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As you gain expertise as an investor, you will have a large number of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. That is why a crypto investment tracker is essential.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is a well-known rule for every professional investor. In other words, all of your funds should not be invested only in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. A competent investor always diversifies risks, thus increasing the reliability of the portfolio. 

Investment diversification is the allocation of funds between different groups of assets in order to reduce risks.

An investment portfolio is a set of funds, the income from which matches the investor's goals. It may include any type of asset that generates income. These are not only stock market instruments - bonds, options or futures. You can also include precious metals, currencies of different countries, bank deposits and real estate in your portfolio. If we are talking about a crypto portfolio, we can say that it will include a lot of coins - from Bitcoin to Tether. 

As you may have guessed, risk diversification is critical. However, it is always best to diversify your assets among other cryptocurrencies. For this reason, keeping track of some dozen funds in the wallet is a challenge, and the question "How to track cryptocurrency portfolio?" is quite relevant. 

What is the cryptocurrency portfolio manager for?

Imagine, some of your money is on one exchange, some of it is on another exchange, and some of it is in a hardware wallet. It's quite difficult to estimate how much this or that share of crypto is worth, considering the fact that the value is volatile and changes many times every day. In addition, cryptocurrency markets operate around the clock. This means that the value of coins can fall or rise even at night or on weekends. Holidays are no exception.

That's why different trackers were developed. They show the changes in your portfolio and allow you to see exactly how much money you have. Crypto monitoring app provides real-time information on cryptocurrency values, trading activity, fluctuations, market capitalization and other key indicators. In other words, software like this is the best way to track a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Here are a few more cases where crypto portfolio management can be useful:

  1. After a long-term investment in a coin, you need to see its new price.
  2. During active cryptocurrency trading, you need to estimate profits.
  3. To see the history of your cryptocurrency trading transactions.

The best apps to track crypto prices are connected to exchanges and user wallets. This allows the investor to get full information about all the changes in the value.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency tracker?

When you start looking for the best app for tracking your crypto portfolios, you will soon notice that the Internet offers you dozens of choices. Unfortunately, many of them are not worth downloading to your computer or installing on your phone. That is why we provide you with a list of our proven and recommended apps that have the features you need to manage your investments. 

Before we move on to the best crypto-tracking software, let's look at what you need to pay attention to when choosing it. 

  1. Security. A personal data breach can make a person's wallet vulnerable to hacking by third parties. Therefore, it is crucial that a portfolio software used by an individual has several basic security features, such as 2-FA and multi-level encryption.
  2. Usability. When choosing a tracker, it is crucial that the platform will be easy to use - so that the person does not have a hard time keeping track of his or her coins and tokens.
  3. Compatibility and availability of coins. Another extremely important thing to consider when choosing an investment tracker is whether the platform in question is compatible with the cryptocurrencies you are holding. 

Always pay attention to these three parameters. By doing so, you will choose the best crypto analysis app, manage your investments effectively, protect yourself from losses and answer the question "How to keep track of your crypto portfolio?". 

Best crypto portfolio managers 

We offer you a look at our collected best apps to track your crypto portfolio.


Tracker in which you can monitor your investments in cryptocurrencies, stocks, mutual funds, currencies and other financial instruments. The tracker supports more than 300 traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges and allows you to track the prices of more than 7000 cryptocurrencies in real time, so it can be considered the best app to watch crypto prices. In addition to the basic information, Delta provides the following data about the cryptocurrency you are keeping:

  • Current price.
  • issuer information.
  • Chart of price changes.
  • Profits and losses.
  • The latest news about the asset.

In addition, you can set up to receive signals so that you do not miss the opportunity to buy or sell cryptocurrency at a good price.

The tracker also gives you the opportunity to analyze your transactions with crypto assets. You can check information about the sources of your cryptocurrencies, the exchanges you use most often, and all your transactions.

Delta gives you the ability to synchronize data on two devices, and on five devices with the PRO version. 

The downside of Delta is that it doesn't have a web or PC version. You can only install it on your smartphone or tablet. 


It is a cryptocurrency data aggregator that collects and tracks prices, trading volumes, market capitalization, social and developer statistics. It provides users with many features:

  • Exchange Comparison.
  • Information about coins, including recently added ones.
  • Candlestick charts.

In addition, you can find a lot of other cryptocurrency-related information on the site. 

CoinGecko provides a free cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Users can monitor investment information both in the mobile app and on the website. You can also create several portfolios based on your strategy. The mobile app provides more features, including price widgets and different notifications. More than 13,000 cryptocurrencies are represented on the platform. 

All the site's features are free. You can work with CoinGecko using the web version as well as the mobile app version. Unfortunately, CoinGecko does not have a desktop cryptocurrency tracker. 

Another disadvantage of the tracker is the limited amount of information about its functions and working methods available.


A simple and trustworthy service that gives bitcoin data and allows you to track your assets. It is intended for users that trade on many exchanges and want up-to-date data. With the service, you may import Bitcoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrency transactions, synchronize deal history and regulate taxes.

Features of the platform: 

  • Importing transactions capability. 
  • Adding exchange accounts via CSV and API files. 
  • Support for over 300 exchange platforms and wallets. 
  • Portfolio control in online mode. 
  • Price monitoring
  • Uploading of tax documents. 

The platform allows control of more than 17 000 cryptocurrencies and supports more than 50 wallets and 350 exchanges. You can use it to find transaction problems, save personal time and improve investment efficiency. 


It costs from $0 to $179 per year. With the free version, functionality will be reduced. To get more features, you have to pay $49.


This is a full-fledged platform for cryptocurrency trading. Altrady's major function is trading on different exchanges but also allows you to track your assets and cryptocurrency transactions. You can manage each portfolio separately or combine all your accounts together. Since the focus of the platform is trading, users have a wide range of functionality for analytics and tracking progress on all trades. The platform automatically calculates data on past transactions, including commissions to exchanges. Moreover, you can calculate your approximate profit if you execute all open orders.

Altrady has a web version, a PC version (Windows and Linux), and a mobile application for Android and iOS. 

There are no obvious drawbacks, but the platform is more focused on trading than on providing crypto tracker features.


CoinTracking positions itself as tax software. However, the tracker provides real-time prices, statistics, analysis and trends for more than 21,000 assets. The platform gives the ability to generate reports on profits and losses and also allows you to compare your portfolio with other users' portfolios. 

Since CoinTracking's main function is to perform tax transactions, users from more than 100 countries can file tax reports directly from the platform. What's more, you can get professional support from the CoinTracking team and advice on how to properly file income tax returns. 

CoinTracking allows you to import data from over 110 exchanges as well as export data in Excel, PDF, CSV and XML & JSON formats. 

Another important feature for investors and traders who do not stop at buying and selling cryptocurrency is the ability to set different types of transactions. For example, you can identify all deposits with mining income. 

The main disadvantage of this cryptocurrency portfolio tracker can be called a poorly translated site. Only part of the content is available in other languages. 


A popular cryptocurrency exchange that, according to many users, has one of the best tools for managing a cryptocurrency portfolio. The main advantage of Pionex is that it is absolutely free. In other words, there are no startup plans or trial periods here - all the features of Pionex will not require you to pay money. So, Pionex is deservedly considered as the best free crypto portfolio tracker.

Besides portfolio management, Pionex can offer the lowest trading commission, a customizable interface, 16 exchange automation robots, and the ability to trade from a bank account. 

You can work with Pionex both from the browser and via the mobile app. The disadvantages of the exchange are not too good support service. 


This is an information service with detailed statistics and analytics on more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies. Users view market capitalization, current rate, circulating supply, trading volumes and a dozen other indicators updated every 5 minutes. It is one of the most visited sites in the world.

One of the features of CoinMarketCap is tracking profits, losses and portfolio value by thousands of coins and tokens. The tracker is available in a web version and on mobile devices. The platform maintains up-to-date information on crypto-asset prices. Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking is completely free.  

No disadvantages were found, except for a rather brief description of the platform's features and benefits.


According to the developers, CoinStats is the best crypto portfolio tracker. CoinStats supports the most popular cryptocurrency platforms, including Binance, Coinbase and 400 others. So if you are looking for the best Binance portfolio tracker, CoinStats may well be right for you. 

This tracker provides the ability to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio as well as track all cryptocurrency, NFT and DeFi transactions. CoinStats supports over 8000 cryptocurrencies. In addition to portfolio management, with CoinStats you can trade on all the crypto exchanges you use.  The tracker monitors news from over 40 sources. You can also set up notifications to stay up-to-date. 

The tracker is available in mobile and web versions. 

The main drawback of this CoinStats is the bad translation of the site into languages other than English.


The website for cryptocurrency investors is considered one of the best trackers in its category. It allows you to control your personal balance, track traditional and cryptocurrency portfolios. It supports many brokerages, global banks and currencies. Site features include the ability to connect bank accounts, the ability to record transactions, add trades manually, etc. 

Also, features of Kubera include:

  • Global stock portfolio tracking. 
  • Connecting online brokerage accounts. 
  • Control of cryptocurrency assets, including DeFi. 
  • Adding new coins to track them. 
  • Monitoring the value and effectiveness of NFTs. 
  • Reliable communication with over 20,000 banks. 
  • Online charts. 

Disadvantages of the platform include the lack of a mobile app and a PC app. In addition, Kubera does not have a free version. Users only have access to a 14-day version for $1, after which they will have to buy a full-fledged plan at a price of $150. 


The website for cryptocurrency investors supports more than 300 exchanges and is one of the best ways to track a cryptocurrency portfolios. Its user-friendly interface and wide range of features allow you to get information about buying and selling assets, the amount of income, etc. Accointing has a built-in tax calculator, but it is relevant only to the United States.

Features of the platform include: 

  • Instant import of conducted transactions from major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • User-friendly user interface. 
  • Register cryptocurrency taxes.
  • Calculator for virtual coins tax. 

The platform is accessible both through a browser and from a phone or computer, so if you are looking for the best desktop crypto portfolio tracker, Accointing may suit you. 

The features of the free version are limited to 25 transactions per year. For more features, you need to buy an "Hobbyist" plan for $79 or a "Trader" plan for $199. A "Pro" package is also available for the private trader for $299.


A free and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency investors. Allows you to work with many cryptocurrencies on different blockchains. The site offers coin exchange and details about the protocols. The data is updated online followed by the construction of precise statistics. 


  • Ease of connectivity. 
  • Analyze digital assets on different blockchains: Arbitrum, Polygon, Ethereum and others. 
  • Support for more than 200 protocols. 
  • Token exchange function.

You can work with DeBank from your browser and via a mobile app for iOS and Android. The disadvantages include the fact that DeBank supports only one Rabby wallet. 


Free and easy-to-use site for investors. It guarantees easy control of the cryptocurrency portfolio based on the Ethereum blockchain. It opens all the possibilities for use after the wallet is connected. Provides the ability to control the history of transactions, and liquidity of assets, as well as many other useful features. 

These include: 

  • Trade at the best prices. 
  • Easy portfolio management. 
  • Fast wallet connectivity. 
  • Convenient mobile application with support for 10 languages. Guarantee of privacy and security.
  • Support for the best exchanges. 

Zerion service is free and doesn't require the purchase of paid packages. It is not possible to explore the full range of Zerion features without first connecting a wallet can be considered a disadvantage. 
We have listed the best cryptocurrency portfolio, and trackers. In conclusion, building a cryptocurrency portfolio is not the easiest process that requires constant monitoring and updating of assets to get the most benefit. The online cryptocurrency portfolio tracker allows you to be informed about your investments and make the right decisions. When choosing the best crypto portfolio manager, it is important to consider all the criteria discussed above, and pay attention to usability, price and some other factors.


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