Bybit Copy Trading

Copy-trading is a way of trading on the exchange, where professional traders allow those who are just starting their way into trading the opportunity to copy all the deals they make.

copy trading

The main benefits of copy trading:

  • Saving time.

  • The opportunity to learn how to trade.

  • Earning on trades in the absence of the necessary experience.

In other words, an investor does not need to learn trading or study risk management and other nuances of trading. To make a profit here, all you need to do is find a strategy with a profit and deposit it into your account. Everything will be done automatically.

What is WunderTrading?

WunderTrading is a platform that makes cryptocurrency trading easier than ever. Thanks to its wide functionality and ease of use, you can start the copy trading crypto process right away, without losing hours learning the platform design. You can either trade on your own or use crypto trading bots that will automate the process, allowing you to mind your own business.

How to copy trade on Bybit

ByBit is quite a young exchange, which appeared on the Internet just a few years ago. However, in a short period of time, it has become quite popular, because it provides clients with favourable, and most importantly, comfortable conditions for trading. To start Bybit Copy Trading, you need to connect your account created on the exchange to WunderTrading via API. This is a convenient and secure way to automate trading on ByBit using our platform.

The next steps are very simple. You need to go to the Trading Platform, select a trader you think is successful and whose trades you want to copy and click the Follow button. When the trader you selected starts trading, you can see it in the "Positions" tab.

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