Top 10 Web 3.0 Crypto Coins to Buy in 2024



Web3 crypto projects have the highest potential to appreciate in the long run. However, they are often considered risky investments and don’t enjoy the same level of interest as established tokens.

The evolution of the internet is inevitable. It was impossible to predict where it was going three decades ago, but we have a firm grasp on what is coming within the next decade. Many industry experts claim that most popular online platforms will have WEB3 elements or be fully realized on the blockchain. At the same time, many sceptics believe that the concept is nothing but a fluke and will be completely forgotten when the hype dies down.

Contemporary Web3 crypto projects seem to be defining this pessimistic notion and creating interesting platforms that aim not only at crypto traders, but at a wider audience of users interested in privacy, anonymity, decentralization of control, and other staple principles of web3. The next 10x cryptocurrency may be among emerging platforms that fully embrace the idea of a revamped internet.

What is Web3?

When we say web2.0 or web1.0, we refer to the evolutionary stages of the World Wide Web. The first iteration was a chaotic mess of static pages that could be accessed from different parts of the planet. The functionality was abysmal compared to what we have now. Social media networks were a distant idea that could not be turned into reality with the technology of the 90s.

After 2004, the arrival of modernized web services created an environment where interactivity and user-generated content became a norm and defined the direction in which many platforms would go eventually. The internet slowly transformed into a completely new communicational and social medium and took over our daily lives. However, this development created an issue that the best web3 crypto projects hope to fix.

The internet is controlled by huge corporations like Amazon and Google. They have such large audiences that a single decision made by these corporations can ruin your lifestyle or force you to think differently. The massive influence tech companies have on our collective psyche and all aspects of social life has been noticed by governments across the globe. Sadly, not much can be done about it without a whole reconstruction of the internet as a concept.

Web3 emerged as an answer to the increasing corporate influence. New web 3.0 crypto tokens are native to platforms that want to integrate blockchain and decentralization with various types of modern online services including social media, finances, software, and more. The idea is that blockchain solutions will bring several key advantages:

Decentralized federated platforms that are governed by stakeholders create a way for communities to take control over massive online environments and create opportunities for free content distribution and better user experience defined by the majority of users in a democratic way.

  1. Security and interoperability. Blockchain networks allow for better interoperability between services operating within shared ecosystems. In theory, increased interconnectedness will allow for better communication, more security, and complete anonymity.
  2. Verifiable computing is another big selling point with the promise of using the full potential of distributed ledgers. Debates about efficiency and throughput take place regularly, but it is hard to deny many advantages of distributed computing.
  3. Modern web 3.0 blockchain projects want to create a world where users define what the internet looks like by engaging with DeFi and DAOs instead of interacting with corporations in a vertical management system where many aspects of online activities are defined by CEOs of companies regardless of whether you want new changes or not.

How to invest in web 3.0 tokens

The easiest way to support emerging platforms is by using them and slowly replacing outdated web2 services with newly available alternatives that implement web3 elements. Purchasing coins and staking them is a good way to ensure that these companies stay afloat and have sufficient funding to continue developing. Staking is a good way to provide additional market movement to tokens that are released by such platforms.

If you want to know how to buy web 3.0 tokens, refer to any large exchange. Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, FTX, Bittrex, and many other markets have a wide variety of web 3.0 crypto coins. However, you should research any token that you plan to buy. We decided to put together a list of the 10 best web3 crypto projects that have tokens actively traded on various exchanges.

#1. Polkadot.

Asset transfer is one of the issues that modern online networks are trying to solve. Polkadot offers a way to verifiably move any digital assets without the necessity of central governance by employing the power of distributed ledgers. This technology can be applied to a wide variety of domains including game development, social networks, decentralized finance, and banking. Supply chains would also greatly benefit from the implementation of such technologies in currently existing services.

While it works similarly to Ethereum, the core difference is that all parachains have independence despite being able to effortlessly connect within the ecosystem. As interoperability is considered one of the main aspects of web3 payment projects and other platforms, the DOT token is a good choice to invest in.

#2. Siacoin.

An interesting take on cloud storage that offers users a unique opportunity to rent out their disk space to others in exchange for a small payment. Siacoin is branching into multiple industries including cloud-based video and audio streaming, content distribution, and file sharing. The peer-to-peer nature of the network allows for faster speed, increased stability, and protection from different cyber threats through encryption and data distribution.

The token has a market cap of approximately $220 million and does not have a big trading volume compared to other projects, but it has a promising list of upcoming features that may dramatically change the price in the nearest future.

#3. Basic Attention Token.

When it comes to marketing, exploring new ways to reach a wider audience without causing any controversies is a top priority for many advertisers. BAT is a blockchain-based platform that provides advertisements on Brave Browser. The main idea behind this project is that users can remain anonymous yet still receive targeted ads. The concept has been successfully tested and many companies decided to use the platform to promote their goods and services.

The current market cap is about $650 million. The token is actively traded on several exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin. BAT is a promising financial instrument that has all hallmarks of one of the best web3 crypto coins!

#4. BitTorrent-New.

The popularity of BitTorrent is justified. It has been the most convenient client for P2P file sharing over the last two decades. By attracting over 2 billion users, it created a massive audience that can be reached by advertisements. However, the network decided to move in a different direction and implemented some components of web 3.0.

Now, you can use an integrated crypto wallet, stream or download content distributed across the network, and even get additional perks by purchasing the membership. The BTT token has been quite popular within the crypto community and managed to reach over $860 market cap. If you are interested in the free distribution of content without any limitations, this project is certainly something that will catch your attention.

#5. Chainlink.

Ethereum is a very versatile network where many modern web 3.0 cryptocurrencies started. Chainlink is an interesting platform based on the ETH network. It uses data from the real world to form smart contracts and easily connects to any blockchain network without any conflicts. It is a great platform for interoperability which is one of the core ingredients of our bright future without corporate influence. Oracle services use this solution widely.

LINK is a token that enjoys occasional explosions of demand, but can be quite hard to invest in without risk of a heart attack. It is a volatile asset that may gain 100% today and lose 100% tomorrow. However, it has a hefty $3.4 billion market cap and enjoys the biggest interest from Ethereum holders. Link can also be staked on a variety of platforms including Binance.

#6. FLUX.

This platform is one of the most promising tech projects for web 3.0 enthusiasts since it offers an easy way for developers to integrate various blockchain solutions and use the full potential of distributed computing without any significant downsides. The network boasts over 5.6 thousand TB of data on SSD carriers, 81 thousand vcores, and 244 TB RAM allowing any developer to quickly deploy a product and make it widely available and scale effortlessly.

The company also has Zelcore, a versatile multi-asset wallet for cryptocurrencies that works on desktop and mobile. Despite being a very popular service for thousands of developers, the token didn’t take off as well as many expected. Currently, it is traded at $0.48 per token and has a market cap of $118 million.

#7. THETA.

This is one of the most interesting entries in our top 10 web3 tokens list, due to its mainstream appeal and many partnerships with already established enterprises like Sony, Samsung, Google, DHVC, and more. It also works in conjunction with Binance and offers its network to partners like World Poker Tour, G Fuel, and CONTV. Theta is a new generation of distributed content networks aiming to reduce the costs of streaming. The current iteration of the platform already allows for cheap streaming and integration with various products.

THETA enjoys high demand from crypto enthusiasts and has an impressive $1.33 billion market cap with several hundred thousand holders across the globe. This company certainly has a bright future and can provide an invaluable service to the internet as a whole by creating an affordable way to stream content without any additional costs to viewers and content creators.

#8. Hellium.

The Internet of Things was a huge talking point several years ago. While the hype around the concept itself calmed down, it is still a very important niche for developers that aim to improve the way we interact with various home appliances and other small devices. Many owners of such appliances are concerned with privacy since all these tiny gadgets can gather your data without you knowing. Hellium offers a blockchain solution that should increase security and provide better interconnectedness to IoT.

HNT can be mined by network participants. Tokens are also earned by node operators for providing coverage which is also used as proof of validity in the network. It is a promising technology that will remain relevant for years to come. Currently, the token is traded at $9.5 and has over a $1.1 billion market cap.

#9. FlieCoin.

Some ideas do not have to be overly complicated to attract the attention of users and investors. Filecoin has a very simple premise: to create a distributed storage space with P2P sharing of files. Network participants rent out their disk space and receive compensation in FIL tokens. The main goal of the network is to improve the way we store, interact with, and share digital assets, artworks, music, and other content. NFTs are also a big part of the concept.

FIL is trading at $6 and has over a $1.4 billion market cap. High trading volumes indicate increased demand and interest from the community.

#10. The Graph.

Among our top web 3 crypto coins, The Graph has a unique position as it offers a way for many developers to create secure applications that use high-level cryptography and fast blockchain in their architecture. While not the most demanded token out there, GRT enjoys interest from thousands of users. Currently, the token is experiencing a long dip that should be a good moment to buy. Even if it fails to regain value, it is so cheap that you can throw a couple of bucks at it and still make a profit.

The Graph continues to develop into a very flexible protocol that allows data sharing within the Ethereum ecosystem. It is a great solution that many web3 platforms have already tried to implement.

WEB3 Crypto: where to buy

Most crypto exchanges with sufficient user bases showcase various tokens released by contemporary web3 companies. Binance has over a thousand different coins and NFTs. Among them, you can easily find any of the projects that we covered above. Several exchanges deserve your attention.

  • Binance is a great platform where millions of users place orders and earn money. It is an exchange with hundreds of financial instruments, interesting investment products, and a wide range of opportunities for staking and botting. Low trading fees and quick service make it a good choice for people who are interested in convenient ways to invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinbase is an old-school exchange that was rebranded a couple of years ago. It has a very loyal customer base, lots of interesting investment opportunities, several staking options, and margin trading. The list of available tokens is smaller compared to some other exchanges, but it is still a great place for active and conservative investors.
  • OKX is one of the most controversial exchanges in the world. With so many strange events in its history, it is a surprise that it has managed to stay relevant. It is a big player in the SEA region and has clients from all over Asia. High liquidity, good investment opportunities, and a rich selection of tokens make it a great choice for those who are not afraid of risks.
  • FTX features a wide range of different tokens but uses them as the foundation for derivatives like futures. Most tokens are represented as currency pairs with crypto coins paired against USD or USDT. There are also leveraged positions and many other interesting ways to speculate on the price. If you are interested in active intraday trading or scalping, this is a great place for such activities.

Using automation to buy tokens

There is a good way to increase your chances of making money with any token. DCA bots allow you to purchase and sell assets quickly according to preset instructions. You can also make purchases on spot markets if you are interested in holding assets. Again, using bots is a good idea. There are several benefits:

  • Bots work around the clock. If you want to build a portfolio and need to reduce the average price of an investment, using bots to buy when prices reach specific points is a great strategy. Since the market works 24/7, robots are the best candidates to consistently perform using this method of buying.
  • Bots always follow instructions. People may overthink their decisions, make way too many errors due to anxiety, or have emotional issues that would hinder their performance. Machines do not have such weaknesses.
  • Robots are cheap. Just two decades ago, only a small minority of professional traders and financial institutions could employ computers to trade on stock markets. Today, most small-time investors can afford an automation service.

The best cryptos to buy before 2024

We compiled a comprehensive list of interesting projects that have been quite successful during the last three years. Some of them have been losing value, but remained active and continued their development. It means that you can invest in many web3 projects without any detriment to your finances and still earn notable profits in the nearest future!


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