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Buying Bitcoin can be challenging if it’s your first time doing so. Buying Bitcoin with credit card and no verification, however, is even more of a challenge considering today’s regulations. And so many have asked themselves the question: “How would I go about doing that now?”buy crypto instantly

The subtleties of acquiring Bitcoin

In 2022, it became much easier to buy crypto assets simply by having a crypto wallet. In this guide, we will detail where you can acquire a crypto wallet, as well as where to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, we will explore the methods for buying bitcoins anonymously.

Bitcoin storage methods (or crypto wallets) vary, offering users different options to safeguard their digital assets. From online wallets to hardware devices, there are numerous ways to securely store and manage bitcoins. They are typically divided into two types – hot and cold.

Hot wallets require an Internet connection. These include, for example, wallets on exchanges, online services and applications. Such wallets are certainly convenient, but have a serious disadvantage - they can be hacked.

It is important to note that in the event of a hack, the target is not the Bitcoin network, but rather an intermediary who provides you with a wallet. Hot wallets store cryptocurrency that technically isn't in your direct possession; you grant access to both the wallet and the platform you rely on to hold your crypto. Consequently, in the event of a hacking incident (or a staged one), there is a risk of losing your cryptocurrency.

Typically, users opt for exchange wallets due to their convenience, specifically in the case of reacting to exchange rate fluctuations for swift buying or selling of crypto. It's worth mentioning that exchanges come in two types - centralized and decentralized, and without going into too much detail, centralized exchanges maintain control over the entire infrastructure and all of the assets, whereas decentralized ones do not.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are better suited for the long-term and secure storage of cryptocurrencies, although it is important to keep in mind that both types are susceptible to hacking attacks. If you don't intend to trade during every market drawdown or rate jump, you may want to consider hardware cold wallets.

The biggest difference between cold wallets and hot ones is that the former store private keys and do not require an internet connection. Essentially, they function like regular flash drives, but come with multiple layers of security. As for getting your crypto assets on the hardware wallet, software for cryptocurrency storage is first installed on it, which allows for simple and secure transfers. It is, however, important to note that not all cryptocurrencies are supported, so selecting a cold wallet should be based on your specific requirements.

Traditionally, the primary option for purchasing crypto is through exchangers. This method offers an easy, quick, and secure way to buy bitcoins, similar to currency exchange at a bank. Numerous exchangers are available, differing mainly in the commission they charge. Buying cryptocurrency can be done using a bank account, electronic money, or credit/debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. In the past, you could buy Bitcoin with credit card anonymously without much of a hassle, though within certain limits.

The ability to buy Bitcoin online with debit card certainly represents a significant advancement for the market and users. Firstly, it reduces the risk of falling victim to fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Secondly, it expands the user base and generates greater interest in the market.

If convenience is your top priority, opting for a centralized exchange with a user-friendly interface and the ability to handle fiat currencies (dollars, euros, etc.) is definitely the preferable choice. It is highly unlikely that you will find an exchange that doesn't require KYC (identity verification procedure), however, which adds an additional hurdle to the process of purchasing Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin on exchanges like Binance, FTX, OKX, or Bybit does, nonetheless, prove to be convenient. While verification may be necessary for using fiat, the benefits include a vast selection of trading pairs, the option to trade to fiat currencies, and straightforward deposits and withdrawals (often instant).

This purchasing method comes with several advantages:

  • Your bitcoins are already stored on the crypto exchange. Top exchanges like Bybit allow you to trade with liquidity, enabling instant buying and selling of bitcoins.
  • You are protected from the exchanger scams (note: you are not protected from the scam on the exchange, hacking, etc.)
  • You can easily withdraw funds to a bank card

However, keep in mind the disadvantages:

  • KYC. Verification through passport data is quite inconvenient, and you run the risk of this data being compromised.
  • Data breaches. Whether real or a hoax in individual cases, such a scenario is plausible, so one has to nevertheless be mindful of it.
  • Using a bitcoin exchanger allows direct receipt of cryptocurrency to your wallet without intermediaries. With exchanges, you'll need to perform an additional transaction to transfer cryptocurrency to a cold wallet.

Cryptocurrency exchanges without verification

Anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies through an exchange.

A couple of years ago KYC checks weren’t as widespread, and you could find an exchange that didn't require one fairly easily. Now, however, due to increased regulatory pressure, platforms are enforcing stricter rules. In 2021, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance faced numerous regulatory challenges from various countries. To ensure maximum cooperation with regulators, the exchange decided to implement KYC even for cryptocurrency trading (previously, verification was only required when using fiat). All exchanges permit the buying of BTC with credit card and various other payment methods. Nevertheless, finding an exchange to buy bitcoins without verification is now exceedingly rare.

Anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies through an exchanger

Exchangers offer remarkable simplicity in their usage. You can swiftly identify the most profitable exchange rate in your preferred direction, place an order, make payment, and receive cryptocurrency to your designated address. While exchangers do charge commissions, they are already factored into the exchange rate, ensuring that users receive exactly the amount specified during the purchase process. Many exchangers even offer the option to work through a telegram bot, providing additional convenience. Another noteworthy advantage of exchangers is their ability to support a wide range of payment methods while maintaining complete anonymity for the user. Previously, many exchangers allowed users to buy Bitcoin with credit card instantly and no verification requirements, with limits of up to $300.


Another method for purchasing Bitcoin is through cryptomats. These terminals accept cash and transfer bitcoins directly to your wallet, essentially functioning as offline counterparts to exchangers. For maximum anonymity, you can use cash, avoiding the involvement of bank cards or verified payment systems. To locate a nearby cryptomat, typically found in large cities, you can utilize platforms like coinatmradar.com or similar services. When using the cryptomat, select the "Buy" option on the screen, enter your crypto wallet address, which can be done conveniently using a QR code scanner. Deposit the cash and patiently wait for the digital assets to arrive, with the speed depending on the blockchain's workload. As such, you can buy and send bitcoins instantly. As of now, however, all cryptomats in Europe require ID verification due to regulations.


P2P exchanges offer the opportunity to buy digital assets using various payment methods, whether it's online payments or cash transactions. The key is to select suitable transaction terms from the available options, which can be easily specified using search filters. In P2P exchanges, the cryptocurrency is transferred to the buyer only after the seller confirms the payment, and to safeguard against seller unreliability, an escrow mechanism is implemented. This means that the coins remain securely stored in a special smart contract throughout the transaction, inaccessible to either party. Initially, P2P platforms were known for enabling purchases of crypto with credit card without verification, although it posed security risks. People could also buy BTC without verification using cash.

Anonymous purchase of cryptocurrencies through a wallet

In most cases, cryptocurrency wallets do not require verification for purchasing cryptocurrency with a bank card. This convenience allows for quick payments and receiving assets directly to your crypto address without relying on third-party exchangers or exchanges. However, it's important to note that you will be required to input card details and pay a commission ranging from 5% to 10% of the transaction amount. Wallets come in various formats, such as mobile, desktop, or browser-based options. Presently, one cannot buy Bitcoin without ID.

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