Internet Computer (ICP) Price Today

ICP stands for a cutting-edge open-source crowd computing platform, which actually is the first web-speed and web-serving public blockchain ever, with boundless capacity and governance. It was designed to host smart contracts, called “canisters”.

It is said to be the third biggest innovation in the sphere of blockchain after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

ICP is the brainchild of Dominic Williams, a well-recognized crypto theoretician, the founder and the chief scientist in DFINITY Foundation. This non-profit organization with the headquarters in Zug, Switzerland actually built the blockchain.

Conceived in 2016, the project was envisioned as the means that would totally revolutionize the internet as we currently know it.

After successful fundraising, a massive airdrop took place in 2018, and more than 50,000 of registered participants got ICP utility tokens. The alpha mainnet of ICP was launched on December 18, 2020.

Half a year later, on May 10, 2021, DFINITY released the source code into the public domain, as the final step towards decentralization.

About internet computer crypto: price, MarketCap, etc.

What could be said about the internet computer crypto’s value at this point in time?

  • The live internet computer token price equals 27.89 US dollars, which is down 3.90% compared with the same parameter 24 hours ago.

  • The 24-hour trading volume of internet computer crypto currency is 203,668,732 USD.

  • The market capitalization of ICP is $5,124,623,014; its current ranking by Market Cap is #35.

  • The internet computer coin stock, i.e., its circulating supply, is 183,750,198 ICP coins. Information about the maximum supply isn’t available.

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