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FTX is a pretty popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports numerous cryptocurrencies. It can boast of the number of users well over a million and a daily trading volume of about $10 billion.

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FTX offers such products as industry-first derivatives, MOVE, volatility products, leveraged tokens, options and spot markets, etc. Its user-friendly applications, both desktop and mobile, make the platform suitable for all, from novices to seasoned professionals.

If you are planning to try ftx trade, a bot will come in extremely handy. As you know, crypto markets are volatile indeed, so proper timing becomes important indeed.

With a trading bot, ftx trends are monitored 24/7 and the orders placed at an incredibly high speed.

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  • Manage transactions at up to thirteen crypto exchanges from a single account.

Certainly, that isn’t all. Feel free to browse through the lots of useful tools and functions to make the most of them!

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