XPR Crypto Price Today

Proton, a new public blockchain and smart contract platform created in San Francisco, is designed for consumer apps as well as peer-to-peer payments. The purpose of Proton is to provide a secure, verified identity account that is linked to a financial settlements layer. By providing a permission-less layer on top of regular card networks and banks, Proton eliminates the idea of directly exchanging private keys with shops. On a pricing chart, XPR currently has a circulating supply of 8.3 billion XPR and an annual inflation rate of 3%. Block producers and stakeholders are rewarded through inflation.

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What is a Proton Coin and its price?

The Proton chain's native token is XPR. Proton chain, like EOS, uses a delegated Proof of Stake consensus, which allows users to stake their tokens to vote on which nodes should create blocks. The project has a value of 200 million XPR starting supply, with a 5% yearly inflation rate. Block producers will receive 2.5 percent of the inflationary tokens, stakers will receive 1.5 percent, and the Proton Steering Committee will receive 1.5 percent.

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Metrics of XPR Stock and price:

  • Market Cap - $97,005,360.03

  • Circulating Supply - 8 973 314 956 XPR

  • Total Supply - 12 358 710 820 XPR

  • Max Supply - No Data

XPR coin price chart from the beginning of 2022 shows a decline.

XPR stock price on 01/3/2022 was $2.22 per stock.

How Does Proton Token Work?

All transactions made while using XPR coins are recorded on blockchain, and each user has a verified identity. The aforementioned user identity is coupled with a financial settlements layer, allowing users to easily link their identities with fiat accounts, allowing them to withdraw funds and purchase cryptos.

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Benefits of XPR Crypto

  • overnance of the Chain. XPR coin holders elect Block Producers, who ensure the chain's integrity and vote on protocol updates.

  • Allocating network resources. The chain itself may be rented through apps. Protocol development is aided by inflation rewards.

  • Staking rewards to long term holders. Price of proton crypto is justified because proton token is paid to long-term token holders that vote. The greater the commitment, the higher the payoff.

  • Usability. A key feature of Proton token is that it was designed from the outset for maximum consumer usability.

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