LEO Coin Price Today

There are 940 million LEO coins in circulation, with a total supply of 985 million. On WunderTrading's crypto copy trading platform, you may start increasing your cryptocurrency investment on autopilot, with complete transparency and control.

What is leo coin crypto?

LEO crypto was intended for use on the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange to reduce trading, lending, and other exchange expenses. The UNUS SED LEO cryptocurrency was introduced to Bitfinex on May 20, 2019, and later to additional trading platforms. The new token meant to increase the capabilities of all platform users and services to iFinex that also should assist to cope with the situation that emerged following charges against the trading platform concerning the illicit use of Tether cryptocurrency cash. Our crypto trading bot will make your experience pleasant and will make it simple to get started.

Technical specifications of leo coin crypto:

  • The total amount of money in circulation is one billion dollars.

  • LEO is a ticker symbol.

  • 1 minute of block time

  • Retargeting difficulty: 15 blocks

  • Stakeholder Interest: 10% to 20%

  • 60 blocks of staking time

  • Stake Age Requirement: 24 hours

  • The maximum age for a stake is one year.

How does leo coin crypto work?

iFinex purchases LEO tokens on a monthly basis in an amount equal to at least 27% of the preceding month's profit. This will continue indefinitely as long as tokens are in circulation. The current market price is used for redemption.

It is also possible to burn LEO tokens, which are used to pay commissions. Ethfinex is the only platform that can't delete coins because it created its own token, NEC, in 2017 for the same purpose.

Benefits of getting leo coin crypto

Here you can check out some of the advantages of having LEO coins:

Lower Bitfinex commissions.

All costs for holders of the token will be lowered by 15% across all cryptocurrency pairs.

Bitfinex offers monthly savings.

For every 10,000 USDT in UNUS SED LEO tokens held on the trader's balance sheet over the preceding month, token holders receive a 0.05 percent discount. Each day of the month is taken into account in the calculations. The maximum discount available is 5%.

Discount on cryptocurrency and fiat money withdrawals

Discount on both cryptocurrency and fiat money withdrawals and replenishments on the Bitfinex exchange. Holders of more than 50 million LEO coins crypto will be eligible for a 25% discount on cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits. Also, using our trading script will help you improve your trading outcomes and ensure that you stick to your trading technique.

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