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Amp is a token that can be used as collateral and has smart contract capabilities to help decentralize risk. Regardless of the blockchain consensus process or asset type, Amp holders can use the token as collateral. With our crypto copy trading platform, you may begin growing your cryptocurrency investment with complete transparency and control.

What is AMP Token?

Amp is an Ethereum token that seeks to 'collateralize Flexa Network payments, making them quick and safe.' If a BTC or ETH payment fails owing to unconfirmed or delayed transaction delays, 'the Amp collateral may instead be liquidated to repay losses' while the vendor is paid in fiat, thereby giving both parties more confidence.

  • Circulating Supply - 42 227 702 186 AMP

  • Total Supply - 99 213 408 535 AMP

  • Maximal Supply - 92 547 638 199 AMP

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AMP Cryptocurrency Price

On the amp chart crypto we can see that the overall supply of AMP is limited to 100 billion units. Where 25% of total goes to the Flexa Merchant Development Fund, which encourages merchants to use the Flexa payment network. Developer grants provide for 25% of the budget, with the goal of encouraging developers to use Amp in their products. Flexa's founding team receives 20% of the proceeds, with the remaining 20% going to token sales. The remaining ten percent goes to Amp's Network Development Fund, which will help the network grow over the next ten years. You can use our crypto trading bot to start investing and understanding amp coin live charts.

Benefits of AMP Crypto Stock and its Price

When customers connect to the AMP network, they gain access to a number of benefits. The network has a completely self-contained collateralization mechanism. The user-friendly interface simplifies the collateralization of both physical and digital assets. The following is a summary of the primary benefits of the amp coin and its pricing.


The reliability of the protocol was one of the central concerns throughout development. As a result, the team has gone to tremendous lengths to secure the network's security. The qualities of the system may be assessed by the community. Open source initiatives are preferred over closed efforts since users may evaluate every step of the process to guarantee everything will be in order.


Because the AMP protocol was established on the ETH blockchain, it now has access to the ERC20 ecosystem. Ethereum is the world's biggest DApp and coin development platform. A variety of strategic partnerships are also in place for the AMP coin. At the moment, the protocol supports approximately 25 various digital assets. It works with a wide range of high-performance networks such as Flexa, CoinGecko, Gemini, Sushi, and Uniswap.


After your assets have been collateralized, you may benefit from rapid transfers. Fast collateralization and transaction processing are possible because to the AMP network. As a result, the protocol may be expanded to meet the demands of an increasingly digitized economy.


Another important characteristic is the platform's independence. The AMP protocol is not operating system dependent. Other network developers can readily use the protocol to improve their own systems. The platform is easily adaptable to other blockchains and actual assets. As a consequence, anyone looking to add further fraud protection to their networks may utilize Amp as collateral.

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