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Elevate your trading strategy with real-time TradingView alerts on Binance. Stay informed, optimize your trades, and maximize your profits.

Automating TradingView Alerts to Binance

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, staying updated with market movements is crucial, and yet at the same time challenging to achieve on a constant basis. A way in which this can be attained, however, is through TradingView alerts. They essentially allow traders to receive notifications when certain price or indicator conditions are met. Integrating these alerts with Binance takes your trading strategy to a new level by enabling you to execute trades much more quickly.

Setting up TradingView alerts to be automatically sent to your Binance account is a fairly straightforward process. Binance provides an API that enables third-party platforms like TradingView to securely communicate with your exchange account. By linking your TradingView account to Binance via API, and subsequently creating a webhook, all of which can be done by following the TradingView on-screen instructions, you can get Binance alerts in real time, directly within your Binance trading environment.

The way to get the most out of Binance TradingView Alerts is undoubtedly through the use of custom parameters in your commands. They are displayed below:

·         Quantity (Q): Specifies the order size, which is denoted in regular size or percentage, providing flexibility in position sizing.

·         Account (A): Dictates the account type for trade placement, with valid options being SPOT, COINM, and USDM.

·         Price (P): Establishes the entry price for your order.

·         Type (T): Provides the option to switch to advanced order types using STOP and TAKE_PROFIT options.

·         TakeProfit (TP): Creates a TAKE_PROFIT order, mirroring the main order's quantity and set either in price or as a percentage from the entry price.

·         StopLoss (SL): Creates a STOP order, mirroring the main order's quantity and set either in price or as a percentage from the entry price.

Moving on to the commands themselves, there exist two key ones, which play a pivotal role in the automation of your TradingView strategy for Binance: {{strategy.order.action}}, which is used for Buy and Close Strategies, and provides the output "buy" or "sell," indicating the executed order; {{strategy.market_position}}, which is used for Long, Short, and Close Strategies, and provides the current position status of the strategy as a string: "long," "flat," or "short."

The rest of the commands adhere to the following format:

1. Initiating a Trade

To execute a trade on your Binance account, you only need to specify the desired side and symbol for your order or position. Use values (buy, 1, long) for long orders or (sell, -1, short) for short orders. Accepted parameters include Q, A, P, TP, SL, and T. For example: buy BTCUSDT.

2. Canceling Pending Orders

To cancel an order that has not yet been fulfilled, use values (cancel or exit). Accepted parameters are limited to the A parameter. For example: cancel BTCUSDT a=usdm.

3. Closing a Position

To close a filled position, use values (close, flat, 0). Accepted parameters include the A and Q parameters. For example: close BTCUSDT q=50%.

4. Viewing Balance

To reflect the balance on your logs, use values (balance, funds, bal). If the specific coin isn't indicated, the balances for all coins will be displayed. Accepted parameters are limited to the A parameter. For example: balance BTC.

Best settings for effective Binance futures alerts

Among the best tactics one can employ to achieve the most favorable results when trading with Binance alerts through TradingView is to utilize indicators. The process of automating these indicators for trade execution on Binance can be accomplished through the following steps.

·         Firstly, one should choose the desired indicator as the condition for initiating a trade. The indicator can be whatever the trader defines it as (particular value, intersection of two lines, etc.).

·         Next, select the “Once Per Bar” option within the Binance TradingView alerts settings. This prevents the occurrence of duplicate alerts, ensuring a more efficient automation process.

·         Lastly, insert the appropriate TradingView To Anywhere command for the trade execution in the alert message field.

Customizing TradingView Alerts for Binance

TradingView allows for a degree of customization when it comes to the appearance and behavior of the alerts. Among the available options the user can enable mobile app notifications, onsite pop-up notifications, email notification, as well as the ability to receive a plain text for SMS to an alternative email.

In addition, you can customize the message that accompanies the alert, and choose whether or not the alert sends an audio cue whenever it has been triggered. This flexibility enables the trader to tailor the alerts to their preferred trading style.

How to maximize profits with TradingView Alerts on Binance

To make the most of your crypto Binance alerts, it's important to configure them strategically. The following are some key points, which you should keep in mind when setting up your TradingView Alerts:

1.    Clear and Specific Conditions: Whether it's a certain price point, a moving average crossover, or an RSI threshold, ensure that your alerts have a clear trigger.

2.    Multiple Alerts: We recommend setting up multiple alerts for different scenarios to cover various aspects of your trading strategy.

3.    Backtesting: Before going live, it is advisable to test your alerts on a demo account. This helps you iron out any kinks and ensures that the alerts trigger as expected.

How to simplify the setup of Tradingview Alerts on Binance

If you are not that confident with your coding abilities or just do not want to waste your time on writing and exploration of the code commands than you can use the third party application like WunderTrading to automate your Tradingview alerts on Binance. WunderTrading provides the user friendly interface and an intuitive setup to create any bots that will automate any tradingview alert to Binance with the minimum execution time.


As such, integrating TradingView Alerts with Binance empowers traders with real-time information and automated notifications, enhancing their trading strategies and potential profitability. By configuring alerts effectively and customizing them to fit your trading style, you can leverage this synergy to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading with utmost confidence.


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