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Wunderbit Trading is a platform where you can transform any TradingView strategy into a fully automated trading bot. This is made easy thanks to the user-friendly interface and a full pack of all the necessary trading settings.

Automated crypto-trading is the future of crypto-trading. It outperforms manual trading in every possible way. You don't need to be online 24/7, you don't need to waste your nerves looking at red candles, you can trade dozens of pairs at the same time. Crypto-trading bots are based on predetermined rules and can function permanently.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Now imagine you can set up such a system in just a few minutes. Wunderbit Trading is the perfect place for you to create your own cryptocurrency trading bot and multiple your crypto income. You only need to have a TradingView account and an account on one of the numerous exchanges supported by our platform.

BitMEX is one of the topmost chosen exchanges by our users.

What is BitMEX?

Bitmex is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that allows one to trade leveraged contracts based on Bitcoin. Bitmex does not offer spot market trading and is more suitable for experienced traders.

BitMEX is one of the most advanced and trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms that provides access to a variety of order types, including stop-limit orders, iceberg orders, fill or kill orders, and trading products, including Futures Contracts, Perpetual Contracts, Upside Profit Contracts, Downside Profit Contracts. It offers high liquidity, relatively low transaction commissions, and does not impose fees on deposits and withdrawals.

BitMEX trading bot is an automated crypto-trading software based on a TradingView strategy and connected to a BitMEX. Wunderbit Trading ensures a stable connection between the two platforms, offers a high speed of alerts execution, and allows you to apply some of the most advanced trading settings to your bot. 

How to set up a bot on BitMEX using Wunderbit?

To connect your BitMEX account to Wunderbit, you need to create an Application Programming Interface (API) key. An API key is a code, a number of symbols, used to identify a user or a program and authenticate their requests sent to the receiving software. API keys make the exchange of information between the two parties fast and safe.

!Important: When you set up an API key on the exchange account, double-check that you enable the TRADING option and disable the WITHDRAWAL option. This is needed to create orders and trades directly from the Wunderbit Trading platform and prevent anybody from withdrawing funds from your account.

How to create an API key on BitMEX?

  1. Please log in to your BitMEX account.
  2. After that, go to the dashboard by clicking on your email in the top right corner.
  3. Select Account & Security.
  4. In the drop-down menu in the left corner of the dashboard click on the API keys button.
  5. You will be redirected to the API key settings tab. There you need to name your API key and enable the trading permission by choosing the Order option.
  6. Click Create API Key. Write down both your API key and Secret and store them in a private place. They will no longer be shown and are used to access your account.

What are Wunderbit Trading bots?

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