Wunderbit Trading WON a Pitch Battle at CryptoFin in Tallinn (Estonia)



Wunderbit Trading is #1 out of 16 startups!

Great Jury: Olivier Rikken, Richard Heart, Juergen Hoebarth, Taha Sajid

Thank you BTC-Alpha for a great prize – Token Listing on BTC-ALPHA Exchange!

During 2 days of the conference 39 speakers were on stage who came from all over the world, focusing on the main topics of the conference: 

  • blockchain as a tool in a modern business model,
  • the future of cryptocurrencies, 
  • the new era of banking, 
  • marketing for the alternative finance industry, 
  • main trends in regulation and security field

The CryptoFin Conference 2019 was an opportunity to learn more about how blockchain technology and the entire ecosystem of companies, investors and startups that are building different solutions with this technology are evolving.

READ MORE: https://www.cryptopolitan.com/cryptofin-conference-2019/

Among speakers

Bobby Lee with his Ballet Wallet

Erol User - Founder President of world-class blockchain consulting company, BlockchainArmy

Richard Heart - Founder at HEX