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New investors join the crypto train every minute, making cryptocurrency trading a full-time profession for many. One of the benefits of cryptocurrency trading is that it provides investors with a steady source of income. To be successful in a 24-hour, extremely volatile, and dynamic market, one must constantly monitor the prices and execute trades manually, which is practically impossible.

Automated trading algorithms, often known as trading bots, are now widely used by investors, as they simplify the process of trading enormously. Since they can trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they provide a reliable source of income for their owners. It is common for online trading platforms to offer these bots and many other tools to make trading easier and more profitable. These platforms allow users to either design their own trading techniques or mimic the strategies of other successful traders. Copying, mirroring, and trading in social networks is a term for this.

Copy-trading crypto platforms will be the subject of this article. To assist you to decide which platform is best for your automated crypto trading, we have compared the WunderTrading bot review vs. Finandy bot review.

Here’s the WunderTrading vs. Finandy review

WunderTrading is a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform that makes it simple to get started trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.TradingView allows you to copy trade the greatest cryptocurrency traders with a transparent track record, trade yourself using the advanced trading interface or construct a fully automated trading bot utilizing the TradingView trading platform. WunderTrading was created with the goal of improving the trading experience for users of all backgrounds, and as a result, it launched with a set of features that are rather intuitive. Some of these characteristics may even be crucial in ensuring that users receive significant returns on their investments in the future. We will go into the specifics of the WunderTrading review later on.

In Finandy, there is a lot of trading going on. Their system has four parts for trading. People who want to trade on their own need a trading terminal that has the most options for them. This lets you set up your trading tasks to run on their own. When you use Tradingview webhooks on the Finandi platform for PINE scripts, you can let someone else do all of your tradings for you. Indicators can help you do this. You can make orders based on what they say. Third, Scalper Drive is a professional intraday trading system that has a customizable UI and a high-speed dynamic order book that can be changed. This is the fourth thing: corporate solutions for schools, trading teams, and signal service providers.


WundertTrading Plans

WunderTrading is free to use for the first month, followed by a one-month Pro trial term. With simply a free plan, you may have 5 open positions, 2 active bots and 1 API per exchange, a trading terminal for both spot and futures, automated spot or futures trading using crypto bots, and automatic take profit and stop loss. The standard subscription includes 15 open positions, 5 active bots, 2 APIs per exchange, a trailing stop, numerous take profits, and a DCA terminal.

The Pro plan allows you to have up to 100 open positions, 15 active bots, 5 APIs per exchange, and the option to establish a preset amount for open positions when trading futures, spread trading, and swing trading. The premium subscription removes all limits and allows you to have an infinite number of roles, APIs, and bots.

The Basic plan prices $9.95 monthly, the Pro plan costs $24.95 per month, and the Premium plan costs $44.95 per month, with savings ranging from 10% to 25% based on subscription term. WunderTrading also offers a variety of year-round specials, such as holidays and events with savings of up to 50% off.

Finandy Plan

Finandy has a free trial account with limited features and after that, you can buy the subscription for 15$ per month. At the moment this is the only subscription plan that is available and it will unlock all the features of the platform. 

WunderTrading Features

Smart Terminal

Through the use of the smart trade terminal on your exchange, you can automate your strategy.

WunderTrading Copy trading

TradingView will be required in order to construct a crypto trading bot for you. A strategy may be created, backtested, and then quickly applied to any cryptocurrency pair and timeframe with the help of this application. When you're done, you may set up alerts to notify you whenever your strategy indicates that you should purchase or sell something. The alert will be converted into an execution command, which will be sent immediately to the exchange of your choosing, allowing you to enter or quit the transaction as soon as you get it. In conjunction with WunderTrading's cryptocurrency trading tools, you may create an endless number of WunderTrading bots, allowing you to easily grow your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Spread Trading

This is a feature that distinguishes our platform from others. Creating a spread between different assets traded on the same market is possible. Make a selection of the assets you wish to utilize for constructing a spread, and our smart trading terminal will buy one of the assets you have chosen while simultaneously selling the other asset you have selected.


Grow your cryptocurrency portfolio in tandem with expert investors.Using our simple-to-use automated program, copy-traders may select the best cryptocurrency trading signals and have WunderTrading automatically copy their actions in real-time. 

DCA bot

DCA is one of the classical investment strategies in which the trader purchases a certain portion of the asset after the determined price fluctuation. Using the DCA method in the trading system may assist traders in several ways. First of all, you can reduce the risk in volatile markets by entering the position with a smaller portion of funds. Secondly, you can overcome the market downturns, during which you will purchase the assets at a lower cost. Finally, such an approach will smooth out the average entry price reducing the risk of bad timing.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Easy, safe, and precise cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tool. With the assistance of our online trading tools, you will always have a clear picture of your portfolio distribution not only across the assets but also across different exchanges.

Multiple Account Management

WunderTrading provides unique cryptocurrency trading tools for portfolio management across several exchanges. The trader will be able to add several APIs to his account and trade on all of them at the same time with a single click. You just need to select the APIs that you would like to use in the trade and the trade will occur on all of the selected APIs simultaneously.

GRID bot

Grid bot trading is an automated strategy that will place several buys and sell orders at the same time, creating a grid of orders in a certain price range. This feature is extremely useful in volatile markets such as crypto. At the same time, a grid bot allows you to carefully manage your risks.

Arbitrage Тrading

Arbitrage trading strategy is a method of trading in which the trader will simultaneously buy and sell the same asset across different exchanges to capture the price difference as a profit. The classical triangular arbitrage example will be if the trader will spot the price difference of the same asset across two different exchanges, and will buy the asset at the lower price on one exchange, transfer the purchased asset to the second exchange and sell it. With WunderTrading, you can automate your arbitrage strategy by buying and selling the assets across different exchanges simultaneously.

Features of Finandy

Futures Trading

Open long or short positions and use the power of 1-125x leverage to make your money grow even faster. Open both long and short positions at the same time. You can insure your risks or use your strategy with averaging to get more money from each trade. Read more about

The Calculation of the price of a position including the trading fee!

This means that when you set Take Profit, you won't have to think about how much it will cost to trade anymore. Read more about

Take profit module

After averaging, things are moved in the same way they were before. This is called auto-placing. Read more about

Multiple Take Profits levels

Make it easy to set up multiple Take profit orders in the same place.

Stop-loss module

Placement of a virtual order by a certain percentage or fixed price, and rearrangement of the order after averaging by the same distance as before averaging. If this is set up in the settings. Read more about

Stop the loss by setting off a candle.

Checks the closing price and your stop loss level at the end of each candle. It is closed by SL when the conditions are met. The time frame is chosen in the settings. Read more about

Rearrangement Stop loss, if Take profit is executed.

Whenever we reach the first take profit, the Stop Loss price is set to break even. When we reach the second take profit, we set it to break-even. 

Averaging (DCA or CA) 

Calculate the percentage of the distance between two points after averaging them (DCA or CA). The system takes into account all orders that are between the price of the order that was made and the price of the position that the person is in. You can also figure out how many coins you need to get the percentage lag you want.

Exchange platforms

Yet another important consideration when deciding on the best auto trading service for your requirements is the accessibility of the exchange platforms.

WunderTrading Connected exchanges

Binance, Binance Futures, FTX, Bitmex, Bybit, Kraken, Kucoin, Deribit, Bittrex, Huobi, FTX US, OKX, HitBTC, BitPanda Pro

Finandy Connected Exchanges

Binance only at the moment, however finandy plans to add more exchanges.

WunderTrading Security

Dank to a variety of security measures, WunderTrading is a pretty safe exchange site. This includes 2FA as one of the options (two-factor authentication). Furthermore, because the platform does not keep any funds, it is considered to be more secure than traditional banking systems. The monies are housed in the exchanges or wallets that the users have selected.

Finandy Secutiry

It is just as safe to trade on Finandy as it is to trade on an exchange. Orders are the only things that the API key can see. Because it does not have a special authorization, it is difficult to withdraw coins using an API key. When this option is not enabled, the default behaviour is to do nothing. Adding our server's IP address to the White list in the API key settings will provide the best level of protection.


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