Comparing Copy Trading Strategies on WunderTrading with Competitors



While it is possible to trade without using any external tools and relying only on your skills and abilities, the specifics of the modern financial market make it much more efficient to use a variety of sophisticated automation instruments to elevate your game. Social trading emerged during the web 2.0 craze as one of the most interesting tools at the disposal of a retail trader.

When you use the best crypto copy trading platform out there, you are enjoying a plethora of advantages including advanced risk management and new opportunities for portfolio diversification. We highly recommend trying out the WunderTrading website. It is a versatile technological instrument that grants its users access to a rich selection of automation products and a complex social trading marketplace.

Exploring the Unique Features of WunderTrading's Copy Trading Platform

The marketplace is the most prominent feature of the WunderTrading’s social section of the website. It is a place where retail traders who are unsure in their own strategies can search for experienced managers and, sometimes, lucky traders allowing others to follow them and copy their actions in the market.

The price depends on the whim of a manager showcased on the marketplace. Some retail traders working with WunderTrading offer their services for free while others may ask for a significant flat fee. Note that the quality of the expertise does not directly correlate with price. There are really skilled traders just showing off their excellence and people who want to make a quick buck without giving any guarantees.

Despite the best efforts from the administration such traders cannot be avoided completely. Nonetheless, the situation can be even worse on some other platforms. Among many innovative features introduced to the market by WunderTrading is the “one-click follow” mechanic. You don’t need to set up a complicated system for each instance of a copy trading bot. Instead, you simply click “follow” next to the trader you like and the bot will be created automatically.

Here are some unique features that you can use while engaging in copy trading on WunderTrading:

  • In-depth analysis. The analytics tab in the dashboard provides detailed information on the performance of your automated trading systems. Copy trading bots are also shown with statistics relevant to the overall analysis. With various risk management tools and rich data obtained from the analytics, you will be able to adjust your portfolio and rearrange copy trading bots.
  • Sophisticated customization. While some platforms give you an opportunity to start following a retail trader without making your own adjustments to their trades, WunderTrading believes that users must be able to fully control their investments. Each market order placed by a trader you follow can be corrected by automation. Choose your own position size, stop loss limits, and other parameters.
  • Diverse marketplace. The selection of retail traders and managers formed by the administration of the platform consists of people whose trading histories were carefully scrutinized. Only retail traders showing impeccable consistency across multiple traders within a lengthy period of at least six months are allowed to offer their services on the platform. You can also choose retail traders who work on the same centralized exchange as you. The trader selection process is quite simple yet flexible.
  • Multiple integrations. WunderTrading works with a wide range of different platforms including centralized exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, OKX, Binance, and many others. If you are serious about trading crypto and use a globally recognized exchange service, you will surely find it in the list of integrated platforms on the website of this automation vendor.

A Comparative Analysis of WunderTrading's Competitors in the Copy Trading Space

Many competitors of WunderTrading offer a wide range of different features and solutions but often do not have the same level of flexibility and focus to deliver an all-around satisfactory product capable of providing a great experience to its users. It is true that each company has its advantages and downsides, yet we believe that WunderTrading has a small edge over its competition thanks to its multidimensional approach to building an all-in-one automation platform.

Among various features and functionalities offered by competitors are all the things that you can find on the WunderTrading website but scattered across multiple providers. Some companies are better at streamlining the setup process, others are good at focusing on social elements of trading by building strong communities. However, it is truly rare that a company excels or provides an above-average level of quality across all products in its lineup.

A comparison of copy trading platforms will quickly reveal that there are websites where you will be able to choose from a wide range of different traders but on a limited number of exchanges (eToro) or automation vendors that have social elements as an afterthought (3Commas). Finding a platform where you can have a diverse marketplace while being able to build advanced automated trading systems with integrated social trading elements is quite challenging. It is the main reason why so many people choose to work with WunderTrading.

Let’s have a closer look at several competitors of this company that have similar product lineups.

Competitor 1: 3Commas

3Commas was established in 2017 in Estonia. The company has been among industry leaders since its conception and provides a wide range of different services including custom and preset bots, unique social trading products, and access to a variety of different exchanges.

Here are some unique selling points of the platform:

  • Highly specialized preset automated trading systems. The company allows its clients to quickly start using their bots with specific settings fine-tuned for certain exchanges and assets. You can find a Binance or a Kraken bot, or a bot that will trade Dogecoin better than other assets. While using such preset solutions may not be recommended by experts, it is a convenience way for newcomers to jump straight into the action.
  • Customizable ATS. You can build advanced trading systems using the user interface streamlined to the point where you don’t even have to think about some steps of the process. Again, this feature makes botting trivial and does not provide the full control over investments, but you may bypass the limitation by using their script writing kit for advanced users.
  • Smart Terminal enhanced with automation is a great tool to use if you are interested in aggregating your portfolio management efforts on a single platform. The Smart Terminal is a good product that provides many analytical tools and allows you to directly interact with your favorite centralized exchanges which can be an interesting way to trade crypto for both novices and veterans.

Now, let’s talk about 3Commas’ strengths and weaknesses compared to WunderTrading:

  • The company focuses more on convenience and simplicity by streamlining many of their products and making them more accessible to newcomers. While it is a good intention on the part of 3Commas, it makes some of their products lacking in terms of flexibility and depth. WunderTrading’s products have a steeper learning curve but give you more freedom in the long run.
  • Copy trading is present on the 3Commas platform, but it is limited to a couple of features and does not provide the same level of diversity as WunderTrading. If you are not interested in social trading and analyzing everything, 3Commas might be fine for you. However, people who want to have a stronger grip on their portfolio should stick to working with WunderTrading.

Competitor 2: eToro

eToro is a well-established brand in the world of crypto automation. This is a social trading investment company that offers its clients an opportunity to trade hundreds of various financial assets including stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The platform also acts as your broker. It means that it is not integrated with as many centralized exchanges as some other automation providers.

The range of automation products on the eToro Traders platform is quite impressive, but the biggest selling point is the variety of financial instruments that you can access. Some current and ex clients of the company believe that user experience and customer satisfaction levels are lackluster due to relatively slow customer support.

In terms of social trading, here are some key features that differentiate it from WunderTrading:

  • The company strongly focuses on social elements of trading. The website features a forum where enthusiasts can talk about the profits generated by copied traders and rate how well some managers perform. This feel of community is often what makes clients stick to using eToro despite some of its downfalls.
  • The automation platform itself may seem lacking compared to WunderTrading. The latter emphasizes the necessity of in-depth customization, advanced preset bots, integrations with other platforms, and many other important features that contemporary retail traders are used to seeing in automation vendors.
  • eToro does not integrate with many centralized exchanges making it hard for users who are already clients of Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken to switch to using eToro’s products. Since the crypto industry is still quite young and many retail traders are figuring out its quirks, limiting your clients to a very narrow range of trading platforms is not a good thing.

Competitor 3: Bitget

Bitget is a well-known centralized exchange that offers its clients social trading features while focusing on other aspects of its service. With over 20 million users from more than a hundred countries, the Bitget platform is among industry leaders. The company was officially launched in 2018. In 2023, it began a rebranding process to streamline some its business practices while shifting focus to smart trading and integrated automation.

One of the biggest downsides of the company in terms of performance metrics analysis compared to WunderTrading’s track record is that its product lineup is very young and can be used exclusively within the platform. Just recently, the company unveiled its “Position Grids” product which is very similar to what WunderTrading has been offering for a long while.

Here are some other important differences between these platforms:

  • WunderTrading offers multiple preset solutions such as DCA, GRID, Arbitrage, and other bots. So far, Bitget has been overly careful with rolling out similar products while limiting their existing preset bots in terms of functionality and adjustability.
  • Bitget has a narrow range of retail traders to copy. The social trading section of the exchange leaves much to be desired and does not provide the same level of freedom and flexibility as the WunderTrading’s marketplace.
  • Some experts believe that Bitget engages in heavy market making and tweaks trading volumes to appear bigger in an attempt to compete against the likes of Coinbase, Binance, and some other exchanges.

Evaluating Performance Metrics and User Reviews to Determine the Best Platform for Copy Trading Strategies

When it comes to searching for the right crypto copy trading platforms, it is necessary to analyze all available information and testing everything before committing to purchasing a paid plan. Since all plans are cheaper when bought annually or for lifetime, thorough analysis should be conducted by potential buyers.

A good crypto automated platform should excel in several important metrics:

  • The number of separate products. You don’t want to be limited to just social trading. Over time, your preferred risk style, strategy, and approach to trading may change requiring a different set of tools. Companies that have excellent tools for social trading cryptocurrency alongside other great products like preset bots and instruments will be better for you in the long run.
  • A strong focus on analytics. You want to work with companies that allow you to analyze the performance of your portfolio. It can be quite challenging to keep track of multiple bots and copy trading systems. Platforms that have dedicated analytical tools provide a more satisfying experience to their users.
  • As many integrations as possible. WunderTrading can connect to dozens of different centralized exchanges and third-party providers like TradingView. The interoperability allows for incredible flexibility and complexity which is something that all experienced retail traders are interested in if they want to utilize the power of automation to its fullest extent.
  • User and expert reviews of the platform. Avoid companies with absolutely excellent ratings is a good idea. There are no perfect products. Some users will be inevitably upset with something. However, something that dips below 4 stars should not be on your list of priorities. Usually, the best providers sit between 4.0 and 4.8 on TrustPilot and similar review aggregators.

The winner in copy trading platforms comparison based on performance metrics analysis and user reviews among aforementioned companies is certainly WunderTrading. It is also a great automation service providers when compared against the industry as a whole. The choice is, ultimately, yours to make. Be considerate and test the platform before using it.


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