What is spot trading in cryptocurrency?



Spot trading offers simple ways to invest and trade assets, including cryptocurrencies. Let's take a look at what is spot trading and how to use it. 

The term "spot trading" appeared in traditional markets long before the first cryptocurrency was created. It can be considered a basic concept for any trader who is just starting out in the world of finance. Spot trading crypto is recommended for beginning traders, as it is a simpler and more understandable way, and the volume of trading in these areas is increasing rapidly.

What is spot trading? 

First of all, let's answer the question - What is spot market? It is a public financial market in which assets are traded immediately. A trader buys an asset from a seller for fiat or other funds. Delivery is usually immediate, but it depends on the asset being traded.

What does spot mean in trading? Spot markets trade only assets that the trader owns - without leverage or margin.

At the earliest stages of the development of the stock market, assets in such transactions were delivered within 1-2 days. But thanks to the advent of online trading, and especially cryptocurrency exchanges, the exchange is now instant. 

It is the dynamics of spot prices that determine the situation in the cryptocurrency market. Spot prices are closest to reality and show key trends in the market. In spot trading, all transactions are made directly between the buyer and the seller. Every trader has the right to place his own order to buy or sell the asset, or to accept orders from another market participant. The rate at which the exchange is made is called the spot rate or spot price.

The advantages of spot cryptocurrency trading include:

  • Availability. Almost any user can start trading at any time, and the fact that the payment is made immediately makes it cheaper than making deals on fixed-term contracts.
  • The volatility of crypto assets. This is exactly what provides an opportunity for traders and investors to make money.
  • High liquidity, as the contract on the deal, is executed immediately.

The disadvantages of spot trading include the fact that the potential profit may be slightly less than from futures and margin trading. In the futures and margin markets, you can use the same amount of capital to trade larger positions.

Types of spot trades

In order to take a look at the types of spot trades, first of all, it is necessary to define the term - what is a spot buy? This is an ordinary purchase of assets, which takes place on any cryptocurrency exchange, but according to the spot terms we discussed above. 

Types of transactions on spot exchanges are distinguished by the principle of the speed of their completion. Such transactions on the exchange, although providing for instant payment, still differ in type, depending on the time of its implementation. 

1. Transaction TOD - comes from the word "today". Such a transaction assumes that the settlement of the transaction and receiving of the cryptocurrency will take place on the day of the transaction.

2. Transaction TOM - is abbreviated from the word "tomorrow". This type of transaction assumes the settlement of the transaction and receipt of the purchased asset one day later.

3. Transaction SPT is abbreviated from the word "spot". This type of transaction implies settlement of the transaction and receipt of the asset two days after the transaction.

If you are going to make such transactions, you should know that all their terms are counted in working days, but not in calendar days. This is important to understand especially when conducting TOM and SPT transactions at the end of the week - on Friday.

Spot trading is performed under two conditions:

  • The seller of the asset is the full owner of the asset until the transaction closes.

  • The buyer becomes the full owner of the asset after the transaction is closed.

The value for each type of spot transaction is slightly different: TOD is the cheapest, the most expensive - SPT. In other words, the farther away the transaction is, the more expensive it is. And vice versa.

Spot crypto exchanges

Crypto exchanges are versatile trading platforms with a variety of features to make trading easier. Spot trading is made possible by crypto exchanges, which allow anybody to register, buy a cryptocurrency for a little fee, and begin trading. Crypto-market data aggregator sites can provide data on crypto exchanges. The ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges is based on a calculation of daily trading volume. The major crypto exchanges with huge trading volumes provide the most features, the best spot prices, and all of the tools needed for successful trading.

When selecting a crypto exchange, there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Conditions for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrency terms.
  • Personal financial security aspects
  • Cryptocurrencies and fiat money are accepted.
  • Amounts of commission for all transactions and operations

To begin spot trading, almost all crypto exchanges need registration. However, even this, the most basic method of trading, is subject to verification on some exchanges. In most situations, registering entails providing your email and phone number, verifying it with a code or a link, depositing funds, and then beginning to trade. However, there may be complications after that, and withdrawals of earned money may be restricted until the verification is finished. Verification is the process of confirming a user's identification. The crypto-exchange may request scans or images of papers, such as an identity card, as well as evidence of domicile, such as utility bill records.

Spot trading strategies

Spot trading meaning is the possibility of using various strategies with the help of trading tools. 

There are several main areas of cryptocurrency trading.

The most common and simple method is to buy and hold. We already know what is spot buying, and this is the main focus of the strategy here. Actually, the process of trading consists only of buying cryptocurrency, if possible, on favourable terms. However, in this case, it is more important to believe that cryptocurrency will grow in the future. After the purchase, the holder does nothing, keeps the cryptocurrencies in his wallet in the hope that they will rise in price. So far, this strategy has been quite workable as the price of cryptocurrency rises in the long term. Hodler can simply forget about the cryptocurrency, or he can regularly check prices, including from information on a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Swing trading is a classic method of trading, which consists of the fact that the trader takes into account fluctuations in the trend and places orders to buy or sell, predicting an increase or decrease in the value of the cryptocurrency. In order to trade on fluctuations, a trader must have certain knowledge - define spot market, know what patterns are, what information it carries, adapt patterns to his strategy, use the tools and navigate the general situation on the crypto market. 

Intraday trading is a method of spot trading that involves opening and closing orders on a crypto exchange within one trading session during the day. Positions opened during the trading day and the next day are not carried over. During the trading day, the trader implements one of the strategies of trading. 

Scalping is high-frequency trading in the process in which a trader carries out a large number of deals and opens and closes positions within 1 to 15 minutes. In theory, each deal brings a small profit, but in the end, the profit from each deal forms some big income. 

Investments in new tokens. It means purchasing cryptocurrencies that are little-known or just gaining popularity in order to sell them later at a profitable price. It is important not to make a mistake with the choice of cryptocurrency, which then simply will not meet the expectations of the investor.

In order to successfully crypto spot trading, it is important to understand what is going on in the crypto market. The advantage of crypto trading is that entering this business is inexpensive and available to almost everyone.

In conclusion, we can say that the spot market is the fundamental basis on which all other areas of cryptocurrency trading are built. Every trader who enters this industry should study it first, as well as learn how to properly use the tools available in it.

Before you start trading, you need to practice on the demo modes, respectively, it is better to choose an exchange that provides such opportunities. Exchanges also provide many instructions, video tutorials, - and all this you need to use. Some exchanges even practice a kind of exam for some types of trading. Having more or less understood the essence of what is happening on the crypto market, and having practised, you can begin to engage in real trading. To do that, you have to make a trading plan, which will break down the process into stages, indicating the purpose of each trading period.

Spot market meaning that it is a very profitable way to trade, buy and sell assets. This type of trading can be easily learned even by a beginner, and an experienced trader or investor can easily understand the trends, advantages, and disadvantages of the ways of making money, as well as potential strategies of behaviour on the spot markets.

In order to sell, buy and trade profitably it is necessary to analyze your actions and transactions regularly, as well as analyze the general situation and trends in the market.


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