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Podcasts are a useful resource for getting information about the constantly developing cryptocurrency industry. New projects, technologies, and jargon pop up regularly, so it can be hard to stay up-to-date. However, it's important to keep abreast of the crypto industry so you can make informed investment decisions and stay ahead of the game. Crypto podcasts offer a convenient way to learn about the complex world of digital currencies and keep up with the latest news, trends and events. For example, if you are interested in the world's most popular coin, you cannot do without the best Bitcoin podcasts.

We've compiled the best podcasts for cryptocurrency in 2024 so you can choose the ones that will prove to be the right fit for you or maybe you can follow them all at once.

Best podcasts on cryptocurrency

When it comes to choosing the cryptocurrency or blockchain-related podcast to listen to, the options can be overwhelming. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why we have compiled the top cryptocurrency podcasts from informative to entertaining.

From interesting discussions to in-depth analysis and everything in between, our selection of good crypto podcasts has something for every type of listener. Whether you're looking for a casual, enjoyable listen or more in-depth insights from industry experts, you'll find it here.

If you're interested in staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the crypto world and blockchain, be sure to check out our recommended podcasts. You're sure to find the best podcast about cryptocurrency that piques your interest and helps you stay informed about this exciting and ever-evolving field.


The first of our top crypto podcasts. Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman, two well-known figures in the Ethereum and DeFi communities, host the Bankless podcast. The show covers all the latest developments in blockchain, including updates on major Layer 1 projects like ETH, Solana, and Cosmos. It also provides in-depth analysis of macro-finance and the digital asset ecosystem. If you're the investor looking for comprehensive coverage of the crypto market, Bankless is the top choice.

Bankless claims to be the go-to source for entrepreneurs and investors seeking information on crypto finance, and it delivers on this promise. Whether you're looking to learn new tactics and strategies or uncover new opportunities in the crypto field, this podcast is worth adding to your list. Many traders and investors consider it the best cryptocurrency podcast among many others. 

Hash Power 

If you are seeking the podcast cryptocurrency that can effectively teach you the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology, then you should consider checking out the Hash Power series from Invest Like the Best. This show, which consists of just three episodes, offers a thorough and comprehensive overview of the blockchain and how it operates.

In addition to the Hash Power series, Invest Like the Best also provides valuable investment advice for those interested in this field. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner looking to learn more about digital money, this podcast can provide you with deep insights and an analysis of market events and situations.

Overall, the Hash Power series is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the blockchain.

Bitcoin Audible 

If you are looking for the best Bitcoin podcasts and want an alternative to spending hours reading about them, then you should consider listening to the Bitcoin Audible. This show, hosted by Guy Sweeney, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of BTC and other digital assets.

In each episode, which typically lasts around 60 minutes, Guy Sweeney breaks down even the most complex technical aspects of Bitcoin in a way that is accessible to listeners of all levels of knowledge and experience. Whether you are a beginner, just starting to learn about Bitcoins or an experienced investor looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, Bitcoin Audible is a valuable resource that can help you stay informed.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoins and the cryptocurrency industry, be sure to give Bitcoin Audible a listen. This podcast is sure to provide you with the information and latest news you need to navigate the crypto world.

Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast is a well-rounded show that covers a wide range of topics, including cryptocurrency, investing, mental health, and viral content. Hosted by Anthony Pompliano, the show offers valuable info and analysis on a variety of subjects that are relevant to investors and those who want to keep abreast of the latest trends.

When discussing cryptocurrency, Anthony Pompliano draws from the best sources and provides a thorough and well-informed perspective on the crypto market and its impact on investments. In addition to covering crypto-related topics, the podcast also addresses other industries and trends that could affect the crypto market.

Overall, The Pomp Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest developments in the field of crypto and investing. If you are looking for the best crypto investing podcast, choose Pomp.

The Daily Gwei

The Daily Gwei is the podcast focused solely on Ethereum, hosted by Anthony Sassano, a passionate supporter of the ETH ecosystem since 2017. In each episode, Sassano interviews influential individuals within the Ethereum community, such as developers and protocol builders, to discuss the latest developments in the field. 

The podcast delves into technical topics like protocol-level advancements, layer 2 ecosystems, and the growth of zero-knowledge proof technologies on Ethereum. If you're interested in staying informed about the latest happenings in the Ethereum world, The Daily Gwei is a must-listen.

Hashr8 Podcast

If you are interested in learning about the technical aspects of mining cryptocurrency, then the Hashr8 Podcast is a valuable resource to consider. Although the podcast does not have a set schedule for releasing new episodes, it has already produced a number of informative and well-made episodes on this topic in a relatively short period.

However, it is worth noting that the Hashr8 Podcast may require some catch-up listening in order to fully understand the basics of mining. While the podcast covers a range of topics related to cryptocurrency mining and related technologies, it is helpful to listen to some of the earlier episodes in order to get a full grasp on the subject matter.

Overall, the Hashr8 Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about the technical aspects of mining cryptocurrency. If you're looking for the best crypto podcasts on Spotify, Hashr8 is one of them. 

What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack is the host of the popular podcast "What Bitcoin Did," which is dedicated to exploring Bitcoin and all the different aspects of it. Twice a week, Peter invites experts in the field of Bitcoin to join him on the show to discuss a variety of topics, including libertarianism, the Lightning Network, censorship, SegWit2x, etc. In addition to these topics, Peter and his guests also delve into more controversial and offbeat subjects, such as cannabis use and the struggles of sex workers. 

Despite the sometimes controversial nature of the conversations, Peter and his guests always approach these topics with a no-holds-barred attitude that makes for truly engaging and riveting listening. Whether you are an experienced Bitcoin expert or just curious about crypto, "What Bitcoin Did" is a must-listen podcast.

Taiki Maeda

Taiki Maeda is a highly respected and well-known figure in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. As a DeFi analyst, researcher, and farmer, he has gained a reputation for his extensive knowledge and understanding of multi-chain DeFi. Through his popular podcast, Maeda shares his insights and expertise with his followers, helping them to stay informed about the latest events in the DeFi space and to identify the best farming and liquidity provision opportunities to maximize their returns.

In addition to his work as a DeFi analyst and researcher, Maeda is also known for his ability to anticipate and capitalize on the bull markets of alternative layer-1 technologies. He successfully traded on the bull markets of Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, and NEAR in 2021, demonstrating his ability to identify and seize upon lucrative opportunities in this rapidly evolving space.

Overall, Maeda's expertise and experience make him a valuable resource for those who want to succeed in the DeFi industry. His insights and guidance are highly sought after by those looking to navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of DeFi, and he is widely respected as a leading authority on all things DeFi.

Empire (Blockworks)

Are you looking for the best blockchain podcasts? You've found one of them. 

Empire is a podcast that explores the intersection of macro-finance and blockchain technology. It is produced by Blockworks, a highly respected media company in this space. Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel (both of whom are prominent venture capitalists in the digital asset ecosystem) host the show. Santiago, in particular, has gained a reputation as an early investor in several successful decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, including AAVE, Synthetix, and Compound. 

These investments helped contribute to the DeFi bull-run of 2021 and further cemented Santiago's status as a leading figure in the industry. Through Empire, Yanowitz and Roel bring their expertise and insights to listeners, providing valuable perspective on the latest events in blockchain and digital assets.


UpOnly is a top-rated podcast in the crypto community that is hosted by two well-known and respected influencers in the field, Crypto Cobain and Ledger Status. Unlike many other crypto shows that delve into the technical details of the industry, UpOnly is more focused on entertainment and providing an enjoyable listening experience for its audience. Despite this, the show still manages to attract major guests on a regular basis, including Arthur Hayes, Su Zhu, Barry Silbert, Michael Saylor, and many others. These guests join the hosts to discuss the current state of the markets and offer their insights and perspectives on the industry as a whole. 

Overall, UpOnly is a must-listen for anyone interested in crypto and looking for a fun and engaging way to keep up to date with the latest technology in this field.

Scott Melker

Scott Melker is an experienced crypto trader who has been hosting his own podcast, The Wolf Of All Streets, since 2018. Throughout the years, he has interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry, including Tim Draper, Riccardo Spagni, Tone Vays, and many others. Scott's primary focus on his show is on trading strategies and technical analysis, and he has a talent for breaking down complex concepts and making them easy for listeners to understand. 

As a long-time participant in the cryptocurrency space, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge to his show, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about trading and technical analysis. In addition to his expertise in these areas, Scott is also known for his engaging and entertaining hosting style, making his podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in the crypto market.

Crypto 101

If you are finding it challenging to understand the complex concepts surrounding digital money and the blockchain, then you may want to consider listening to the Crypto 101 show. Hosted by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone, this show is designed to help average people get up to speed on the crypto world and understand everything you need to know in order to get started. We consider crypto 101 the best podcast to learn about cryptocurrency.

One of the key features of the Crypto 101 podcast is that it invites guests from the crypto community to join the show and break down complex ideas into simple, actionable thoughts that are easy for novice investors to understand. Whether you are a newbie or simply looking to learn more about this exciting and rapidly-evolving field, the Crypto 101 podcast is a valuable resource that can help you.


Are you looking for a new and exciting way to stay informed about the latest developments in crypto? Take a look at Opinionated, an innovative roundtable debate show that's sure to leave you on your toes. 

Each episode, hosts Ben Schiller, Anna Baydakova, and Danny Nelson bring on a variety of guests to discuss some of the most controversial and timely topics in the crypto space. With their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, these experts offer unique and often opposing viewpoints on the issues at hand, providing a well-rounded understanding of the topic being discussed.

As they engage in lively banter and spirited discussions, the hosts and guests of Opinionated bring a level of honesty and authenticity to the table that is rare to find in traditional news programs. You'll find something to learn and enjoy in each episode of this show. Don't miss out on the top cryptocurrency podcast according to many - tune in to Opinionated and join the discussion today!

Blockworks Macro

Blockworks Macro is a show that centers on macro-finance, fiscal policy, and movements in foreign currency markets. However, it also delves into the intersection of macro-finance and crypto markets. Michael Ippolito, Jack Farley, and Mark Yusko host the podcast. Some of the notable guests that have appeared on the show include Kyle Bass, Dan Tapiero, Lyn Alden, and Qiao Wang. The podcast does an excellent job at combining these various topics and presenting them in a cohesive and engaging manner. If you're interested in macro-finance, crypto markets, or both, then Blockworks Macro is definitely worth checking out. Overall, the podcast provides valuable insights and analysis on a range of topics that are relevant to anyone interested in financial markets and economic policy.

The Calculator Guy

If you're interested in learning about the latest and most advanced strategies for yield farming in the field of decentralized finance, or DeFi, then you'll definitely want to check out The Calculator Guy. As the name suggests, this is a technical podcast hosted by a well-known expert in the field, who is famous for his innovative approach to yield farming and his ability to create "delta-hedged" strategies.

For those who may not be familiar with yield farming, it's a way for investors to earn rewards by providing liquidity to decentralized finance protocols. By staking their assets and participating in various farming pools, investors can earn a share of the fees generated by the protocol. This can be a lucrative way to earn passive income, but it also comes with risks, as the value of the assets being staked can fluctuate significantly.

That's where The Calculator Guy comes in. His "delta-hedged" strategies allow investors to yield farm on various protocols without having too much exposure to any particular asset. This means that you can earn steady rewards regardless of whether the market is experiencing a bull or bear phase.

In addition to covering advanced yield farming strategies, The Calculator Guy also delves into other topics related to DeFi, including governance, liquidity, and the latest developments in the space. If you want to be aware of the  latest trends and techniques in DeFi, then The Calculator Guy is definitely worth a listen.

The Gentlemen of Crypto

If you want to learn about coins from reliable sources, you should review the daily crypto podcast hosted by King Bless and Bitcoin Zay. We know these two individuals for their honesty and transparency when it comes to discussing blockchain technology. They won't try to sell you on unrealistic get-rich-quick schemes or promise you exaggerated returns on your investments. Instead, they use their extensive knowledge and experience in digital currency sectors to provide valuable information and analysis to their listeners.

Their crypto trading podcast, The Gentlemen of Crypto, a broad range of topics, including international market analysis, daily news on Bitcoin, and other relevant topics to the crypto space. By listening to their show, you can gain a good understanding of the complexities of the digital market and make more informed decisions about your own investments.

So if you want to know more about crypto from trusted experts, be sure to tune in to The Gentlemen of Crypto podcast.

Thinking Crypto

Want to keep abreast with the latest developments in digital asset technology? Look no further than Thinking Crypto, the cryptocurrency news podcast hosted by Tony Edward. In each episode, Tony brings on traders, successful entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the crypto space to share their insights and expertise.

Through enlightening interviews and informative discussions, you'll gain a better understanding of the current state of the crypto market, as well as the future outlook for blockchain adoption, decentralized finance, and the rise of the metaverse. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, there's something for everyone to learn from the knowledgeable guests on Thinking Crypto.

In addition, you'll get key takeaways from each episode that will help you expand your knowledge and make more informed decisions in crypto. So if you want to stay on top of the latest crypto news and learn from some of the top thought leaders in the field, be sure to tune in to Thinking Crypto.

To stay informed about the latest developments in the world of crypto, we have compiled a list of the best crypto podcasts 2023. Just choose one or more of these podcasts and be updated on all things related to digital assets. Our list includes some of the most informative and engaging crypto podcasts available, so no matter your level of expertise, you'll be able to find something that speaks to you. Don't waste any more time sifting through countless podcasts - trust us, we have done the legwork for you. Stay up to date on crypto events by choosing from our list best podcasts about cryptocurrency for 2023.


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