OKX Trading Competition April 2022

This month, WunderTrading users can join the OKX tournament and win up to 10,000 USD Keep reading till the end... We have a lovely new gift for the Top Ten Winners.

10k USDT
prize pool

Highest PnL

Min $5000
traded volume

Make your crypto work

How to join competition

You have to trade in OKX exchange with your WunderTrading to qualify for the tournament and make sure you opt-in, as explained below in the next section. If you don't have an OKX account, don't worry, be happy and sign-up here.

Make your crypto work


Here's your Extra Bonus! For the first time ever, the Top Ten Winners of the WunderTrading OKX crypto trading tournament will receive a FREE SUBSCRIPTION for 1 month.

Sign up now and get -10%

By signing up using the link below to WunderTrading you will get -10% off any subscription plan.

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