Buy Bitcoin with credit card without ID verification

Buying a bitcoin can be challenging if you have never done it before. But to buy bitcoin with credit card no verification is even more challenging with today’s regulations.

The subtleties of acquiring Bitcoin

So, if we have figured out what bitcoin is and how to interact with it, then we can proceed more to the exact essence, which is the title of this article. In 2022, it became much easier to buy crypto assets simply by having a crypto wallet. Now we will explain where to get the crypto wallet and also where to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We will also discuss on how to buy bitcoin anonymously.

Indeed, there is a huge variety of payment methods to purchase bitcoin. But the way they are stored depends on whether your bitcoins will remain yours.

Bitcoin storage methods (or crypto wallets) are divided into two types - cold and hot.

Hot wallets require an Internet connection. For example, wallets on exchanges, online services and applications. Such wallets are convenient, but have a strong disadvantage - they can be hacked.

It is important - this will not be a hacking of the bitcoin network, but of an intermediary who provides you with a wallet. Hot wallets store cryptocurrency, which, in fact, does not belong to you. Not only you have access to the wallet, but also the platform that you trust to store your crypto. In this case, after another hacking (or staged hacking), you may lose your cryptocurrency.

Most often, users use exchange wallets. This is convenient because, in case of exchange rate spikes, you can make a sale or purchase crypto in the shortest possible time. It is important to note that exchanges are also divided into two types - centralized and decentralized. We will not dwell on this, but in short, centralized exchanges have control over the whole infrastructure and all assets, while decentralized exchanges do not.

Therefore, in the case of using DEX (decentralized exchanges), your cryptocurrency is more secure, although it is important to remember that both are susceptible to hacking. Decentralized exchanges are better suited for the long-term and secure storage of cryptocurrencies. If you do not plan to trade every drawdown and rate jump, it is better to pay attention to hardware cold wallets.

Cold wallets differ from hot ones in that they store private keys and do not require an Internet connection. In fact, these are ordinary flash drives, but hardware cold wallets have several degrees of protection. Software for storing cryptocurrencies is installed on the hardware wallet. It is important - not all cryptocurrencies are supported, you need to choose a cold wallet based on your requirements.

Traditionally, exchangers are the first on the list to buy crypto. This is the easiest way to buy bitcoins - conveniently, quickly, and safely. In fact, a crypto exchanger is a currency exchanger. It is no different from the bank exchange of dollars for euros.

There are many exchangers and they differ mainly in commission. There is an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency with a bank account, electronic money, or credit/debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Years ago, it was possible to buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously without any hassle, at least under certain limits.

Indeed, the ability to buy bitcoin online with debit card is a breakthrough for the market and users. Firstly, it will remove the threat of getting caught on a fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange platform. Secondly, it will increase the user base and attract additional interest to the market.

If you put convenience in the first place, it is better to choose a centralized exchange with a clear interface, as well as the ability to get fiat (dollar, euro, etc.) on it. Most likely, we will not be able to find an exchange that does not require KYC (identity verification procedure). This is an additional difficulty on the way to the purchase of bitcoin. It is convenient to make an operation to buy bitcoin on the Binance, FTX, OKX or Bybit exchange. Here, verification is needed to use fiat, but among the advantages are a huge number of trading pairs, the ability to trade to fiat currencies, as well as simple input and output (most often instant).

This method of purchase has a number of advantages:

  • Your bitcoins are already stored on the crypto exchange. In the case of Bybit and other top exchanges, you will have the opportunity to trade with liquidity. This means that you can buy and sell bitcoins instantly.

  • You are protected from the scam of exchangers (note: you are not protected from the scam on the exchange, hacking, etc.)

  • You can easily withdraw money to a bank card

Remember about the disadvantages:

  • KYC. Verification through passport data is not convenient, besides, sometimes these data are drained.

  • It is still not known for sure whether the drain actually occurred, or whether it is a fake. However, this situation is quite real, remember this.

  • Using a bitcoin exchanger, you can get cryptocurrency directly to your wallet, without intermediaries. In the case of exchanges, you will have to make an additional transaction to transfer cryptocurrency to a cold wallet.

Cryptocurrency exchanges without verification

Anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies through the exchange

Two or three years ago, it was not difficult to find an exchange where you do not need to pass a KYC check. Now, under pressure from regulators, platforms are increasingly tightening the rules. For example, in 2021, the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance was subjected to a lot of attacks from the regulatory authorities of many countries. The exchange's policy is maximum cooperation with regulators, so recently it was decided to introduce KYC even for cryptocurrency trading (previously, the check had to be passed only if fiat was used). All exchanges allow to buy btc with credit card and many other payment methods. While, you will barely find any exchange to buy bitcoins without verification.

Anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies through an exchanger

Exchangers are extremely easy to use. You can quickly find the most profitable course in the right direction, make an application, pay for it and get cryptocurrency to the specified address. Of course, all exchangers charge commissions, but they are already included in the course, so the user receives exactly as much as it is written during the purchase process. Many exchangers allow you to work not only through the website but also through a telegram bot. A positive feature of exchangers is that they allow you to operate a huge number of payment directions and do it absolutely anonymously. Previously, many exchangers allowed to buy bitcoin with credit card instantly no verification up to $300.


Another way to buy bitcoin is cryptomats. The terminal accepts cash and transfers bitcoins to your wallet. In fact, it is an analog of exchangers, but offline. To achieve maximum anonymity, that is, without the participation of bank cards or verified payment systems, you can use cash. Find it using coinatmradar.com or another service nearest to you cryptomat (they are in large cities). Select the "Buy" item on the screen, and specify the address of your crypto wallet, you can use a QR code scanner for this. Deposit cash and wait for the arrival of digital assets, the speed of which depends on the workload of the blockchain. Buy and send bitcoins instantly is done automatically. Right now, all cryptomats in Europe will require ID verification due to regulations.


With the help of P2P exchanges, you can purchase digital assets both with online payment and for cash. The main thing is to choose the appropriate terms of the transaction from the proposed ones, specifying them using filters when searching. The cryptocurrency is transferred to the buyer only after the seller confirms the payment; and as a protection against the unreliability of the seller, there is an escrow mechanism. This means that the coins are stored in a special smart contract throughout the transaction, where they are not available to any of the parties. P2P platforms were initially the place to buy crypto with credit card no verification, yet it was not very safe. People could buy btc without verification with cash.

Anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies through a wallet

With rare exceptions, cryptocurrency wallets do not require verification to buy cryptocurrency from a bank card. This is convenient – you can make a payment in a minute and immediately receive assets to your cryptographic address without resorting to the help of third-party exchangers or exchanges. However, you need to take into account that you will need to enter card details, as well as pay a commission of 5-10% of the amount. Wallets can be of different formats – mobile, desktop, or browser. Right now you can’t buy bitcoin without ID.

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