Crypto Copy Trading

Start your crypto investment journey alongside professional traders and benefit from their experience. Grow your investment on autopilot with full transparency and control.

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What is copy trading?

Copy-trading (aka Mirror trading) is a great tool for crypto investors who would like to grow their cryptocurrency portfolio on autopilot. Our advanced crypto copy-trading system will copy and execute the trades of the professional traders that you follow.

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Why start copy-trading?

IL Modo sicuro, semplice e sicuro per investire nelle piu’ popolari criptovalute e iniziare a adottare la strategia di trading di altri operatori esperti.

Make your crypto work


This is an easy way to start investing into crypto markets if you do not have time to monitor the markets yourself. Follow professional crypto traders and enjoy the benefits of being in the driver's seat of every trade.

Make your crypto work


All the traders have complete and transparent trade records. You can analyse all the trades using the statistics and metrics that are available in the marketplace and select the trader that is suitable for your type of investment.

Make your crypto work


All the trading happens through the API, which only allows the trader to execute the trades without the option of withdrawing any funds.

How copy trading works?

Trader will create an order in his profile at WunderTrading. If you are copying this trader, our platform will mirror trade all the trading signals and will replicate the orders on your exchange account. You will see this trade in the Dashboard and will have full control over it. You would be able to close or edit the strategy, or wait for the exit signal from your Trader.

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