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Wunderbit Trading is a platform where you can automate a TradingView strategy in the form of a trading bot. Sophisticated settings and intuitive design of the bot trading terminal allow the implementation of any complex trading strategies for both newcomers and experienced traders.

Everyone wants to have stable and predictable passive income but nobody wants to spend hours monitoring indicators and analyzing charts. Imagine having a system that would do all of the boring work, leaving you only with the joy of the profit. Wunderbit Trading gives you everything you need to set up such a system. Find or create your own strategy on TradingView, backtest it, and then implement it as an automated trading bot in just a few clicks on our platform.

There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges out there now and their number is growing every day. That is why it is very important not to get lost in this space and carefully choose the platform on which you trade. One of the most well-known and trusted exchanges preferred by millions of users is FTX.

What is FTX

Although FTX is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, it has already managed to gain leading positions in the industry and is rapidly growing further.

FTX stands out from many other cryptocurrency exchanges because it offers high liquidity, low commissions, fast speed of order execution, and a multiplicity of trading pairs. Moreover, it provides some unique or rarely found products such as Perpetual Futures, Leveraged Tokens, BVOL tokens, MOVE contracts, Prediction Markets, etc.

FTX trading bot is an automated crypto-trading software built on top of a TradingView strategy and connected to an FTX account through the Wunderbit Trading platform.

How to set up a bot on FTX using Wunderbit Trading?

To connect your FTX account to Wunderbit Trading, you need to create an Application Programming Interface (API) key. An API key is a unique string of randomly generated numbers and letters that is passed on with every request from one service or program to another. It allows authenticating the request and ensures that the transferred information is safe.

!Important: When you set up an API key on the exchange account, double-check that you enable the TRADING option and disable the WITHDRAWAL option. This is needed to create orders and trades directly from the Wunderbit Trading platform and prevent anybody from withdrawing funds from your account.

How to create an API key on FTX?

  1. Log in to FTX (register through our referral link to receive a 10.00% fee discount on all your trades), click on the profile name and then click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the API Keys section and click on Create API Key.
  3. Your API key will be created automatically in a pop-up window. Be sure to write down your API key and secret and store them securely, as they will not be shown after you close the pop-up window.

What are Wunderbit Trading bots?

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