The best Artificial Intelligence (AI) cryptocurrency to invest in 2024



It seems that almost all venture capitalists and institutional investors have glued their eyes to the ongoing AI craze. Many in the cryptocurrency ecosystem started exploring new avenues. Numerous blockchain projects either shifted their course to be more AI-oriented or came out of the bushes to show off their work in the AI field. Many tokens turned into massive capital magnets.

Searching for the best artificial intelligence cryptocurrency to invest in is quite challenging in the contemporary landscape of the crypto market. You may find a plethora of great tools to use like an AI crypto trading bot capable of running a large-scale statistical arbitrage system. However, finding a token related to a promising AI technology is not as easy.

Let’s talk about the best AI crypto to invest in. We are going to pick some of the finest AI projects out there and give you an honest opinion on whether you should be putting any money into them. What is AI crypto? It is a new type of blockchain project that aims at building a better environment for developing AI technology. We believe that the following projects have the biggest potential to do so!

The Graph

The Graph is a promising AI-oriented web3 project that wants to completely transform the landscape of Web3 by using innovative data querying. The Graph hopes to harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide decentralized, reliable, and efficient data indexing and querying.

What can you expect? Here are some points to consider:

  • The core of the Graph’s architecture is its cutting-edge AI technology enabling intelligent data indexing and querying in a decentralized manner. The Graph optimizes data retrieval processes through the efficient utilization of machine learning to make query responses across a variety of decentralized applications and blockchain networks faster and more reliable.
  • The platform operates on a decentralized network of nodes to build a robust infrastructure capable of preventing any tampering with information or attempts at censoring it. This approach allows for trustless interactions and reduces points of failure to improve some metrics such as data reliability and integrity.
  • Some experts claim that The Graph features a user-friendly development environment with comprehensive tools and exhausting documentation. The variety of instruments allows devs to easily build scalable and interoperable dApps. The high quality of data and the speed with which it is gathered and processed allow for smoother development..
  • The Graph promises to achieve unprecedented scalability and efficiency in data retrieval and get through the scalability challenges associated with blockchain architectures. The project wants to improve the current blockchain ecosystem through better data acquisition and wider access to it.

Currently, The Graph is one of the top AI cryptocurrencies in the market, commanding a massive $2.6 bn market capitalization and impressive daily trading volumes. It seems that it is the most promising AI cryptocurrency in the market. If you want to invest in this sector, check this platform out!

Bittensor (TAO)

Bittensor is a project that focuses all its resources on building a functional ecosystem for artificial intelligence products. It aims to innovate the landscape of Web3 and the blockchain industry in general. Bittensor promises to use the collective intelligence of distributed nodes to provide the technological infrastructure for various decentralized applications. The dev team behind the project claims that it will enable the development of better AI products.

Here are reasons to check it out:

  • Bittensor is a fully decentralized AI infrastructure with many models seamlessly interacting with each other to produce better outcomes while using the power of distributed nodes for computational resources. The platform wants to utilize the strength of P2P networks and blockchain tech to ensure that all apps operate in a safe, tamper-proof environment.
  • The tokenized incentive mechanism is there to encourage stronger participation and contribution from the participants of the network. The native TENSOR token is awarded to users to provide computational power to the network, operate their AI models, or simply validate transactions on the digital ledger.
  • Scalability and interoperability are two key goals for the development team. Web3 has matured and features many apps and independent infrastructures. This segmentation is still one of the biggest hurdles for the wide adoption of blockchain technology. Bittensor hopes to break this hurdle and provide safe and stable solutions for quick growth!
  • Community is what makes the development process collaborative and innovative. It invites all sorts of specialists and allows them to work in a competitive environment while rewarding the best performers with grants and tokens.
  • The solutions developed within this decentralized project have many use cases across a number of industries such as finance, healthcare, gaming, and more. It is possible to use the technological infrastructure of Bittensor to build solutions for risk assessment, scam detection, data analytics, and a number of other hugely important processes.

TENSOR has a massive $2.45 bn market cap at the time of writing and promises to grow into something truly big within the next couple of years. If the hype surrounding the AI industry as a whole won’t go away by that time, Bittensor is positioned to be among the winning horses! Hop onto your favorite trading bot platform and start DCA buying right now if you believe in the mission and capabilities of the Bittensor’s development team.

Theta Network

When looking for the best artificial intelligence cryptocurrency, look no further than at Theta Cloud-Edge Network! It is a new player in the competitive cloud computing sector. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with cloud computing to allow for the creation of new exciting blockchain infrastructures. The platform offers an efficient solution for AI applications by ensuring faster data processing, in-depth analytics, and stable cloud computing.

Here are some great things about this project:

  • Theta Cloud-Edge Network hopes to utilize many strengths of expert AI systems to optimize data processing and analysis. All decision-making is decentralized allowing, in theory, for smoother operations without relying on centralized cloud servers. If they are successful, distributed cloud computing will provide more room for scalability and growth.
  • The network consists of separate nodes and multiple enterprise-owned servers and works as a decentralized ecosystem using blockchain technology. Such architecture guarantees trustless interactions, censorship resistance, and data integrity.
  • All participating organizations receive actionable insights from streaming data. Since the delivery of data is instant, it allows for faster and more informed decision-making which is incredibly valuable in many sectors such as IoT, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles. The platform solves the issue of slow delivery of data which is a significant bottleneck for operational efficiency and safety when it comes to applying AI tech to individual devices.

THETA is trading at $2.00 as of the time of writing and has a commendable $1.99 bn market cap. The practicality of the solution offered by this project is what makes it quite interesting to developers of AI technologies and investors interested in venturing into this sector. Is certainly one of the best AI crypto coins to buy in 2024!

Applying the power of expert AI systems to the world of finance has been the biggest dream of many developers ever since the concept of machine learning algorithms turned into something practical. is possibly the closest of all blockchain startups to facilitate the creation of a truly decentralized economy with autonomous economic agents or AEA.

Fetch.AI draws a compelling picture of a decentralized future for finance with intelligent agents collaborating to optimize resource allocation and increase economic outputs across the board.

Here are some factors that put on the map:

  • Autonomous Economic Agents. AEAs are independently operating expert AI systems that are incentivized to interact and collaborate to produce excellent economic outputs for all market participants. These entities are decentralized and act autonomously yet allow for efficient interactions between stakeholders.
  • Fetch.AI creates so-called multi-agent systems or MAS to encourage endless interactions and negotiations between independent agents. AEAs collaborate, negotiate, and execute transactions in a decentralized manner and create a diverse economic space while adhering to the rules of trustless resource allocation.
  • The blockchain technology is at the very core of the platform. It ensures that the ledger is secure and tamper-proof and contains all transactions made by agents. Smart contracts are designed quite well and do not have any unnecessary complexity. However, it is still questioned whether they will reach target efficiency and scalability metrics without compromising security.
  • The decentralized marketplace with autonomous economic agents trading digital assets, services, and data in a peer-to-peer manner has some promise. It should make transactions more efficient while allowing users to monetize their assets. Currently, the marketplace encourages the exchange of AI models, data, and computational resources to incentivize a collaborative approach to the collective development process.

Fetch.AI has a $1.84 bn market capitalization and looks like one of the best AI coins in 2024. If you are wondering, where to buy AI crypto coins, check out centralized exchanges partnered with WunderTrading, a powerful automation vendor offering excellent bots that can trade digital assets effectively!


SingularityNET hopes to change our collective perspective on the AI industry and make it democratic by providing the necessary resources to individual developers and smaller teams. The innovative platform embraces the community-driven approach to make AI development accessible through collaboration, and quick deployment within the blockchain ecosystem.

What should you consider when deciding whether to AI cryptocurrencies that make such bold promises?

  • SingularityNET is a fully decentralized marketplace where AI services made by independent developers are monetized. It showcases many proprietary AI algorithms and models. Participants exchange value locked in technology or financial assets in a transparent manner.
  • The network of AI agents capable of autonomously performing tasks and interacting with users use advanced machine learning techniques and massive neural networks to provide various AI services like complex language processing, visualization, and predictive analytics.
  • AGI tokens are here to provide incentives to participants of the ecosystem. AGI tokens are used to exchange AI services for money and vice versa. The tokenized economy aligns goals and facilitates faster network growth.
  • The project promises to stay in line with ethical AI practices and create a fair ecosystem where all participants have equal access to resources for AI building. The team of founders strongly advocates for the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.

AGI has a respectable $1.14 bn market cap and has been trading above the $0.9 support level for a while at the time of writing. It is a promising project and one of the best artificial intelligence cryptocurrency assets out there. If you are serious about investing in AI crypto, you should keep an eye on this platform and include AGI in the portfolio.

How and where to buy AI crypto coins?

Finding the right exchange to purchase tokens of AI-oriented blockchain projects is not a big challenge. Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and many others have tokens of the aforementioned networks in their lineups of tradable assets. However, picking the right method to acquire these tokens is a completely different matter and requires some consideration on the part of the investor.

Let’s talk about how to invest in AI crypto tokens safely. Here are some tips for people interested in buying some AI cryptocurrencies:

  • Use a reliable strategy. Running an algo trading bot that utilizes the DCA method of asset acquisition is a good idea if your plan is to hold these tokens for the long term. WunderTrading offers a wide range of automation tools to help users create functional automated trading strategies suitable for purchasing assets at reduced prices.
  • Work with a trustworthy exchange. It is important to avoid shady centralized exchanges that do not adhere to KYC policies or do not disclose solvency metrics. Companies that regularly report on their finances and have a good track record should be prioritized.
  • Look for the best AI crypto to invest in. It is essential to pick AI crypto projects that have a promising product that has a chance of providing something that all developers and users will want to adopt when it is ready for large-scale deployment. Right now, only a handful of blockchain startups look like they are going to solve some distinct problems in the AI development sector.

Remember that the best artificial intelligence cryptocurrency is the one that has a working product right now and can improve it in the near future!


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