Bitfinex meets WunderTrading



We are thrilled to announce that we now support the Bitfinex exchange. You can connect your account from this exchange to WunderTrading and access its functionality directly from our platform.

Bitfinex is one of the oldest and most well-known exchanges on the market. It has survived countless bear markets, allegations, and hacks. Despite all of this, the exchange is still there and used by the majority of pro traders thanks to its advanced features.

With this integration, you can connect your Bitfinex account to WunderTrading via API and trade manually on several subaccounts or create a fully-automated trading bot based on a predefined TradingView strategy. This bot will never sleep and will never miss a profitable opportunity to earn your passive crypto income.

WunderTrading also provides several advanced features like DCA bots, Trailing Stop, and SwingTrade. However, novice investors will also benefit from using our platform thanks to the copy-trading functionality.

To conect your Bitfinex account to WunderTrading:

●    Go to
●    Hover over the profile icon in the top right corner, then click API Keys.
●    Click "Create New Key."
●    Select permissions. Make sure to turn off the Withdrawal permission.
●    Name your key and click "Generate API Key".
Confirm with your verification codes.
●    Copy the created API key and API secret.
●    Go to the My exchanges tab on WunderTrading, copy and paste the Access Key and Secret Key into the respective fields.

That’s it! Enjoy trading.


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