Copy trading and trading bots on Bittrex



Wunderbit Trading is proud to announce the integration of a cryptocurrency exchange - Bittrex. 

New features available for Bittrex crypto traders:


Founded in 2014 by three cybersecurity engineers, Bittrex is the premier U.S.-based blockchain platform, providing lightning-fast trade execution, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices.  

The core benefits of Bittrex are:

  • Bittrex charges a flat rate of 0.25% on every trade.
  • Fast Order execution through API. Their Custom-built trading engine was designed to be scalable and to ensure that orders are executed in real-time. 
  • Security. Bittrex leverage an elastic, multi-stage holding strategy to ensure that the majority of funds are kept in cold storage for additional safety 

How to build a trading bot for Bittrex

  1. Register with Wunderbit Trading
  2. Connect Bittrex API 
  3. Build your bot using TradingView script
  4. Send your Tradingview Alerts to Wunderbit Trading and they will be automatically executed on Bittrex exchange

What is Wunderbit Trading

Wunderbit Trading is an automated trading software that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency seamlessly. 

Copy trade the best crypto traders with a transparent track record, trade yourself using the advanced trading terminal or create a fully automated trading bot using TradingView. TradingView scripts can be easily automated on Wunderbit Trading.


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