6 Best Bitcoin Games for Android



The world of cryptocurrencies is supported by a tight community of enthusiasts. Bitcoin as a cultural phenomenon does not often enter the mainstream, but it often does through gaming. The Android platform embraced online Bitcoin games and created a whole ecosystem for them. Let’s talk about the best free Bitcoin games.

Note, none of these games uses real bitcoin, bitcoin transactions, online gambling, poker games, or casino bitcoin, but are game apps that serve only as entertainment games.

Bitcoin Billionaire

While this may seem like your average idle clicker game where you click on the screen to get some sort of in-game currency, after playing it for a bit you’ll see that it’s filled with different events and things to do. Of course, the main premise of the game is mining bitcoin, which is the game’s currency. The faster you tap, the more bitcoins (BTC) you earn in your game's wallet. The game also offers many upgrades and tools that help you mine to either mine faster or mine for you. It doesn’t require you to spend any money on it, though you can if you want to speed your progression up.

The pleasing visuals are complete with many fluid animations and intricate details. Another noteworthy point of the game is its witty sense of humor, be it from the main character or the news headlines at the top of the screen. The gameplay itself, while simple, is very addictive and makes you keep coming back for more. This game balances the excitement and satisfaction of such a simple concept surprisingly well while managing to offer hours of free entertainment.

Inspired by the success of many idle games where users click or tap as quickly as possible until they get upgrades and items, Bitcoin Billionaire is all about the topic of Bitcoin. You need to mine it and add more coins to your virtual wallet. You won’t learn how to mine Bitcoin on Android, but you can earn some in-game currency to spend on a whole lot of different activities.

In this game you can:

  • Invest BTCs in businesses;
  • Spend them on various upgrades;
  • Use them to enjoy a slot machine!

The game looks great for a mobile app and provides a good way of wasting some time when commuting or waiting in a queue.

Idle Miner Simulator - Tap Tap Bitcoin Tycoon

Another idle game where players must earn as many BTCs as possible. This Bitcoin mining game is certainly a good time for people interested in this topic. It is completely free, has nice graphics, and a bunch of interesting upgrades and items to buy. If you consider yourself a whale, there is a method of upgrading everything faster and getting premium items for real money.

Among many idle games for Android, this one is certainly not a groundbreaking title that wants to impress everyone. It is a little app that can deliver a very satisfying experience and make your evening brighter.

The point of the game is to mine, buy and sell in-game cryptocurrencies using various methods, such as an exchange, a bookmaker, and your computer. At first, this mining simulator can be a bit overwhelming and might take a while to adjust to since there are so many things to keep track of. There seems to be no way to access the tutorial if you wanted to read through it again after completing it. 

That being said, if you get the hang of the game, you’ll probably be playing it for a while. The amount and variety of content, the different establishments, and the many approaches you can take when trading your in-game cryptocurrencies makes you feel like an actual trader. Just like the previous game on this list, it’s free, but you can still pay to access better upgrades than those that are offered for the in-game currency.

Idle Bitcoin Inc. - Cryptocurrency Tycoon Clicker

Idle Bitcoin Inc is similar to other clicker games on the Play Market in the sense that you click to generate currency and unlock different upgrades, or underground levels in this case, that make the process more automated. This game consists of you clicking many pairs of the same two buttons: one is to put your money into upgrades and the other one depends on the level, be it to mine bitcoin, make helpful robots, or store your money in a safe. 

The game is free but offers another currency that you can buy with real money with which you can buy upgrades that speed up the bitcoin-making process. Some people may become bored of it after a while since there isn’t much diversity of gameplay and since it isn’t trying to do things too differently from other games in its genre, but I feel that it’s a good time waster and is enough to keep you entertained if you’re feeling bored.

The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon

The Crypto Games: Bitcoin Tycoon is another mobile game in which you mine bitcoin (BTC) to buy upgrades to then mine more bitcoin. This game is similar to the previous entry, as it incorporates the aspect of buying and upgrading buildings to make your bitcoin mining process more automated. It also reminds me of Bitcoin Billionaire with its random events that you have to keep track of, such as viruses, bribes, and boosters, as well as the constant pressing of a button to mine bitcoin. 

The game looks good visually and the representation of you mining bitcoin in the form of a console is also a nice touch. Like many of the other games on this list, Bitcoin Tycoon offers in-app purchases that can be used to increase your income at a quicker pace. I feel it faces the same challenges as Idle Bitcoin Inc. does, as it doesn’t offer much gameplay variety. I also have to point out the poor translations in some places, though I assume they will be improved in later updates. Apart from that, I’d say it’s a decent idle game. Even if it doesn’t aim for anything big, it does what it aims for well.

This Android game is slightly outdated in terms of graphics and some gameplay elements, but it is a nice economic strategy that can help you kill some time. You will need to reach a point where all your Bitcoin mining operations are fully automated and can be left on autopilot.

Despite some outdated graphics, the aesthetics are great and it is a fine app to have if you are interested in the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

During the game, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges as well as dynamic events that happen systematically to add more variety to the gaming process.

Wunderbit Millionaire — The Bitcoin Game

While Bitcoin mining games for Android have their appeal, many users want to feel what it’s like to control the whole crypto market and dictate how things will develop in the future. Wunderbit Millionaire is a perfect example of a little mobile game that provides exactly what users want, no less, no more.

Wunderbit Millionaire is a tabletop card game in which you use cards to influence the prices of cryptocurrencies, that can be bought and sold to beat your opponents. Unlike the rest of the games on this list, Wunderbit Millionaire focuses more on simulating the process of trading cryptocurrencies on a cryptocurrency market, as well as the strategies you can employ to get a bigger return on your investments. The game is surprisingly addictive, as you’re constantly trying to figure out the most optimal move, think ahead, and outsmart your opponents.

Great gaming experience. Players have four different cryptocurrencies to trade: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Monero (XMR). There are different mode options as a bonus, such as events, a bank, and bankruptcy, that make the game more realistic. You can’t play safe all the time in this game, nor can you put all your earnings in one place. You need to be willing to take a chance, but also know when to hedge your bets, just like in real cryptocurrency trading. Apart from some visual inconsistencies and a few spelling mistakes, I can’t point out anything bad about this game. Wunderbit Millionaire doesn’t do anything too complicated and executes such a simple concept surprisingly well. 

The game is simulating the real market and even has special events like bankruptcies, bonuses, and other surprises to shake things up from time to time. With its strong focus on providing a casual experience for those interested in crypto, this is a wonderful opportunity to show your friends how fun trading can be!

The game has some interesting traits:

  • It is not a simulator in the traditional sense of the word.
  • The game provides a very calming and unique experience.
  • You may learn a thing or two about actual retail trading.

Bitcoin Bounce

If idle games are not up your alley, you should take a closer look at this arcade. The title is self-explanatory. You bounce a BTC coin and try to reach as far in a level as possible. The best thing about thing app is that you can make money by playing. While the in-game economy is far from perfect, many people managed to cash out. Among crypto games for Android, this one stands out with its gameplay loop and replayability.

This game should be on your list if you have a combination of three preferences:

  1. You like the Bitcoin theme.
  2. You enjoy rhythm games with good music.
  3. You want to earn money by playing.

An honorable mention: Bitcoin Holder

By embracing memes, many companies in the blockchain industry managed to take off. In the crypto game, Bitcoin mining is not a thing. However, it is tightly connected to the crypto industry with its developer claiming that the game will eventually bring together multiple instances of this game and even some other titles with NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Hodler is not a play-to-earn title and offers a wide range of different activities. It may not be the best of games in terms of its features, but it is certainly a nice attempt at building a crypto mining game for Android.


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