Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Today

Zilliqa's developers say it is the world's first public blockchain that is fully based on a segmented network. This, they claim, overcomes the scalability problem by allowing for high throughput and high transaction rates per second.

What is Zilliqa Cryptocurrency?

As mentioned above, Zilliqa Cryptocurrency (ZIL) is the token of the world's first high-bandwidth platform capable of scaling to process several thousand transactions per second. It is based on a new protocol that increases transaction speeds as the network expands. And although Zilliqa crypto price today does not exceed a few cents, it is considered quite promising due to a number of advantages, which will be discussed later.

The Zilliqa project was published on December 5, 2017, after which preparations for the ICO began. The development of the future platform itself started in 2016. The team of authors of the project consists of more than 15 developers, advisors, and specialists in other areas. We will list the main ones.

  • Shinshu Dong is the founder of Zilliqa and holds a PhD.

  • Pratik Saxena - Chief Scientific Advisor, PhD, specializes in research in computer science, blockchain technology, and computer security.

  • Kristel Kwek, head of marketing, is co-founder of BOLT, a TV and gaming service specializing in strategic consulting for startups.

One of the main differences between Zilliqa and other crypto-based networks is its ability to increase the number of transactions processed per second in direct proportion to the growth of network nodes.

In addition to a blockchain platform for DApps (Decentralized Applications), the platform provides developers with other features, including:

  • A secure environment for DApps application users.

  • A secure and convenient smart contract system.

Services on the platform are paid for with a ZIL token. The creators of the platform have issued 21 billion tokens. Sixty percent will be generated first. The remaining tokens will be mined over the next ten years.

Where to Buy Zilliqa?

ZIL cryptocurrency can be bought on the most well-known exchanges. And just as with most cryptocurrencies, it can be traded using all the automated crypto trading tools. Try the TradingView bot to make trading easier, or use today's popular copy trading crypto strategy that allows you to use the experience of successful and famous traders.

You can also use different cryptocurrency exchangers, but remember that the commission there might be much higher than on any of the exchanges.

How to Buy Zilliqa?

To buy Zilliqa on any of the cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to have an account there. The next steps are the same for any of the exchanges, wherever you are going to buy. You need to choose the required currency, in this case, Zilliqa, and desired payment method, open offers on it, choose the one you are interested in, pay your order, and complete the transaction.

In conclusion, we can say that Zilliqa is an important project that solves the problem of scalability. The platform itself may become a key event in the history of blockchain development, which is the reason why Zilliqa token price is getting more and more interesting.

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