How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card



All of us need to prepare for wider adoption and start familiarizing ourselves with various types of crypto. Bitcoin is the main coin of the whole industry. Let’s learn about how to buy Bitcoin with a debit card without any hassles and problems.

The current evaluation of the crypto market is over a trillion US dollars. The number fluctuates a lot due to the inherent volatility of digital assets, but it managed to get over the three trillion mark previously. Many crypto enthusiasts do not stop talking about the soon-to-happen worldwide adoption. Many retail stores may switch to accepting BTC and other types of cryptocurrencies.

All of us need to prepare for wider adoption and start familiarizing ourselves with various types of crypto. Bitcoin is the main coin of the whole industry. Let’s learn about how to buy Bitcoin with a debit card without any hassles and problems.

How to buy Bitcoin online with a credit card

Debit and credit cards are commonly used by many people daily. With the fast pace of the digitalization of the global economy, cards have become the main way for people to interact financially. They are reliable, fast, and secure if you do not expose yourself to various risks. Debt-settling systems like Visa and MasterCard are still faster than Bitcoin even when it uses the Lightning network.

Improvements are made across the crypto industry to address transaction speeds, but they are still very low compared to traditional financial systems. It does not mean that we should completely ignore crypto and just stick to time-tested banking. Using both systems is a good way to keep up with the world and maintain your level of financial literacy.

There are many places where people can buy cryptocurrencies. Let’s talk about some of them.

Buying Bitcoin with a credit card on an exchange

There are several types of crypto exchanges where you can use various payment methods to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Depending on your personal preferences and risk tolerance, you can choose any type of platform.

Centralized exchanges like Binance

Binance is the biggest international crypto exchange that acts as a centralized entity and offers custodial financial services. They will open an account in your name and allow you to conduct a variety of operations on-site from buying tokens to staking. Other honorable mentions are KuCoin, Coinbase, Kraken, and others.

CEX platforms offer a wide range of different services:

  • Trade coins, tokens, and NFTs. Use derivatives like futures and perpetual futures. Buy and sell crypto on a spot market.
  • You can use the API functionality of any centralized exchange to use a variety of specialized tools like bots and analytical platforms.
  • CEX platforms offer their clients leverage so that you can buy and sell in bulk. However, any leverage comes with an increased risk.

Custodial service means a CEX platform will take your money and conduct all operations within the exchange without taking money in and out. You can top up your balance on a CEX website using any payment method that you like. Most of them will gladly accept debit and credit cards.

These platforms significantly improved their quality of service and offer instant card processing and other amenities regarding quick payments. Withdrawing can be slow, but you can always use their P2P functionality or spot market to receive money directly on your debit card or bank account.

Decentralized exchanges

DEX platforms usually do not take your assets into custody, but it depends on the approach taken by the administration. Decentralized exchanges do not have the same variety of products as their CEX counterparts, but they too will provide an option to buy BTC with a debit card. Usually, you don’t have to jump through any hoops, but some platforms make it harder than others.

Decentralized platforms are often used by experienced users concerned with safety and privacy. Newcomers may find it difficult to start working with a decentralized platform.

P2P exchanges — how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card without verification

Peer-to-peer transactions are the most commonly used operations by early adopters and BTC enthusiasts. P2P platforms operate as public forums where people can find good trades without exposing their personal information to additional risks. You can buy Bitcoin directly from other users. Some of them will accept debit and credit card payments.

On the other hand, many P2P platforms also offer escrow services that can charge your card if you want. It is a good way to protect yourself from fraudulent activities while allowing yourself an easy way to pay for crypto.

Which exchanges allow you to buy crypto with debit cards

The variety of exchange platforms makes it easy for many people to start buying and selling crypto without much hassle. However, different platforms offer financial products that are not available on others. Let’s take a look at some exchanges that might catch your attention.


This exchange is structured conveniently. You can add a credit or a debit card quickly and use it for payments without entering your credentials every time. Coinbase is a trusted and regulated US exchange that offers a wide range of financial services to its customers.

  1. Go to “Payment Methods” on your account page.
  2. Click “Add a Credit Card” and use your bank card details.
  3. Go to the “Buy Digital Currency” section of the website.
  4. Use added cards to purchase coins that are listed on the exchange.


This exchange is another time-tested platform that offers a rich selection of financial products and services to thousands of clients from all across the globe. ByBit is a fast exchange and it usually processes user requests within seconds.

  1. Go to your account and open the “Fiat Gate”.
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency that you want to buy.
  3. Use any payment method that you like to finalize the transaction.


This exchange is a good destination for Europeans and citizens of the UK. The interface is quite intuitive and finding the right option is easy for many experienced internet users. You can buy up to £5000 worth of crypto in a single transaction involving your debit card. The minimum transaction is £25.

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Top up the balance using any payment method you like.
  3. Purchase on the exchange.

Where to buy Bitcoin with a credit card if you don’t like exchanges

Some people do not want to use crypto exchanges to not even think about trading. Regardless of your motives, you are free to do your bidding however you like. There are other platforms that you can use to buy crypto online with a credit card. The only downside is that commissions are usually slightly higher and the variety of readily available financial products is not as rich as in the case of exchanges.


Many users of mobile apps prefer services like ZenGo. This app allows you to buy from a pool of over 70 different cryptocurrencies. You can use any form of payment accepted by mobile devices. Debit and credit cards are used more often than not. The app is available for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones.

You cannot buy less than $50 worth of crypto. The first $200 is not subjected to fees, but you will pay 4% on bank card transactions.

  1. Go to the app store on your device and download ZenGo.
  2. Find the right coin you want to buy in the list on the home page.
  3. Click “Buy” and choose credit or debit cards as your main payment option.
  4. Finalize the purchase following the instructions.


Several years ago, CashApp started offering their users Bitcoin accounts. Note that you will need to withdraw your tokens from the app to ensure that you own them. Initially, the app only stores coins for you and makes them readily accessible in your app.

  • Go to the app store on your device and install CashApp.
  • Tap “Bitcoin” and enter the required amount of BTC to buy.
  • Confirm the transaction and use a debit card to pay for coins.

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously with a credit card

Purchasing anything with a credit or debit card without leaving a trace is not feasible. However, you can try to reduce the exposure of your data to the world by using some steps to preserve your identity. There are several ways to purchase coins without revealing your identity to corporate entities and governments.

  • Use only public peer-to-peer exchanges. You won’t have to provide any excess personal information to the platform and can start trading with other individuals right away without any intermediaries. Transferring money to other individuals using VISA or MasterCard systems can be quite private if you don’t specify the nature of the payment. However, dealing with unknown parties without escrow is dangerous.
  • Ask your friends or relatives to buy crypto for you. Bitcoin addresses are not tied to any credentials. You can give money to your friends and ask them to make a payment on your behalf. The crypto will be transferred to your wallet and address. If you do not plan to do anything unethical with newly purchased coins, there is nothing wrong with this approach.
  • Buy Bitcoin from physical retailers. They exist and can sell you some coins for fiat cash or any other form of payment. You can transfer money to another person using your debit card. This method is available only to people living in big enough cities that can support a small crypto retail market with physical locations.

Other methods of getting crypto can be somewhat questionable in many aspects. For example, some users advocate using fake credentials to make payments. However, it is illegal to steal identity and use fake data for any purpose, including financial operations.

Most companies that deal with crypto have to comply with local regulations and rules. AML guidelines are accepted and followed by most crypto companies operating in Europe. The US government has its own strict rules regarding the privacy of cryptocurrency users.

So, can you buy crypto with a credit card while preserving your privacy? It is possible, but the number of hoops that you have to jump through is just too high. Purchasing crypto should not be something that you want to hide from everyone. Once it gets to your crypto wallet, you can conduct business privately without anyone sniffing around.

Where to buy Bitcoin with a debit card without verification

If you do not want to expose any personal information to companies that sell cryptocurrencies or provide exchange services, you will have to look for independent dealers and P2P platforms. All other companies have to disclose information to law enforcement organizations and will ask you to verify your identity.

Some online platforms where one can buy Bitcoin without verification exist, but they are quite sketchy and should be avoided by people who want to make a legitimate investment in the crypto industry. It is crucially important to protect your portfolio and prevent any data leaks. If you have to make some of your personal information public, it is a price that you need to pay for safety.

We advise all people to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card from trusted vendors and reputable CEX exchanges. Do not look for cheaper options or ways to hide your finances from everyone. If you live in Europe, the USA, Canada, or China, you will have to verify your identity to work with crypto and use it as you see fit without any limitations.

Should you use credit and debit cards to buy crypto?

The only benefit of using a debit card is convenience and speed. If you do not need instant processing and can use your bank account, it is a much safer and more reliable way to buy cryptocurrencies from trusted vendors.

Remember that you need to immediately think about protecting your wallet from unauthorized use. We recommend all crypto users create two addresses. One will be used for storage while the other one will interact with other addresses. Use the latter to receive and send payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The main takeaway

You can use DEX, CEX, and P2P platforms to buy crypto with a debit card. People who value convenience above all else can use mobile apps to buy Bitcoin from time-tested providers like CashApp and ZenGo. 


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