In-Depth Review of Features and Tools on the WunderTrading Platform



The WunderTrading team regularly rolls out new features and wows the clients with new additions to the user interface, unique products, and conveniences allowing for much smoother experience and more profitable trading! The company does not stop at delivering a viable service that overshadows what many competitors have to offer.

When it comes to copy trading in crypto and creating unique custom bots tailored to your preferences, risk style, and budget, nothing beats the WunderTrading platform. While already established products do not require any fanfare, new additions to the service should be introduced and discussed in detail.

What is the WunderTrading Platform?

Let’s start with the WunderTrading trading platform review. The company operates as a SaaS provider and allows users to tap into the power of trading automation to build unique bots capable of operating autonomously in the crypto market. By integrating with TradingView and multiple popular centralized exchanges, the company manages to deliver an excellent experience to all its users.

Among many advantages of the platform is the incredible flexibility of its products. While many other companies in the automation sector focus on specific aspects of the service, the WunderTrading app allows users to benefit from using a variety of features to build any type of automated systems. You can simply run a ready-to-launch algorithm or spend time and effort on creating a unique bot powered by a reliable technical analysis strategy.

To start using bots from WunderTradng, you need to make just a couple of easy steps:

1.   Create a new account at the WunderTrading website.

2.   Connect one many popular trading platforms such as Binance, OKX, or Kraken.

3.   Go to the dashboard and create a new bot.

4.   Set up a technical analysis strategy on the TradingView website.

5.   Use it to power your bots and launch them.

Initially, the WunderTrading’s product lineup was based on custom automated trading systems and some algorithmic preset solutions like DCA. Today, new features and tools allow users to explore the world of advanced social trading, run a complex GRID system, and enjoy in-depth analytics.

The social trading section of the website is one of the best in the industry and offers a rich selection of retail traders to follow as well as analytical tools to pick the right manager for your portfolio.

Despite having a great catalog of useful products highly rated by the community, the company continues focusing on delivering new features and efficient solutions aimed at retail traders from all across the globe.

Innovative Trading Tools: Exploring the Cutting-Edge Features for Advanced Analysis

The selection of WunderTrading tools is designed to provide the most context and information to retail traders utilizing the power of automation to its fullest extent. While it is possible to run a successful automated trading system without comprehensively employing the whole range of advanced analysis features offered by the platform, we strongly recommend keeping an eye on your portfolio.

All data analysis tools are collected in the “My Analytics” section of the dashboard. Here, you can view various statistics of your portfolio including:

  • Position size as determined by settings;
  • Traded volume (all time);
  • Profit factor of each bot;
  • Winrates indicating the number of successful trades;
  • Profit to Loss ratios in percentile points and absolute units;
  • Returns on investments for each bots;
  • The number of completed trades.

You can also monitor all open market positions in the “Positions” section of the dashboard. You will find all relevant information about every single trade and evaluate them with data updated in real-time. These innovative trading instruments are essential for any retail trader interested in using automation and expanding portfolios beyond standard assets.

The platform allows users to connect all their accounts to the dashboard and receive live data. You will be able to track balances across all exchanges and monitor the whole portfolio in one place instead of switching between different websites.

New Research Tools: Unleashing the Power of Data to Make Informed Trading Decisions

The data collected for you by the platform is a great source of insights allowing you to quickly evaluate the overall performance of the portfolio or separate instances of bots. WunderTrading research tools are deployed directly onto an integrated chart from TradingView. You don’t have to switch between platforms or try jump from one service to another if you need to get a complete overview of the current market situation with the added context of what your active bots are currently doing.

We strongly believe that data-driven insights for traders are incredibly valuable and provide the necessary foundation for informed decisions.

There are multiple ways to use market research features on the WunderTrading platform:

  • Use the terminal. TradingView charts are integrated directly into the dashboard allowing users to quickly deploy analytical tools like technical indicators, patterns, and graphical overlays to quickly analyze the market, prices, and overall dynamics.
  • Browse through analytics. Use the statistical data on your bots to get a better grasp on the current market situation. Make adjustments according to the latest changes in the crypto industry, reevaluate strategies, and build new bots as necessary.
  • Receive signals from multiples sources. The WunderTrading platform can use trading signals from TradingView,, and other places via API. It is a great way to have a fuller picture of the market and multiple points of view of the same situation.

Risk Management Features: Safeguarding Your Investments with Advanced Risk Controls

The selection of WunderTrading risk management tools makes automated crypto trading much safer and more comfortable for an average retail trader. The company offers multiple ways of reducing the risks and cutting losses.

Here are some risk control settings that you may use to manage risks:

  • Adjust position sizes. Experts say that position-sizing is one of the most important skills for a retail trader. The WunderTrading platform allows its clients to choose an appropriate size for each position created by a bot. The value can be set in percentile points or absolute units.
  • Choose the right stop-loss. It is hugely important to protect every single market position with a stop-loss order. Every single bot, including ones that copy trades, can be tasked to place a delayed order limiting losses to the threshold you are comfortable with.
  • Diversification within the platform. At WunderTrading you can find different investment options with varying risk levels and expected profitability. You can build a balanced portfolio using only tools provided by the platform.

Investment protection features also include the ability to limit the bots to a certain portion of your portfolio and to connect multiple exchange accounts to further limit potential losses and spread assets across multiple bot systems.

New Unique Bot Offerings: from GRID to AI-Driven Bots

GRID is one of the latest additions to the product lineup offered by WunderTrading. The algorithm behind this preset automated system is similar to DCA (Distributed Cost Average) but it offers a much safer approach to buying and selling assets within a strong trend. The system places multiple orders and protects each with predetermined stop-losses and take-profits. These positions form a net on the chart giving the system its name “GRID”.

Artificial intelligence is the next step in the world of trading automation. The introduction of expert AI systems creates new opportunities for retail traders who are willing to test the products that generate profits with the assistance from a smart app that analyzes the market continuously and make adjustments to the settings of bots when necessary.

Here are some incredible features of the AI-driven bot:

  • The system uses the statistical arbitrage approach to analyze available historical market data and all the information it receives in real time.
  • Artificial Intelligence attempts to find correlations between analyzed assets, market patterns, and strong trends by comparing hundreds of securities.
  • The bot adjusts the portfolio by placing both long and short orders and controlling position sizes on the Futures market.
  • The system also analyzes risks associated with its activity and tries to reduce it by minimizing losses.

GRID bots are currently in active BETA and can be used by all users of the platform. The AI crypto trading bot is already available and can be launched without any preparations on the side of a user.

The Future of the WunderTrading Platform

The company regularly implements new exciting products and delivers unique experiences to its users. What it means is that we should expect more interesting solutions like the upcoming introduction of Spread Trading bots that will utilize the time-tested approach to generate passive income for users.

WunderTrading is committed to build a versatile automation platform that offers all the necessary tools for bot building, portfolio management, market analysis and research, social trading, and more. Currently, users can enjoy a variety of preset algorithms, in-depth analytics, AI-driven trading tools, and a wide range of customization options to build unique automated trading systems.


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