Top Crypto Portfolio Trackers for Smart Investment Decisions



Building a balanced portfolio and using a wide range of financial instruments to hedge against risks while focusing on optimizing profits are two important goals for any contemporary crypto investor. Since you have a variety of options including automated crypto trading and various staking projects, it is a good idea to keep track of every single coin!

Newcomers to the industry often feel overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of the crypto industry. They are intimidated by the sheer number of available financial instruments and investment opportunities and do not want to venture outside of their comfort zones. Creating a top crypto portfolio is possible only if you find the best way to track a crypto portfolio!

A typical well-performing portfolio contains mainstream coins, obscure tokens with huge potential, automated trading systems, and more. It is hard to focus on everything at once. Let’s talk about some of the best free crypto portfolio tracker options that you can check out right now and maybe incorporate in your investment strategy.

What is a crypto asset tracker?

Any type of online service or software allowing users to keep track of their crypto investors (sometimes, more than that) is an asset tracker. While beginner retail traders may try avoiding additional tools, they quickly realize that managing a big portfolio with dozens of various assets, often belonging to different classes, is close to impossible.

Since many investors working in the crypto domain diversify their investments across a variety of investment options, many end up with a collection of mainstream coins and a large number of tokens with huge potential with low market value. Having BTC, ETH, and USDT alongside DOGE, ADA, MANA and other less valuable coins is a normal practice for any contemporary crypto investor.

The best way to track a cryptocurrency portfolio is to use specialized software or online services such as WunderTrading or Kubera. Choosing any tool from this category is necessary for the long-term success of your investment endeavours. However, the market is oversaturated and picking the right instrument from a hundred of options is not an easy task.

Choosing the best cryptocurrency tracker

A good tool for a retail trader must have a variety of features and qualities that make it efficient and highly desirable. Here are some of the qualities that you should look in your crypto trading tracker:

  • Convenient user interface. If you have to guess where to click to open an analytical chart or price history, it is not a good tool to use. The amount of effort and time invested in designing a good user interface tells a lot about a company. Choose platforms that have intuitive controls and straightforward navigation.
  • Feature-rich product design. While it is often enough to have just a good free crypto tracker, exploring a wide range of additional options is even better. You may be interested in other features like automation, social trading, staking opportunities, and more. If you work with a platform that offers all of that on top of portfolio management tools, you will be more flexible!
  • A host of supported coins. Some services do not support all tokens and coins popular among crypto enthusiasts which can be limiting and prohibit you from making huge profits by investing in an obscure digital asset taking off.
  • Integration with other platforms and services. Rarely, a person interested in managing their portfolio in the most efficient and quick manner will reduce their toolbox to just a tracker. You need quick access to other platforms such as exchanges and terminals!

The list of the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2023

We cannot simply give you the list of the most advanced and convenient trackers out there. You need to learn more about their features and unique advantages. Each of these products has something that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Kubera — a DeFi portfolio tracker

When it comes to finding the best instruments for portfolio management, it is hard to forget about Kubera, a modern personal finance managerial tool that come with a rich array of features. The main focus of the platform is on secure document sharing using their proprietary Decentralized Finance platform.

The service offers its users a flexible toolkit supporting a wide range of coins and DeFi tokens. You can quickly arrange your assets, split them in different classes, receive information about their financial performance, and more.

Decentralized secure storage offered by Kubera is a great addition to the service since you can quickly send documents to organizations and partners to make it easier and more convenient to conduct large investment operations.

Cointracker — the best way to track a crypto portfolio

With over 500 thousand active users and a rich arsenal of features, Cointracker is one of the most popular platforms out there. It is integrated with a large number of centralized exchanges and allows its users to quickly pull data directly from their trading accounts.

The tracker also has a huge database with relevant information about the current and past price action. It means that you can check the historical performance of every asset in your portfolio. You may track a portfolio of any size and with any number of tokens.

The richness of the functionality expresses itself in many other ways. For example, you can have thousands of items in the portfolio and each will be automatically accompanied by any information that you might need to make an informed investment decision.

Cova — one of the best crypto portfolio trackers

If you are looking for an easy-to-use yet feature-rich instrument, Cova is a great choice to consider. The service allows its users to track a large number of different digital and conventional assets including cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, and more.

It is a great tool for any contemporary investor who spreads their capital across a variety of asset classes to manage risks. You will be able to track not only your tokens and coins but also a wide range of other financial instruments.

Additional features include:

  • Secure document storage service allowing you to store wills, leases, contracts, and many other types of digitally signed documents.
  • Collaboration with peer groups, attorneys, advisers, counselors, and other providers of various financial and legal services.
  • Integration with over 11 thousand different organizations, exchanges, brokerage service providers, and other companies.

AssetDash — the best cryptocurrency trackers for mobile users

The digitization of the modern economy is happening so rapidly thanks to many factors including access to mobile computers. Contemporary smartphones are just as powerful as laptops. It means that the vast majority of users may be more comfortable with using their smartphones to manage finances.

AssetDash is a great choice for people who use iOS and Android devices. This is the best cryptocurrency portfolio app for those who are interested in efficiently tracking ETH, NEAR, and SOLANA which usually require multiple trackers to be analyzed perfectly.

The app offers its users a variety of features allowing them to quickly sort, categorize, and analyze their tokens and coins without the need of diving into math and endless spreadsheets. The design is clean and offers a surprisingly large pool of information on a small screen.

AssetDash is not limiting its users to the vast catalog of crypto assets. You can also monitor stocks, bonds, futures, and even bank accounts.

WunderTrading — the best crypto portfolio tracker for retail traders

It is hard to imagine a retail trader who works in the crypto market without using any automation tools. Many experts believe that employing bots is necessary to be successful. While you don’t need to run a fully automated algorithm, reducing idle time and increasing efficiency with fast order execution and automatic order placement is a must!

WunderTrading is one of the most advanced providers of various automation services. It also has a great portfolio management tool that allows its users to pull data from integrated centralized exchanges. If you are interested in spreading your trading activities across multiple platforms while maintaining a high level of performance with bots, this portfolio tracker is a great choice.

The dashboard is neat and laconic. You will receive enough information to conduct a thorough analysis without feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data. Graphs, tight spreadsheets, and convenient management of assets will help you make sound financial decisions!

It is, hands down, the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for people who want to focus on automation and advanced trading systems.

Tips for efficient portfolio management

It is hard to advise anyone on how they should run their portfolio, but some general tips will definitely help newcomers reach their potential quicker.

  • Focus on diversifying. The oldest rule in the investor’s handbook is to not put all your eggs in one basket. The crypto market is especially prone to volatility and sudden changes in price action. Mastering the art of trading just a couple of assets will never lead you to stability and consistency. Invest in many coins!
  • Manage risks properly. Any portfolio needs hedging mechanisms against its weaknesses. If you decide to focus on buying and hoarding Bitcoin, make a couple of riskier purchases or have a short market position against BTC or any other correlated digital asset.
  • Use powerful tools. While it is possible to get by without any additional instruments, the flexibility and efficiency provided by crypto portfolio trackers, automation services, and other contemporary products for financial management will noticeably improve your overall performance.
  • Do your own research. The DYOR motto of the crypto community is very true. Blindly believing influencers and random users on forums is not a good idea even if their advice sounds reasonable. Manage assets without any external intervention, think about each and every step, focus on your goals, and read as much as possible!
  • Do not overpay for products. Some retail traders believe that paying a small commission monthly for using services is a negligible expense, but small payments stack up quickly. If you can get several different tools on a single platform, use that instead of paying for everything separately.

The main takeaway

Retail traders working in the crypto domain must use as many advanced tools as possible to compete against other market participants. Using portfolio trackers is a good way to increase the efficiency of your investments and analyze your current predicament to make an informed financial decision.


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