocurrencies at certain intervals regardless of their prices. This means that the investor ignores the market situation and does not look for the best time to buy.

This approach negates the impact of market volatility and is great for passive investors: they don't have to monitor the market and look for the best entry point.

For example, you have $1000 that you want to invest in Bitcoin. You can divide that $1000 into 10 parts and buy $100 worth of Bitcoin every week for 10 weeks. This way, you will be spreading your investment evenly over a period.

Once again, this approach to investing can be useful if you want to reduce the risks associated with cryptocurrency. As it allows you to dilute your investments over time and not all at once.

Here are briefly the main pros of this strategy. 


The investor's emotional well-being is as important as the financial performance of the portfolio. This strategy is quite safe and psychologically comfortable for beginners: it disciplines and protects the investor from unsuccessful entry and related negative emotions.

Regular investment of small amounts of money, regardless of market conditions, does not cause as much stress as trying to guess the best entry point. Even if the entry point is a good one, the investor will still get upset if the next day the asset falls in price.


The DCA strategy is great for passive investors, as it requires minimal involvement and time commitment.

The investor doesn't have to monitor the market and perform fundamental or technical analysis. It's enough to determine the desired portfolio composition, regularly update it and purchase the previously selected assets.

Benefit when the market goes down

The DCA strategy is used in bear markets, in order to gradually accumulate a position. If an investor waits until the price bottoms out, he may miss the moment when the market restores quickly, or, conversely, he may buy assets with all his money too early. Ultimately, an investor needs to find a balance between portfolio returns and risk tolerance. If an investor is not willing to constantly monitor the market and emotional peace of mind is important for him, then DCA is the right way to invest.

Grid bot vs DCA bot - what is the difference? 

Recall that a trading bot is a software that is designed to make transactions on the cryptocurrency exchange on behalf of the trader, thereby facilitating his work and saving time. Each trading bot works within the framework of the strategy set for it. 

Therefore, when comparing DCA Bot vs Grid Bot, the following can be said. 

The main difference between the DCA trading bot and the Grid Trading Bot is that the DCA bot evenly distributes its investments over time, while the grid bot strategy involves a series of orders at different prices to try to take advantage of market movements. 

The DCA bot strategy is usually used for long-term investing, while the grid bot is more focused on short-term trading. Both approaches have their advantages and risks, and it is important for investors to carefully examine their investment goals and risk tolerance before deciding which approach is right for them.

Simply put, grid bots will suit those who engage in active trading. They will buy low and sell high, thereby providing profit for the trader. 

DCA bots will be perfect for those who make money through long-term investing. Such a bot helps them build a stable long-term portfolio.

Is grid bot better than DCA bot?

When answering this question, we should mention one more feature of grid bots. 

You can use them even if you are an investor. Just set up a huge grid range in which trades can be executed over a longer period, from weeks to months, but it can be risky if the market changes significantly.

In other words, the grid bot can really be considered a more convenient option for traders than the DCA bot. Both traders and investors can take advantage of it, while the grid bot based on the dollar-value averaging strategy, is more suitable for investors. 

Which grid bot is best?

The popularity of grid trading strategies is very high, which is why the demand for grid robots keeps at a high level. Due to the large number of offers on the cryptocurrency market, it can be quite difficult to choose the one that is right for you. 

We give a number of features to pay attention to. We hope it will make your choice easier. 

  • Historical performance. Look for evidence of the bot's historical performance, such as real-time trading results or backtesting. 
  • Risk management strategies. Consider how the grid bot manages risk, such as using stop-loss orders or risk-to-reward ratios.
  • Fees. Find out if there are any fees associated with using the bot, such as a percentage of profit or a flat rate.
  • Support level and resources. Look for information about support and resources provided by the developer or vendor of the grid bot. These may include documentation, training materials, and technical support.

It is also important to thoroughly research and understand the risks and potential outcomes of any automated trading strategy before using it to make investment decisions. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate any grid bot you intend to use and consult with a financial advisor or professional trader.

Based on the above parameters, we can confidently advise you to use the grid strategy trading robot from the WunderTrading platform. It is a powerful software solution that will help automate your trading even with your own strategy, saving your time and getting rid of most of the risks. 

Another advantage of the trading robot from WunderTrading is that you can use it for free. All you need to do is register on the platform, open a trading account and sign up for the basic plan. It will not require you to invest money and will allow you to use two trading robots at the same time. 

In addition to the free plan, WunderTrading has a trial period for other plans. You can use them for 7 days to evaluate all the advantages and strengths. 

What else is WunderTrading useful for every trader? 

  1. Copy trading, which allows beginners to copy deals of professional users. 
  2. Convenient trading terminal. 
  3. Many bots for other trading strategies, including the DCA bot. 
  4. Knowledge base with an extensive amount of training material. 

Simply put, WunderTrading is a great option to automate your trading. Not without reason, the number of platform users has long crossed the mark of several tens of thousands. 


Now you know what is a DCA bot and how it differs from a grid bot.  DCA bots and Grid bots have a lot in common, but there are also many differences. First, they use different strategies. Secondly, they are used for various purposes - active trading and investing. You can find each of these robots on the WunderTrading platform, and you can use them for free. In addition, the platform has many other advantages that will make your trading easier and allow you to get more money.


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