The 10 Best Bitcoin Games for 2024



The crypto industry is suited perfectly for game development. While we are still waiting for huge game studios to design their versions of blockchain-based gaming applications, there is a whole lot of various interesting apps to play with right now.

From the vast array of crypto games for Android and iOS, some stand out more than others. We decided to put together a long list of 10 best games that you can enjoy. These games are engaging and quite cool. They have different graphics, mechanics, and platforms. However, there is one thing that unites them all — they are all about Bitcoin or can be played to earn money.

Can you play games for Bitcoins?

Some games are developed for online casinos and can be played with real stakes. Other games run mining algorithms while you play. There are many ways that developers use to monetize their apps and payout cryptocurrency to their players. The reward is relatively small and won’t make a difference in your financial situation, but it is still a fun way to waste some time.

Play-to-earn games are also a big thing in the crypto community. Some of these games are absolutely fantastic and managed to take the world by storm. It is quite hard to make any in-game economy work, but developers are trying and people are having fun with some titles. For example, Axie Infinity was a great example of a working P2E title. Its demise was just as impressive as its initial rise, but it is still a cool game to play if you like auto battles.

We are not focusing solely on ways to play games to earn Bitcoins, but several titles made our list and you should check them out!

1. Bitcoin Alien Run

This is the only game that allows users to win some BTCs. However, you should prepare to get through some finger-breaking levels. This 2D platformer is quite simple yet challenges everyone who wants to try and get to the 5th level to get a payout.

Right now, the game is available for some Android devices and web browsers. Some users claim that levels became too hard to beat and that getting a payout is a challenging task. Nevertheless, with over a hundred thousand downloads in the Google Store alone, it is certainly a very popular title. It also paid out winnings to thousands of players.

What to expect from Bitcoin Alien Run?

  • You can earn more than 0.0002 BTC.
  • Customer support is still responsive.
  • Controls are a little bit unreliable and you need to get used to some mechanics.

If you are looking for a nice little arcade game for your Android phone, this should be on your radar. However, don’t expect to win a lot of money. It is just a small app for fun.

2. Bitcoin Blast — Earn Bitcoin!

This application tries to emulate the success of many popular match-three games. The design is quite simple and you won’t be blown away by the gaming experience since it looks and feels like something that only carries utility.

You need to clear several levels and watch some ads before you can get to your payout. It is not the finest gaming experience for casual gamers, but people who want to make money by playing a mobile game should take a closer look at this application. It is available for Android devices and still receives regular updates.

During the game, you will be earning so-called Bing points which are then exchanged for real BTC that you can withdraw to your wallet. As usual, be careful when dealing with any unknown addresses, and don’t make this game a full-time job.

What to expect from Bitcoin Blast?

  • The game is quite simple and allows you to relax while playing.
  • You can earn real Bitcoin, but it takes a lot of time!
  • The mechanics are familiar to any casual gamer.
  • It is one of the highest-paying Bitcoin games for iOS.

3. The Crypto Game Clicker Mining

The appeal of clicker games is quite apparent to any contemporary gamer who had seen any of them. It is a fun concept that also allows users to spend some time mindlessly clicking on the screen. This particular game gives you the same opportunity. You won’t be able to win any crypto, but it is a good way to become a virtual Bitcoin tycoon.

This is not one of the mobile games where you can win Bitcoin. It is a simulator of mining where you can make virtual tokens and compete against other players. The game has thousands of downloads on Google Play Market and has a very nice score.

People interested in the topic with a strong desire to play something cool instead of chasing money can try out this mobile app!

What to Expect from The Crypto Game Clicker Mining?

  • The game has some really interesting mechanics.
  • It is a fun way to distract you from stress and relax after a work day.
  • The game has 1M+ downloads on Play Market.

4. Bitcoin Pop — Get Bitcoin!

This game is another Bling, creator of Bitcoin Blast. This is another arcade game that replicates a very famous game where you need to shoot descending bubbles. It is one of the best Bitcoin-earning games for Android.

When the game was launched in 2019, it had huge rewards and gave you thousands of Bling points for finishing a level. Nowadays, it is way more reserved and you should not expect a big payout after each completed level.

It takes quite a while to reach a point where you can get a reward, but people who enjoy these kinds of games will gladly spend a couple of hours shooting down balloons. The minimum reward for completing a level is 100 Bling points which are transferred to your Bling account. The point pool is shared with other titles by the developer.

What to expect from Bitcoin Pop?

  • The game has a familiar gameplay loop.
  • It is fun to try beating new levels while earning points!
  • Payouts are real and you can claim your BTC if you are good enough!

5. Crypto Cats

If you are interested in NFTs and want to get some without much hassle, this particular game will be right down your alley. It is a simple concept where you need to match different symbols to solve a puzzle. Each level rewards you with some resources that can be exchanged for capsules containing other rewards.

Payouts are quite small. You usually get several cents for each capsule. It is certainly not a game that you play to earn money. If you like simple puzzles that allow you to simply waste some time on your commute to work, Crypto Cats is a good choice.

We recommend this game for its polished graphics, simple concept, and real cryptocurrency rewards. Among all Bitcoin games that pay real money, this feels and looks like a nice experience with special effects, simple mechanics, and an aesthetically pleasing art style.

What to expect from Crypto Cats?

  • Good graphics and cute cats will improve your mood.
  • Rewards are consistent and you can reliably get them, but they are small.
  • A great time-killer for long commutes.

6. Monsterra NFT Game

This game is not about Bitcoin and does not have BTC rewards. It is a strategy NFT game that allows you to win valuable non-fungible tokens and other digital assets. The concept is quite appealing as you battle against various monsters and use your team of unique fighters.

Among other crypto-related games, this one looks like a “real” game where the core gameplay loop and mechanics are more important than its connection to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. If you want to earn free Bitcoins playing games, check out this particular title. It allows you to get a hold of an NFT that you can sell for cryptocurrency.

The art style is cool and you will most certainly find many interesting NFT-based fighters to toy with. If you like simple strategies and battlers, this application for Android is exactly what you are looking for!

What to expect from Nosterra NFT Game?

  • It is a fun strategy game about fantastical monsters.
  • Rewards are small but consistent and fair.
  • It is an addictive application that will force you to spend time and effort on it.

7. Bitcoin Miner Earn Real Crypto

This game for Android is quite interesting. It is an idle/clicker game that can be a game changer for people who cannot stand long commutes. The biggest advantage of Bitcoin Miner is that it allows users to earn money while they play. It is not the biggest stream of passive income, but it is reliable and consistent.

You will need to run the game for as long as possible to receive special rewards in Satoshi Vouchers that can be exchanged for BTC using the Zebedee wallet. Note that the size of rewards is not something to be crazy about. The game is very simple and does not have any overly complicated mechanics to startle a casual player.

What to Expect from Bitcoin Miners Earn Real Crypto?

  • While it is one of the most polished titles out there, don’t be too excited.
  • You can earn real money and exchange your rewards for crypto.
  • The progression feels rewarding and the process of getting to the next level is appealing.

8. Bitcoin Solitaire — Get Bitcoin!

If you enjoy card games and puzzles, this game is certainly something you don’t want to miss. Solitaire is one of the most popular card games ever released. It has fans all across the globe and the publisher of this game hopes to tap into this big audience. You should not expect a high-quality gaming experience, but skilled players can earn money playing Bitcoin Solitaire.

Real BTC rewards are quite appealing to many users, but only a handful of players manage to earn a meaningful amount. It takes a long time to earn 1 BTC. Don’t expect to make so much even after a couple of years of playing. On the other hand, you may withdraw small amounts and learn more about the cryptocurrency world.

The mechanics of this game are identical to what casual players know from playing solitaire puzzles on their Windows computers.

What to expect from Bitcoin Solitaire?

  • This game is fun, simple, and addictive.
  • You can earn real Bitcoin, but the rewards are small.
  • A great P2E title for Android phone owners.

9. Bitcoin Bounce

This arcade game allows its users to win small fractions of BTC by simply playing. You don’t need to be among the best or show extreme dedication. Good performers who clear levels of this addictive rhythm game are automatically entering a raffle that determines who wins some Bitcoin. Rewards are not too high, but they allow some winners to take home a sizeable prize!

Game mechanics are quite simple and reward people with good reactions. Those who enjoy arcade platformers will appreciate this tiny app that allows people to explore the world of crypto a little bit more.

All winnings are paid out via the Lightning Network. You need to have a Bitcoin wallet where prizes will be transferred in case you win any.

What to expect from Bitcoin Bounce?

  • An enjoyable experience of bouncing a coin on various platforms.
  • Rewards are paid out instantly with the help of the Lightning Network.
  • It is an easy way to make a couple of bucks while not doing anything hard.

10. CryptoWin — Earn Real Bitcoin

If you want to earn free Bitcoins playing games, this is certainly a title that you should not miss. The game has only several hundred thousand downloads and still pays out quite well. However, it takes a long time to make any BTC playing this simple match-three game.

While not the most polished application in the Play Market, it is one of those reliable crypto games to make money while commuting to work. Enjoy this simple time-killer while clearing levels and accumulating points that can be exchanged for BTC once you earn enough.

What to expect from CryptoWin?

  • This game is all about making BTCs, the gameplay loop is lacking.
  • It may pay out small rewards, but they are consistent.
  • The game is available for Android and iOS devices.

What games can earn you Bitcoin tokens?

Crypto games for iOS, Android, and Windows are still in their early infancy with not many developers taking chances with technology that nobody knows how to use effectively in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, you can find a plethora of interesting casual titles that reward users with cryptocurrency just for playing.

Some of the free Bitcoin games featured in our list are quite addictive and have good production value despite being glorified attractions for people who want to get a free token for watching ads and spending some time playing.

Right now many ask themselves: “What are crypto games?” Some want to believe that the era of blockchain-based gaming projects is finally here. Others think that any game that features something from the world of cryptocurrencies is automatically representative of this genre. The truth is that some developers are trying to cash in on the hype. If you can make a couple of bucks while helping them out, why not do it?

Should you play online Crypto games?

Whenever it comes to using your time efficiently, the main consideration is whether you gain something significant in exchange for time. If you have a full-time job, important household chores, or other responsibilities, playing games that do not have incredibly big rewards is a literal waste of time.

If you spend many hours commuting between your home and workplace, consider playing this game during these long commutes. Even a couple of extra bucks per week can be quite rewarding if you don’t have anything else to do.

Crypto games do not pay out huge rewards for anything. Any company that spends recklessly eventually goes down under. Be realistic and think of these games like they are interesting entertainment applications that you use occasionally and receive a small reward for being loyal.

Another good reason to try out one of these Bitcoin-earning games is to learn more about the cryptocurrency world if you did not have a chance to use any tokens. To receive a reward from a game, you will need to create a Bitcoin wallet, learn how to manage it, and start being a part of this massive crypto community.

The main takeaway and honorable mentions

We have to also remind everyone that Axie Infinity and Alien Worlds are two titles that still exist and have large player bases. These games deserve to be on the list. However, both projects managed to fumble on their way to success. Axie Infinity still cannot figure out its in-game economy and the value of Alien Worlds NFTs just cannot take off.

Other games from the TOP10 list are reliable time-killers or Bitcoin-makers. While they do not provide exorbitant rewards, the consistency and reliability of their monetization system that allows all users to receive some crypto make these Bitcoin games good entries for our selection! Try out some of the finest gaming applications that all crypto enthusiasts love!


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