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Trading by signals helps to determine the best time to enter and exit a deal. We tell you about the best crypto trading signals that will make trading easier and more profitable. 

Active crypto trading is almost always complicated by the high volatility of cryptocurrencies and the risks associated with it. For this reason, most traders make chaotic deals without paying attention to market movements and specifics. As a result, they lose money and get disappointed in trading. 

It is not for nothing that the experts advise traders to build an effective strategy. The most popular variant is the combination of short-term trading and long-term investments. But even in this case, it is necessary to understand when it is a perfect time to enter the market and when it is worth the wait. Intuitively, only a few traders can determine such events. Everyone else must use cryptocurrency signals.

What are cryptocurrency trade signals? 

One way to start trading on a cryptocurrency exchange is to get predictions about the price movements of certain digital assets. Such predictions are called signals. 

A signal is a trading recommendation, which has precise parameters for entering and exiting the market and implies a profitable deal. Such recommendations are formed by experienced traders in the cryptocurrency market. For example, crypto daily trade signals will give a day trader information on when it is best to enter the market. 

Thanks to correct and accurate signals, the competent trader gets a number of advantages when trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. Among them is the possibility to reduce risks. Accurate cryptocurrency signals increase profits and seriously reduce money losses.

Working with signals allows you to automate trading processes and avoid routine, giving you enough time to analyze the markets. Excessive emotions and hopes for intuitive earnings are gone, and short-term and long-term strategies are formed. Simply put, working with cryptocurrency signals can increase traders' productivity and income.

How to get auto-trade crypto signals?

Cryptocurrency trading signals can be obtained from different sources, and the signals can be very different.

The first source is groups or communities of closed clubs. It takes some effort to get into these places. However, once you are there, you will get the secret insider information and apply it to the intended purpose. 

The second source is a variety of professional services, which publish the latest analytics from market specialists and experienced traders. Typical exchange situations, which arise during active trading in cryptocurrencies, are also analyzed there.

The third source is all kinds of bots and programs. They are universal, so they can gather information from several sources simultaneously.

The fourth source is thematic forums, where users share their own experiences.

Market experts advise using all of the sources mentioned above, combining them and double-checking the data. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the signal source carefully and attentively. Remember that no one in the world is immune from mistakes. On the other hand, the probability of losing all your money when using one or two signals is quite small. 

The trading recommendation includes such parameters as:

  • The trading pair for the transaction. 
  • Buy price levels. 
  • Selling price levels.

The ideal scenario also includes a price for a stop-loss order in case the price movement goes against the trader's expectations, in the opposite direction. 

Sometimes traders attach a chart with their graphical confirmation of the parameters from the signal and other points, which in their opinion, affect the potential of the deal.

Signal providers give users free and paid services. This offers more flexibility for traders. The main difference between free and paid trading signals is the frequency of their delivery. If signals are highly accurate, the higher their frequency, the more opportunities for profit. For example, crypto trading signals paid group providers can send you dozens of signals a week, while free signals providers send only one or two. 

How to choose a signal provider? 

Choosing a crypto signals provider is difficult, as many companies make false claims or provide results that have a small percentage of accuracy. Therefore, when choosing a signal provider, it is important to know the factors to look out for. Below are some parameters that can help to determine the most reliable source provider. 

  1. Free trial or money-back guarantee. The best crypto providers will allow you to test their services before purchasing a membership. This can be done in various forms. Offers can be a trial period, a demo trade, or a money-back guarantee. The main purpose of this approach is to allow the user to learn as much as possible about the source of signals. 
  2. Experienced traders and analysts. The quality of signals depends on the experience of the team. Spend some time looking at the qualifications of the team who provide the services. 
  3. Performance. Check the accuracy rate of the signal providers to get an idea of their overall performance. It will be enough to analyze one trading day based on the signals given by the company you are looking at. 
  4. Reputation. Reviews, jurisdiction, regulation, and auditing of the company are important. The transparency of the answers to these questions will indicate the reliability of the source of the signals. Customer reviews and opinions of people who have used the company's services can provide the most accurate view.
  5. Trading strategy. Different signal providers use different strategies for trading. Keep in mind that the best crypto signal providers usually rely on technical analysis.

When choosing a signal provider, there is another important thing to keep in mind. Success in the past does not guarantee profits in the future.

The best cryptocurrency trading signals free

We looked at the best cryptocurrency trading services to help you make the right decision. 


TradingView is a cloud-based online charting and tracking service and a professional social network for crypto market players. The platform is designed for both beginners and experienced traders. But in this case, the main thing is that TradingView is one of the main providers of trade crypto signals. They are published by the site users and a team of professionals. The signals are posted in the Community menu section, in the "Chart Analysis" and "Trading Ideas" subsections.

The largest cryptocurrency community gives you access to profitable strategies, dozens of signals, ideas, and the experience of experts. According to many users, the best futures trading signals can be found exactly on TradingView. 

In addition, TradingView allows you to automate your trading by using a cryptocurrency bot. For example, one of them is Binance bot signals, with which you can automate trading by signals on the most famous exchange of digital assets.

This is an information and analytical portal that provides market news, official press releases, company reports, rumors, and analysts' opinions. There are charts with technical analysis and economic calendars.

The trading platform publishes signals, market data, charts, quotes, financial analysis tools, the latest news, and more. It also provides access to advanced tools such as personal alerts, customizable portfolios, calendars, calculators, and more. is available in more than 30 languages and is free. The site has apps for iOS and Android, which are among the highest-rated in their stores. If you are looking for the best free crypto signals app, Investing will be a good choice. 

Trading signals crypto are published in the form of analytical articles and technical analyses. They are available in the "Analysis" section, "Cryptocurrency" subsection. Filters help to choose materials on a specific digital asset and type of analytics - signals, technical analysis, opinions, or fundamental analysis.

In addition to cryptocurrency signals, provides valuable information on more than 300,000 asset classes, including stocks, commodities, indices, bonds, funds, ETFs, futures, and options. Each asset class has subcategories and offerings with top-selling and popular options. 

Signals Blue

The developers claim that Signals Blue delivers cryptocurrency signals based on the opinion of its own team of traders as well as the use of artificial intelligence. Signals Blue also has its own support team. The work of the service is focused on traders from Europe and North America.

The team consists of specialists working both in Europe and North America, so the signals are generated for different time zones. All market data, news, and other information are carefully analyzed by the team.

Technically, the signals are implemented through a bot in the Telegram messenger. The message contains the name and ticker of the cryptocurrency, the date of the signal, and the target entry and exit points. Traders can connect signals via API to the Cornix platform to automatically send orders to Binance, KuCoin, and Huobi exchanges.

The platform works with a variety of algorithms, including strategies for day trading. This is especially important for traders who need crypto day trading signals.


This is an automated trading platform where you can develop, set up, and run cryptocurrency bots, copy other traders' deals, and participate in profit sharing. The trading platform is optimized for beginners and does not require a monthly subscription fee - the user pays only when they make a profit.

Zignaly also offers a service where traders can follow professional analysts and copy their trading signals. It is offered using signals, copying experts' deals, or a fully delegated mode. All a trader needs to do to get started is to sign up on the site and choose a channel. Most of them send information to clients via bots in the Telegram messenger. 

You can use Zignaly without a paid plan and get crypto trading signals free. The paid plan includes unlimited exchange accounts, coin pairs, a number of positions, and priority support.

Crypto Raiders

The Crypto Raiders multifunctional platform is focused on keeping trading statistics, generating reports, and sending cryptocurrency signals through the user's personal account or Telegram channel. It provides short, medium, and long-term signals with entry and exit points. A browser-based version, iOS, and Android applications are available. 

The web version and mobile applications allow the trader to receive trading recommendations, and alerts, and to monitor the overall balance. You can also use trade statistics, automatic report uploading, and an affiliate program.

The platform works with many well-known exchanges, so it can be considered a good option for getting Binance futures signals. 

CryptoGod Signal

This is a Telegram channel that aggregates cryptocurrency signals from sources around the world. The creators of the channel claim that the signals provided and the market analytics offered are automatically copied from the sources.

The CryptoGod Signal project has been functioning in Telegram for more than 3 years. During this time, it has managed to win a fairly wide readership.

CryptoGod Signal is available to anyone who wants it for free. The free version provides clients with one signal per month. If that is not enough, the user can purchase a paid subscription. Its cost is $69 per month. The price of an unlimited subscription reaches $999. In return, the trader gets access to a private channel with a lot of signals, reports, and a support team.


Coindera is a service for creating signals for cryptocurrencies when their value changes and when various technical levels of a coin are crossed. For example, changes in trading volumes, breakdown of moving average lines, etc. Signals are sent via SMS, e-mail, push notifications, and Telegram.

The free version of Coindera is limited to 5 cryptocurrency signals per month. The user receives signals only when a coin reaches a certain price. The paid version includes 25 signals per month, a larger list of signal creation options, and a support team.

Let's take a closer look at what to expect from the paid and free plans. 

Free plan:

  • Up to five active alerts.
  • Over 30 markets.
  • Can receive notifications via SMS, push, email and Telegram.
  • No support access.

If you don't want to sign up for a plan and receive, for example, day trading signals free, you can stop with this option. 

Premium plan: 

  • Unlimited number of active alerts.
  • Receive alerts via push, email, SMS, and Telegram.
  • Over 30 markets.
  • Support access.
  • Regular update notifications.

Coindera is a great tool for serious traders. Its trade signals cryptocurrency are very accurate, which means you can work more efficiently. In addition, the platform has an intuitive interface, which is especially important for those who are just starting their journey in trading. Overall, Coindera certainly deserves its place on this list.


This is an analytical platform whose data is published on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. Signals are provided in the form of market moods ranging from strong bearish to strongly bullish. The signals are based on the platform's analysis of information from open sources. 

The trader can use the platform for free, but in the paid version he sees additional statistics on miners, holders, exchanges, and derivatives. In addition, he is given financial indicators and more information on social networks. The paid version evaluates over fifty indicators and also supplies crypto trading signals on 800 digital assets. The developers believe that this evaluation method can be used not only for cryptocurrency trading but also for NFT projects.

Universal Crypto Signals

The project was created in January 2018 by a team of experienced trading analysts. The goal of the project can be called quite ambitious - to provide the most accurate crypto trading signals with the correct setting of entries, targets, and stop-loss. In addition, the project was designed to give an accurate technical and fundamental analysis of the crypto market.

Trading signals received from this resource can be integrated with a crypto bot to automate work. 

Universal Crypto Signals cannot be called completely free, you can receive signals from it only by signing up for a paid subscription. However, for those who want to receive crypto trading signals free, the Telegram group works without a subscription. 


Cindicator is a developer of several products at once, including the automated trading robot Stoic AI, market sentiment indicator Macro Sentiment, and Collective Intelligence Platform analytics community. The company also supports its own Signals from SuperForecasters signal service.

Clients receive one weekly signal for BTC. It contains the price to enter the trade, SL/TP values. Signals can be short or long. In addition to forecasts, users get access to the traders' chat, opinions from analysts, and sentiment indicator readings for the BTC market.


Crypterder is a multifunctional platform for every trader. In addition to crypto trade alerts, the platform publishes news, performs coin analysis, provides various trading strategies, indicators, and other functions.

The company first announced itself in 2016 and even then proved to be a good platform. Traders were able to make good money on the growth of cryptocurrencies, on the ICO hype and in time to get out of all positions before the market collapsed in early 2018.

The Crypterder site made signals available to users of any level. Even absolute beginners had no difficulty mastering it.

Basic Crypterder features are available for free, so if you want to receive free Bitcoin signals, you can choose this provider. However, to use the rest of the functionality, you need to purchase a subscription.

Crypterder has a well-organized customer service system. In case of any problems with the platform, you can contact the manager of the company via online chat.


First of all, CoinMatics - is a platform, oriented on copy trading, which positions itself as an additional source of income for traders. However, it allows its users to receive signals via the Telegram bot. 

The Coinmatics copy trading site attracts novice investors and traders with its ease of use. To use Coinmatics, the player needs to connect a crypto exchange trading account to the platform. Then select the trader to copy deals or receive signals.

On its own, the CoinMatics service is free, but traders who want to receive additional signals may charge a subscription fee. To receive crypto signals via the CoinMatics Telegram-bot, the user needs to register and select a trader of interest.

Trading signals are a good assistant for the trader. They greatly simplify the trading process. However, every trader should remember not to rely solely on recommendations. The most effective way is to compare technical and fundamental analysis data. Then the market situation will be more complete and chances for the correct determination of trend direction will increase.


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