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Discord has over 584 million registered users with the number estimated to go up by a significant margin during the next several years. Thanks to many features, the app allows users to create heavily moderated communities and focus on providing high-quality user-generated content.

Recently, many Discord servers focused on financial advice and asset trading started featuring dedicated channels with crypto trade signals from experienced users. It is a good way of acquiring suggestions for your trading operations in the near future. In many scenarios, these signals are much better and more reliable than what can be bought from specialized providers.

How to choose a safe and reliable crypto signal discord server

When looking for the best crypto signals discord group, it is important to do your own research and try to combine information from as many sources as possible. While many of these communities look and feel the same, there are countless differences between them. Some are focused more on providing immediate suggestions and technical analysis ideas while others may discuss automated signals that work with various automated trading systems.

Regardless of which type of Discord group you want to work with, it is important to evaluate each option thoroughly by weighing all cons and pros of following advice from the members of each server. The quality of these communities may vary due to demographics, popularity, and other important factors.

Here are several hugely influential factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the right server to join:

  • The number of active users. Since many Discord groups moderate content and try to limit how many users can be active, you should not expect highly specialized groups to be in the hundreds of thousands of users. A good group may have as low as a hundred users if it is led by an experienced professional.
  • Crypto signals Discord group should have a strong moderation team. The list of admins and moderators is usually displayed proudly by communities. The team must be big enough to provide an excellent experience to users. Note that having a strong resume of a retail trader or an analyst is a good sign of a well-led server.
  • Having a price tag is not always good. While many people believe that only paid servers provide reliable advice, it is true that free crypto signals Discord groups may also be quite good and deliver outstanding suggestions to the community. Do not think that price is the sole defining factor affecting quality.
  • The engagement of the community. Sitting in various discussion threads for a couple of days is the best way to gauge the level of activity. Users in productive communities do not spend time not talking.
  • User reviews are important. Testimonials from people who have been a part of a Discord server that caught your attention can shed light on what’s going on behind the curtains. Ex-members of groups can tell about shady moderation practices, potential problems with vetting trusted professionals, and more.

Note that many Discord servers focus on very specific areas of retail trading and investing. It is possible to join day trading Discord groups looking for advice on how to efficiently work on retail trading platforms and crypto exchanges only to find that people here only talk about technical analysis and theories.

Checking out content and spending time reading main topics discussed on the server is often a very important step in the process of selecting the right Discord group. If you want to receive high-quality trading signals from it, you should spend even more time on testing the quality of advice provided by the community.

How to test Discord crypto groups

Using suggestions and signals on a regular basis is dangerous even after testing the general quality of advice provided by some Discord communities. However, using signals without doing any due diligence is irresponsible! Despite testing having a relatively small effect on the outcome of your interactions with any community, you should always verify that at least some of their signals work.

There are several ways to safely test how well you would have performed if you used trading signals from a particular group:

  1. Use demo trading accounts. Many brokerage service providers and CEX platforms allow their clients to test the technology without risking any money. These are called demo or mock accounts where users work with virtual money but trade in the real financial environment. Using these trading accounts is the best way to test the quality of technical analysis strategies or signals.
  2. Reduce position sizes. Make sure to limit the exposure of your portfolio to risks associated with using untested strategies and suppliers of trading signals. Use the smallest positions possible before you are certain that signals from chosen Discord groups result in profit consistently.
  3. Use market history. You can obtain previous signals and strategies from other users or by looking through chats. Use the historical market data to check how these signals would have worked if you used them when they were suggested by the Discord community. It is a good way of determining the success rate of signals on average.
  4. Engage in paper trading and test signals directly. Many automation vendors offer paper trading bots that work with virtual money in real time allowing you to test the quality of signals. Input them manually or pay for a monthly subscription and receive them automatically. The bot will do the testing for you!

These methods should be used every time you encounter a new source of signals or financial advice. Using any advice received from crypto Discord channels without testing them and ensuring that they do well on average is not a good strategy for any retail trader interested in building a successful investment system.

Which discord server has the best crypto signals?

Discord is a densely populated platform with millions of users in thousands of dedicated communities. You will easily find hundreds of different Discord groups where specialists share their financial ideas or sell trading signals. With such high saturation, finding the right place to look for advice can be challenging.

Let’s talk about some of the groups that earned respect and credibility from the larger community of retail traders and investors.

Elite Crypto Signals — one of the best paid crypto signals Discord server

The group first appeared in 2018. It was created by a group of trained financial advisors and experienced retail traders. Today, it is a strong community with over 20 thousand members. After joining the server, you will be immediately placed in the main hub where you can read testimonials and join public conversations.

Access to all channels costs only $40. The administration encourages public discussions of the server and its content. You can join any chat without any issues and read what other people have to say about crypto signals provided by the group. This openness and transparency promise hope, but you should still test signals from the server before using them regularly.

Cryptohub — a solid server for veterans

If you are looking for a tight community of passionate people interested in all things related to retail trading, it is a good idea to join CryptoHub. This group is an excellent place to talk with other people who are enthusiastic about Bitcoin, Ethereum, mining, staking, and trading.

With over 25,000 members, this group is one of the most popular among people interested in crypto trading. The server offers access to several paid channels with signals, suggestions, lessons, and other interesting services. Newcomers will find a plethora of useful threads to read. Veterans will join channels where professionals gather to discuss news and strategies.

Eagle Investors — technical analysis experts

Some people do not trust individual traders and experienced individuals without any institution backing them. The Eagle Investors crypto trade signals Discord server is a vibrant community with over 160 thousand members. Various channels are dedicated to all sorts of matters related to retail trading and investing in traditional assets and cryptocurrencies.

Unlocking access to special channels where vetted specialists and experts publish their theories, technical analysis strategies, investment ideas, and signals is pricy, but you will regularly receive advice from trained professionals employed by one of the SEC-registered companies.

LuxAlgo — for algorithmic trading enthusiasts

Many people believe that using various types of algorithms and trading automation is the best way to succeed in the world of modern finance. Trading bots and technical analysis strategies that can be easily automated do seem like the future of retail trading, but you should approach this sector of the industry with caution.

LuxAlgo has over 158 thousand users and offers a wide range of different spaces to discuss everything in the domain of automation and algorithmic trading. You can find a variety of interesting suggestions from people in the group. If you are interested in automation, this community will be right up your alley. However, the group has a tendency to promote certain CEX platforms and vendors. — a good group for crypto signals

This particular cryptocurrency trading discord is a good destination for people interested in learning more about the art of investment while receiving signals and advice from professionals. The channel focuses primarily on educational content like write-ups from experts, weekly watchlists, news discussions, and more.

People interested in receiving paid signals can also find good offerings. All in all, it is a nice community with over 70 thousand enthusiastic members. Whether you are looking for a welcoming server to join for discussions and advice or plan to buy signals, the group has a lot to offer.

Should you join a Discord crypto signals server?

Some people believe that following someone else’s financial advice is never a good idea which is true for some individuals. However, the vast majority of novice retail traders struggle to find a good footing at the beginning of their trading journeys. Getting some help from experienced people is the promise of a solid start for newcomers.

If you also struggle with making a decision on the next trade or experience stress while trading, using crypto signals or launching a fully autonomous crypto trading bot is a good idea. Having a sense of community that shares your interests and wants to trade with you can be a great confidence boost and provide support during tough periods of consecutive losses in the market.

However, you should always remember that retail traders cannot trust others and have to rely on themselves most of the times. It is a good practice to keep some distance from other members of the community and being very cautious when someone wants to break the ice. Discord, just like many other social media platforms, is plagued by scams and fraudulent activities.

According to some studies, over 76% of all online scams happen on social media within friends groups and tight communities since many users tend to trust their online friends. Many of these scams involve trading cryptocurrencies or investing in various suspicious investment schemes. Unfortunately, many users also lose money after paying for educational courses, low-quality trading signals, and other forms of financial advice.


Discord groups can become valuable sources of information and camaraderie between crypto enthusiasts, but you should use signals from these places after covering them in multiple grains of salt. Test them vigorously. You should also remember that many trading signals originating from Discord groups and Telegram chats cannot be easily automated with tools provided by contemporary trading automation platforms. Make sure to take the question of compatibility seriously.


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