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Wunderbit Trading gives an opportunity to automate your trading strategy by setting up a trading bot. Powerful trading tools and straightforward bot customization system provided by our platform make it effortless to start automated trading and leave you with a smooth experience.

You are ahead of the game when you do not need to spend your whole day monitoring market movements and making trades. Delegate all of the mechanic work to a pre-programmed system that will execute your trades for you, while you can do more interesting activities such as search for new high-potential assets, create new trading strategies, and just think of new ways of increasing your profit. 

Such automated systems are called trading bots. To implement one, you do not need to be some first-class programmer. On Wunderbit Trading you can create your own trading even if you have never seen a code before.

What’s great is that your trading bot can be directly connected to your exchange account.

What is Bybit?

Bybit is one of the most fast-growing cryptocurrency exchanges available out there. It is chosen by thousands of traders because it provides a user-friendly interface, has knowledgeable customer support, and provides sophisticated trading instruments.

Bybit trading bot is an automated trading software that uses your TradingView strategy as an algorithm for actions and is connected to your Bybit account via Wunderbit Trading.

How to set up a bot on Bybit using Wunderbit?

To connect your Bybit account to Wunderbit, you need to create an Application Programming Interface (API) key. An API key is a secure unique identificator of your account that serves to recognize requests from an outside service or program and enable the transfer of information between the two.

!Important: When you set up an API key on the exchange account, double-check that you enable the TRADING option and disable the WITHDRAWAL option. This is needed to create orders and trades directly from the Wunderbit Trading platform and prevent anybody from withdrawing funds from your account.

How to create an API key on Bybit?

  1. Please log in to your Bybit account.
  2. After that, please select Account & Security in the drop down menu and then click on API Management.
  3. Specify the required parameters and pass the authentication. Your API key is ready for use.
  4. Make sure you write it down and keep it private, as it is not shown afterwards and provides access to your account and funds.

What are Wunderbit Trading bots?

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