Student Coin Price Today

Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency platform that lets users design, generate, and manage personal, startup, NFT, and DeFi tokens with ease. A student generates their own personal token in order to obtain a decentralized student loan and pay for their tuition at a reputable university.

What is STC Token?

Student Coin is an educational-based token that emerged in early 2018. It was created for Kozminski University in Warsaw's 'Kapitalni' student investor's club. In 2019 and 2020, the team delivered the first token, dubbed 'ALK Student Coin,' to members of the club and a few students.

More than 500 universities across the world currently support an initiative that began with Warsaw university students. Individuals and organizations can also use the STC token for academic tokenization, personal token financing, and start-up tokens. Surprisingly, STC is a TEDxWarsaw official partner.

Features of Student Coin Crypto

The STC Coin is a cryptocurrency that works on the Waves blockchain via the Waves-NG protocol as well as the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for secure value transfer, transitions, and token exchange. All tokens generated using Student Coin and the STC Terminal will be based on Ethereum and will adhere to the ERC-20 and ERC-721 specifications.

You can start raising your cryptocurrency investment now, with total transparency and control on the copy trading crypto platform:

Ticker symbol - STC

Launch date 02.12.2019

Maximal number of coins - 10 000 000 000

The circulating supply of coins:

  • Project launch - 30,000,000 STC

  • Presale: 25,000,000 STC

  • Launchpad: 6,000,000,000

Burnable - YES

Transaction time:

  • < 5 seconds on Waves

  • ~ 5 minutes on Ethereum

Transaction fee:

  • 7 STC (0.0035 USD) at Waves

  • 0.1–5 USD at Ethereum

Native Blockchain - Waves + ERC-20 Bitcoin mainnet

First launch price - 0.0025 USD

Benefits of Student Token

Student Coin wishes to have an impact on the future of the digital economy. Student Coin is the first platform that allows users to create, manufacture, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens in a matter of minutes. Our radingView bot will help you improve your trading outcomes from the beginning of your investing journey. Here are some of the main advantages of STC crypto and STC crypto price.

Dividends and Fundamental Values

STC token is built on the most efficient blockchain applications including transparency, student coin value storage, payments, and monthly dividends to support Student Coin by its basic worth.

Everyone's Tool

Student Coin is changing the world with personal, DeFi, and NFT tokens for everyone. You can now create and maintain tokens as simple as a social network profile. Also, our automated cryptocurrency trading platform will make it simple for you to get started.

Legitimacy and Transparency

The Student Coin team is totally open, and the project runs within European Union standards, to ensure long-term development and validity.

Scalable and Exchangeable Platform

STC built an ecosystem based on Ethereum with its own token exchange, developer interface, and mobile app to allow anybody, business, or initiative to issue a token.

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